Teaninich Distillery
Ross-shire IV17 OXB
+44 1349 885 001

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1817

The Teaninich distillery has been founded by captain Hugh Munro in 1817, and in those days life was not easy for legal distillers. It was rather difficult to get barley, because it was massively bought by lots of moonshine distillers who were operating in the same area. Things began to get better with the promulgation of the Excise Act in 1823.
The Teaninich distillery remained in the same family up to 1934 when it was acquired by the D.C.L. (Distillers Company Ltd.). However as it was not easy to combine the military life an this of a distiller, the distillery has been rented out. The last tenant was Robert Innes Cameron, who was also shareholder of BenrinnesTamdhu and Linkwood.
Teaninich is famous because it was the first distillery who had electric light. It doubled its production capacity in 1962. In 1971 a new still house, called "a side" with 6 stills was created. The old one, called "b side" has been rebuild in 1974 but mothballed in 1985.
The first official versions of Teaninich single malt were marketed in 1992. Most of the production is used in the UDV blends, amongst others Johnnie Walker.