The proximity of England had benefic consequences on this area when the Wash Act was pronounced in 1784. The benefic effects were visible only for a short time, because England realized very quickly that scotch whisky was taking rapidly over the English gin. A new tax was created in 1796: the Scotch Distillery Act. A large part of the distilleries from that area have nowadays disappeared. At the end of the XIXth century, about 20 distilleries were active in the area. Nowadays, just 2 of them are still plenty active: Glenkinchie and Auchentoshan. Bladnoch was recently bought by an Irish who is forced to limit its production for the moment. A pity...

Littlemill, probably the oldest distillery in activity till recently, is closed and partially dismantled and Rosebank is mothballed since more than 10 years, without great hope to produce any whisky again.

The Lowlands area has many fertile soils, and go from the North of Glasgow in the West to Dundee in the East. A mild climate and lots of rivers make the Lowlands an ideal area for production for whisky.




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