1800 Birth of Charles Goodyear, inventor du pneumatic
1802   Birth of Alexandre Dumas
Birth of Victor Hugo
1803   Birth of Hector Berlioz
Birth of Prosper Merimee
1804   Coronation of emperor Napoleon
Birth of George Sand
Birth of Eugène Sue
Death of Emmanuel Kant
1805   Trafalgar battle
Austerlitz battle
Birth of Ferdinand de Lesseps
Birth of Gerard de Nerval
1807 Abolition of slave trade in England
1808   Birth of Thomas Cook (first travel agency)
Birth of Napoleon 3
1809   Birth of Louis Braille
Birth of Charles Darwin
Birth of Abraham Lincoln
Birth of Felix Mendelssohn
Birth of Edgar Allan Poe
Birth of Joseph Haydn
1810 Birth of Frederic Chopin
Birth of Robert Schumann
Creation of the Krupp company
1811 Birth of Theophile Gauthier
Death of Bougainville
Birth of Franz Liszt
1812 Russian Campaign
Birth of Charles Dickens
1813 Birth of Giuseppe Verdi
Birth of Richard Wagner
1814   Exile of Napoleon on Isle of Elbe
1815 Waterloo and end of Napoleon wars
Slave trade forbidden by Vienna Congress
Birth of Otto von Bismark
Birth of Eugène Labiche
1817 Birth of Pierre Larousse (French dictionnary)
1818   Birth of Charles Gounod
Birth of Karl Marx
1819 Birth of Herman Melville (Moby Dick)
Birth of Jacques Offenbach
Death of James Watt
1820 Beginning of Conquest of the West in United States
Birth of Friedrich Engels
1821 Death of Napoleon in Sainte Helène
Birth of Charles Baudelaire
1823 Promulgation of Excise Act
1824 Birth of Anton Bruckner
Birth of Alexandre Dumas (son)
1827   Death of Robert Surcouf
1828 Birth of Leon Tolstoï
Birth of Jules Vernes
Death of Franz Schubert
1829   Birth of Geronimo
1830 Independance of Belgium
Algeria conquered by France
Independance of Greece
Death of Simon Bolivar
  Invention of the Coffey still
1831   Canuts revolt
1832   Birth of Gustave Eifel
1833 Birth of Johannes Brahms
Birth of Alfred Nobel
Death of Nicephore Niepce
1835 First passenger train in England
Birth of Marc Twain
1838 Birth of Georges Bizet
Birth of comte Ferdinand von Zeppelin
1839 Birth of Paul Cezanne
Birth of Georges Leclanche
1840 First Opium War (England against China)
Birth of Alphonse Daudet
Birth of John Boyd Dunlop
Birth of Claude Monet
Birth of Auguste Rodin
Birth of Tchaïkowski
Birth of Emile Zola
Death of Niccolo Paganini
1841   Birth of Auguste Renoir
1842   Death of Stendhal
1844 Birth of Anatole France
Birth of Friedrich Nietzsche
Birth of Rimsky-Korsakov
Birth of Paul Verlaine
1846 Birth of Buffalo Bill
1847   Birth of Alexandre Graham Bell
Birth of Thomas Edison
Death of Felix Mendelsohn
1848   Abolition of slavery in French colonies
Death of Chateaubriand
Manifest of the Communist Party (Marx and Engels)
1849   Death of Frederic Chopin


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