Tullibardine distillery
Stirling Street
Blackford - Perthshire PH4 1QG
+44 1764 661809

Owners: Terroirs Distillers

Creation: 1949

The village of Blackford is known for his brewery since the 15th century, and whisky has been produced there as soon as 1700.
However, the current Tullibardine distillery is more recent as it has been build in 1949 on the site of an old brewery.
The distillery has been build by the well known architect Delmé Evans who also built amongst others, the distillery of Glenallachie and Jura. Evans died on 6 october 2003, aged 83. 
The distillery has been bought in 1953 by a Glasgow broker, Brodie Hepburn and became part or the Invergordon Distillers in 1971. It capacity has been doubled in 1974, but the distillery has been mothballed in 1995.
Its current owners, Whyte and Mackay have made important alteration works in order to resume the whisky production during 2004.
A small part of the production is marketed as single malt, the remaining being used in blends like Scots Grey and Glenfoyle.