Glenesk Distillery
Montrose  Angus DD10 9EP 

Owner: Diageo

Creation date: 1879

The plant was originally a flax mill. It is situated near Montrose, on the East Coast of Scotland. When the distillery was founded, it was called Highland Esk. The distillery changed its name several times before closing definitively in 1985. The successive names of the distillery are: North Esk (1899), Montrose distillery (1938), Hillside distillery (1964) and finally Glenesk in 1980, a few years before closing. 
Round the time of World War II, the distillery has been altered to produce grain whisky, but in the early 1960's, it became a malt distillery again.
In 1968, the owners of the distillery started malting in malting drums. Nowadays Glenesk is renowned as an important malting plant, owned by Pauls, one of the major actors in Scottish maltings. 
The distilling licence has been cancelled in 1992.
Glenesk whisky was an important part of the VAT69 blend.