Glenkinchie Distillery
Pencaitland, Tranent
East Lothian EH34 5ET
+44 1875 342 004

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1837

Situated near Edinburgh, Glenkinchie is with Auchentoshan  one of the last active distilleries in the Lowlands. The distillery was originally named Milton Distillery and has been founded between 1825 and 1833.
The distillery was founded by the brothers George and John Rate who probably renamed it near 1837. The Rate brothers were bankrupt in 1853 and the installations were sold to a local farmer who converted the distillery in a sawmill and a cowshed.
When the consumption of whisky resumed in the 1880's, the distillery has been bought and restored by an Edinburgh blender in 1881. The rebuilding took about 10 years.
The distillery became part of the D.C.L (Distillers Company Ltd.) in 1914 and stopped using its own malting floors in 1969. 
The DCL became later part of UDV (United Distillers and Vintners, current owners of the distillery).
The distillery has been little-known for years, and became famous when it has been integrated in the "Classic Malts" collection in 1988. The distillery is a visit worth, because of its distillation museum.
The malt is also used in blends, among others Haig, Johnny Walker Red and Black Label,Buchanan and Dimple