Tomatin Distillery
Inverness-shire IV13 7YT
+44 1808 511 444

Owner: Takara Shuzo & Okura & Co Ltd

Creation year: 1897

Created during the whisky boom by a group of businessmen from Inverness under the name of the "The Tomatin-Spey District-Distillery Co" in 1897, Tomatin has had hard times in the begin, and the distillery bankrupted in 1906.
The distillery was closed during both world wars, due to a lack of barley.
Between 1956 and 1974, the Tomatin distillery knew an exceptional growth. During this period, the number of still grew from 4 to 12. Despite this, the distillery bankrupted again in 1985, even if its production was about 9.000.000 litres a year.
Tomatin was taken over during the same year by the Japanese Takara, Shuzo & Okura (renown through the international hotel group) who added 9 new stills. Total stills is now 23, which makes Tomatin the biggest distillery of Scotland.
Nowadays, only half of the production capacity is used and the main part of the whisky is used in the blends of the group, called Big"T".