Old Fettercairn

Fettercairn Distillery
AB30 1YB
+44 1561 340 244

Owner: Whyte & Mackay

Année de création: 1825

A lot of distilleries are settled in the forests and valleys between the Cairgmorn mountains and the sea. The village and the distillery of Fettercairn are near the North Esk, a river which flows into the sea near Montrose.
Fettercairn is one of the oldest distilleries of Scotland. Like many others, it has been rebuild several times and has had different owners.
Fettercairn was the second distillery to claim a licence, just after The Glenlivet.
The first rebuilding took place from 1887 to 1890, after a fire who destroyed the distillery.
Fettercairn stopped production between 1926 and 1939, when it was acquired by National Distillers of America through its subsidiary company Train & McIntyre, who owned the Associates Scottish Distillers, which was owner of the licence.
In 1966, Fettercairn acquired 2 more stills. There are 4 of them now in the distillery.
In 2001 the distillery has been acquired by Kyndal Spirits Ltd after having belonged to Whyte and MacKay Distillers since 1973. In 2003, the Kyndal Ltd has been renamed in Whyte and MacKay Ltd.
Only 4% of the production are marketed as single malt, the remaining being used in blends from the group, specially the Whyte and Mackay blend.