Kilchoman distillery
Rockside Farm
Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay, PA49 7UT
+44 1496 850011

Owner: Anthony Wills

Creation year: 2005

Anthony Wills, the owner of Kilchoman was dreaming of a new whisky distillery on Islay since 2001. After some financial problems, his dream became true in 2004 and the new distillery was born, Production would begin in 2005.
The Kilchoman distillery is settled near a village of the same name, which is supposed to be the very first distillation place in Scotland, when the distillation science was imported from Ireland.
It is one of the only distilleries where the whole production process happens: from malting to bottling. 
Kilchoman is a farm-distillery with quite a confidential production compared to the big distilleries on the Island.