Tobermory (Whisky & Rhum) - Ledaig 8 years, L'Esprit Whisky - 8 y.o. - 61,3%
13F: 13E: 86/100

Tobermory Ledaig 8 years, L'Esprit Whisky

Whisky & Rhum
8 years
L'Esprit whisky
Bottle details:
distillation: 29/09/2005 bottling: 01/10/2013
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:BH 900120
58 /100 bottles
price class:

13 notes disponibles en français


appearance: clear Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, peaty sweetness, smoke (mixture of hot smoke and cold ashtray), light sea air, green apple, BBQ sauce
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, peaty, marine, …, in fact in line with the nose
finish: medium



Color: Almost clear...straw
Nose: Peat, smoke, firewood, band aids
Taste: phenol, ashtray, lanolin, ...with some water some butter
Finish: Long, smoky, cough medicine
Very nice...tastes like a Laphroaig, although not a real old one.



Nose: At first light tones of peat, sweetness (liquorice), but later on clearly more earth tones, tar, shoe polish and some citrus.
Taste: Sweet, but also very powerful, a little bit citrus, licorice, spiciness and some wood influences.
Finish: Very long, spicy (pepper), again some licorice and some bitterness at the end.



Colour: Very pale white wine.
Nose: Nice creamy phenols, with an extra layer of white chocolate and marshmallow. Quite heady and velvety at the same time, not unlike some nice old, clean, CS Caol Ila rounded by the years spent in a rather discreet cask. Salty and appetizing, with a slight citrusy note given time.
Mouth: Cask Strength indeed. 58.2% (my guess). Powerful and pretty uncomplicated. Powerful, but creamy. Big and smooth. The coastal side grows slowly but surely. And after a while, a touch of honey and more citrusy notes than on the nose.
Finish: Very long. Ashy and briny, with a lingering smokiness.
Comment: A vibrant and tasty Islayer softly aged and mellowed in a discreet refilled cask. An early 80’s CS Caol Ila ?



Nose: Massively peaty, lots of smoke and scorched earth
Marine notes on the background
Cask strength undoubtedly but not aggressive so far: well integrated alcohol, not in excess of spices!
With aeration marine side (oysters) appears, mixed with notes of hydrocarbons, rancid butter and washed down with lemon

Taste: Fairly smoked oily and a little peppery bitterness after mouth (green wood)
Nice balance but a bit simple on the palate
Final which leaves a both oily and smoky sensation coming mitigate the bitterness of the finish (like a smoked salmon taste)

A peaty malt and island rather well done even if this one is for fans of rather austere profiles


Colour: light gold
Nose: Young stuff? Light smoke, burned herbs
Mouth: Very complex mouth, intensive smokiness, sweet and mellow, rubber



Nose: Very expressive. Soot, ash, tar, coal, marine side. It is uncompromising but very well done. A light fruity is also present but relatively undeveloped (pear, lemon). In short, very effective and very fresh.
Palate: Woh woh woh! It's pretty extreme. A huge peat in the continuity of the nose, but a crazy power. Spectacular, really. A side camphor / Medicinal more present than in the nose, it is none the less fresh. Lots of pepper, salt, and one side "rooty"
Finish: Long, dry. Salt and pepper, camphor.
Conclusion: A very good whisky, explosive more than complex. Mouth ultra powerful but balanced.


Nose: Evokes the spirit. Floral, very peaty, iodine, smoked fish. A little fruit.
Taste: Very much smoke, oily, powerful.
Finish: long on peat smoke.

Comments: The nose looks pretty close to a lot of young peaty whiskys bottled it too quickly in recent years. I prefer the mouth to the nose, which seems to me most advanced. Made me think of some young Ledaig. Expressive malt.


Colour: straw yellow
Nose: peat moss, camphor notes, musk. We are in the wet hay and malt smell is quite present.
Taste: peat, wood, pepper. It also has a small lemony side, but also notes of charcoal, earth; gravy.
Finale: medium to long. The wooded resort; salt and pepper notes. Develops notes of chocolate (milk chocolate) and hazelnut (Nutella).

I assume that we are dealing here with a pretty young whisky (perhaps a Ledaig ??). However, it is well done, although the wooded side spoils the whole. One could also blame him a bit evolving character, but I enjoyed the whole.
Profile dominant coal, milk chocolate.


Couleur : Paille
Nez : Tourbé, fumé, boisé, sur la sauce barbecue, le lard fumé, la vanille, l’algue et de légères notes aromatiques.
Bouche : Très propre, tourbé à très tourbé, jeune, alcooleux, sur le distillat. Même dilué, il reste très marqué par l’alcool. La finale est courte, épicée, brûlante, très jeune, tourbée et sur l’alcool.
Impression générale : Un whisky très propre, qui semble jeune et marqué par l’alcool.



Nose: The first peated in the list, and it lets it know at the opening. It was immediately on the peated malt, fresh out of the drying fireplaces. Peat is quite farmy, very present (young?), And I feel dawning a note of vanilla.

Palate: The palate hand faster vanilla notes, iodine, and of course on peat which invaded a little the mouth. It looks like a rather young whisky. A little salt and acidity on the tip of the tongue. It is very effective for "Peat Heads" (including myself).

The mouth evolves on smoked fish with a nice salinity and marine notes that turn out at the end.

Efficient and pleasant dram to drink for those who like the style "Islay" peated "South West" (or north north).


Color: Light gold
A nice oily peat moss dominates the nose which otherwise is quite monolithic. Maybe a hint of licorice. After a few moments, we guess some fruity notes. The nose is balanced without being overly complex. It announces a good peaty whisky providing much pleasure for these long autumn evenings.
In the mouth, the impression of the nose continues. We are dealing here with a very nice and pretty well discrete peat. Here some discreet hints of fruit, well balanced palate, and reduced complexity. But it is a great pleasure providing mouth.
A nice finish, a relative length and here too the peat is predominant, but with a surprising freshness rather unusual for a whisky that only expresses on the register of peat.


Colour: straw.

Nose: smoke from a coal fire, some lemongrass and vanilla notes.

Palate: sweet and smoky like in the nose, notes of lemons, vanilla and some pepper later on another fruit Blackberry probably?

The finish is long with smoke and pepper I have really enjoyed this one.





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