The Isles

Besides the "continental" distilleries, the "Highlands" classification includes generally the whiskies produced in the surrounding Islands, with the notable exception of Islay, which is considered as a production area on its own.

Isle of Jura

The Isle of Jura is situated at the West of Scotland, between the continent and the Isle of Islay. There is just one distillery on that island and it is called Jura. 

Isle de Mull

The Isle of Mull, situated northern from Jura also possess one distillery called Tobermory. This distillery produces two different malts, Tobermory and the more peaty malt Ledaig, named after the previous name of the distillery.

Isle of Arran

Situated southern of the Mull of Kintyre, the Isle of Arran has one of the youngest and most promising distilleries of Scotland, Arran. 

Isle of Skye

Still on the West coast, Northern from Oban, the magnificent Isle of Skye settles one of the most typical distilleries of Scotland, Talisker. 


Situated in the extreme North, off John o' Groats, the sea winds are so strong on Orkney Islands that even the trees can hardly resist. The wild and nearly hostile nature didn't impeach people building 2 distilleries, Scapaand the mythic Highland Park.