Scotland and Scotch whisky: Speyside  whisky through the producing distilleries: history, making, maps and tasting notes




Auchroisk Distillery
Mulben - Banffshire EB55 6XS
+44 1542 885 000

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1974

The single malt produced by the young and modern distillery Auchroisk is called "The Singleton". The first bottling of "The Singleton" dates from1986. The distillery was build in 1973 and has been build because the demand of the blended whisky industry was very high. The stills produced their first alcohol in 1974.
This very elegant distillery has won lots of architecture prizes and its whisky was awarded more than once. About 10% of the production is marketed as single malt, the remaining being used in blends, specially in the famous J&B.
The distillery found out an original system to avoid the wash to overflow during the first phase of the fermentation. At the difference with other distilleries who use a rotating motor with a kind of propeller, the system of Auchroisk consists of 4 stainless steel bars above each wash back. As soon as foam reaches one of the bars, a mechanism lets fall a solution based on dietary fiber and the effect is immediate: the foam produced by the fermentation goes down.
As the distillery works for about 90% for blending, specially for J&B, the owners use to mix their single malt prior to send the casks for blending (vatting).
In addition, a number of casks from other distilleries are maturing in the Auchroisk warehouses, in prevision of future blends.



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