Strathclyde distillery
40, Moffat Street
Glasgow G5 0QB
+41 141 429 2024

Owner: Pernod-Ricard

Creation year: 1927

Owned by the Pernod Ricard group since July 26th, 2005, the grain distillery was first prat fo a complex grouping a grain distillery (Strathclyde) and a malt distillery (Kinclaith). The latter had a rather short life, as it was born in 1957, closedin 1975 and dismantled one year later.
Strathclyce was created in 1927 and started production on September 15, 1928. The distillation consists of 70 % maizes, 23 % malt, 5% oak and 2% rye,
Strathclyde produces about 40 million liters a year.