Ladyburn (Girvan) Distillery
Grangestone Industrial Estate
Girvan, South Ayshire KA26 9PT
+44 1465 713091

Owner: William Grant & Sons Ltd

Creation year: 1965

The Ladyburn distillery has been created in 1966 by William Grant & Sons (owners of Glenfiddich and The Balvenie) to ensure the production of single malt for the needs of the blend business of the company.
Two years earlier, William Grant started the production of grain whisky (for the same purpose) in the industrial complex Girvan in the Lowlands. The Girvan grain distillery is still active and produces grain whisky for the Grants brand, the blended whisky of the group.
The malt distillery Ladyburn had a very short life, as it only produced for 9 years, between 1966 and 1975, when it closed definitely. 
Recent economic developments in the world of grain alcohols inspired the alteration of Ladyburn into a vodka distillery, and Ladyburn produces the Richard Branson's Vodka "Virgin Vodka".
Ladyburn whisky is very rare, greatly because of the very short production period. Further, Ladyburn was not really marketed as a single malt, even if some rumours say that the group has kept about 30 casks in order to bottle them one by one in the coming years. 
Divers independent bottlers sell Ladyburn under the name "Ayrshire".

The distillery was demolished in 1975 in order to make room for the expension of Girvan. A new distillery is borne since that timeL Ailsa Bay.