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St Magdalene

St Magdalene
St Magdalene

Owner: Diageo

Creation year: 1765

The distillery is build on the site of an old leper colony dating back to the 12th century. It has been altered to settle a covent and later an hospital .
The distillery, situated in Linlithgow dates from 1765. It was originally called Linlithgow.
The distillery is build near the Union Canal, which made it easy to carry the whisky.
St Magdalene was the property of Adam Dawson, one of the first to apply for a legal distilling licence.
DCL (which would later become UDV, after merging with Guinness) bought the distillery in 1912, and closed it definitively in 1983.
It has been converted into flats, but its external character has been preserved. The pagoda roofs are still present. 



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