Glen Moray

Glen Moray Distillery
Morayshire IV30 1YE
+44 1343 542 577

Owner: La Martiniquaise

Creation year: 1897

In 1815 a new brewery was build near Elgin by Henry Arnott & Co. There were in those days already about 80 of them in the area.
The brewery has been transformed in a distillery in 1897, and most of the brewery buildings remained unchanged.
The distillery closed in 1910. 
After a very short reopening in 1912, Glen Moray must wait until 1923 for its revival, when it was acquired by the owners of Glenmorangie.
Since then the only period where the distillery has been mothballed was during World War II, just like most of the other distilleries in Scotland.
Important alteration works happened in 1958 and the distillery acquired a "Saladin Box" which was in use up to 1977.
The exterior aspect of the distillery is characterized by two enormous grain silos. Distilleries use to burry their silos.
A part of the production is used in Highland Queen blend.
Glenmorangie Plc sold the Glen Moray distillery to the French company La Martiniquaise in September 2008