1750   Death of Jean-Sebastien Bach
1754   Birth of Louis XVI
1756   Birth of Mozart
1759   Death of Georg Friedrich Haendel

Treaty of Paris. This ends the "7 years war" between France and England. France will let England some colonies in America and India

Death of Louis Racine
1765 Birth of Nicephore Niepce, father of photography
1768   Birth of Chateaubriand
1769   Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte
Birth of duc de Wellington
1770   Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven
1773   Birth of Robert Surcouf
1774   Death of Louis XV
1769   James Watt, Scottish ingeneer patents his steam machine
1776   Independance declaration of United States
1778   Death of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Death of Voltaire
1779 Death of James Cook
1782   Birth of Niccolo Paganini
1783   Treaty of Versailles. England accepts the independance of teh United States.
Birth of Stendhal
1784   Invention of the automatic weaving loom by Edmund Cartwright
Promulgation of the Wash Act
Death of Diderot
1788   Foundation of the "Société des amis des Noirs" (Society of the friends of the Blacks) in France. This was the first anti slavery association.
1789   French revolution
Declaration of the Human Rights
Birth of James Fenimore Cooper (author of "The Last Mohican")
1790 Birth of Leopold I, first king of Belgium
1791   Slaves Insurrection in Saint-Domingue
Death of Mozart
1792   Birth of Rossini
1793   Execution of Louis XVI
1795   Napoleonean wars (beginning of)
1799 Birth of Honore de Balzac
Death of George Washington