Scotland and Scotch whisky: Speyside  whisky through the producing distilleries: history, making, maps and tasting notes


Glen Mhor

Glen Mhor Distillery
Telford Street

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1892

The Glen Mhor distillery was situated North-West from Inverness. Just as Glen Albyn its water was coming from the famous Loch Ness. In 1954, Glen Mhor was the first distillery to use a mechanical process for the malting of barley.
Glen Mhor became property of the D.C.L (Distillers Company Ltd.) in 1972, ant this company decided to close the distillery in 1983.
The distillery has been demolished in 1986 and a shopping centre has been built on the site. Glen Mhor can still be found in independent bottlers collections.



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