Illustration of the whisky making process


This illustration is based on pictures of the scale model of an distillery displayed at the Glenkinchie distillery. Visiting this distillery is very interesting, especially because of the very nice distillation museum it hosts, and the pictures below represent the master piece of this museum.
réception orgeBarley reception at the distillery surface de maltageMalting floors
kilnKiln (oven) used to dry the malt. This image of
the distillery makes the role of the pagoda
roofs on (old) distilleries obvious.
broyage After drying the malt, it goes through
the malt mill to be transformed in a kind
of coarse flour (like muesli)
brassageAfter grinding, the malt is transferred
in the mash tuns where it is mixed with
hot water in order to extract the sugar.
washbackThe wort is then transferred in the
wash backs , where yeast is added,
to start the fermentation
alambicsThe fermented liquid is then distilled in the stills condenserThe distilled alcohol is cooled in a condenser.
enfutagebefore being transferred in oak casks
for a minimum of 3 years