Springbank (Master of Malt) - 19 years, #129 - 19 y.o. - 57,8%
23F: 23E: 84/100

Springbank 19 years, #129

Master of Malt
19 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 7-5-1993 bottling: 27-11-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:129
9 /221 bottles
price class:

23 notes disponibles en français


Nose: It smells like a floral perfume, nearly cologne. With aeration, those notes disapear to make room to pastry notes.

Palate: The attack is fruity and spicy and after a few seconds, a large grassy side, green, medicinal.

Finale: Herbaceous

Overall comment: I love the palate that is balanced but less when the herbaceous side takes over. Basically, be drunk soon :).


Nose: The nose reminds me of a bitter orange liqueur (like Grand Marnier). A very organic, green side, I do not appreciate and which will remain (too much) despite ventilation. You want to guess a little exotic ... After more than 2 hours, it's a bit loose and this is much more fruity, but should not be pressed
Taste: Very amazing. Nice power, but for me it is dissociated and lacks of balance. Pepper, chili, campfire on one side and organic notes, vegetable, herb liqueur and honey on the other. And it is precisely this sweet side which implies this overall imbalance.
Finish: Long on pepper and hot ashes.
Comment: Lack of unity and coherence to me. Too bad because it had all the elements to make something good


Colour: Amontillado Sherry.
Nose: Very talkative. Ripe fruits and snatched tree bark. Guarana, greengages, and a nice sourness (nectarines?) that helps balancing the heavy spiciness (wood extracts). Huge, with a probably rather high ABV (53% ?). More crystallized fruits given time. Crystallized citruses. Orange drops. Mouthwatering, even if some might find it a bit modern.
Mouth: Really huge now! Thick and bold. Very tasty, with lots of very ripe pineaple. Sweet and sour. Slightly too sweet if you ask me. Rumy.
Finish: Some nice high grade milk chocolate shines out. Yeah. Rumy indeed.
Comment: I liked the nose, very vivid and W&M in style, but found the mouth slightly cloying. Unforunately.



Nose: Atypical. Many sulfur initially. I feel like I smell my stove, then scraped matches! Aeration develops one side "humid earth" vegetatal, humus, dead leaves, chlorophyll, pine needles. Maybe a little peat too. Hints of shortbread.

Taste: Powerful and surely undiluted. Almost evanescent and ethereal. Slightly syrupy and without peat.

Finish: Long on medicinal and mineral hints.

Comments: A really interesting whisky by its originality and its intrinsic qualities. But I do not know if I'll purchase this kind of whisky.


Nose: delicate and fruity nose, caramel, peach, hints of watermelon, apples, wild berries, mint leaves, mild lemon, honey, wet stones,
With water: improves a lot with water, more mint leaves, fresh tea leafs, the fruits are mixed together (multi vitamin drink), some tobacco. Very nice

Palate: much rougher than the nose, dried peach slices, a bit winey, hints of vanilla, wood, a little bit of smoke, presence of alcohol. The alcohol is a little bit too overwhelming
With water: same as the nose: much alcohol leaves the palate, lemony drops, minty, more wood, peach flavour (chewing gum), salted popcorn, a bit more wood (now fresh cut), tar (or is it tobacco?)

Finish: long, dry wine, wood, and the alcohol overwhelms
With Water: much better, warm and long on vanilla and wood, drying

Overall: Improves a lot with water! Without water it isn't as good



Nose: very sour, astringent, with notes of dry wood, vinegar, cleaning for leather products. Then spices, anise, green apple. It becomes sweeter at aeration, with almond, fig, however, always a bittersweet register with a note of persisting dry bitter wood.
There and back, it flirts with the shoe or cabinetmaker.
Taste: strong, very hot and spicy. Bitterness on the malt and apple. Sandalwood & other wood species. Leather, salt, herbs. Warming much throat. As astringency.
Finale: leather, salt.
Conclusion: a punchy enough sherry, probably older. Explosion in the mouth. Attention to acid astringent register which is sometimes too expressed. It reminds me in some ways the Glenlivet Thirty Six W & M already tasted in WDTS.


appearance: yellow straw
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, amber, chewing gum, freshly ground pepper, green apple, light baby vomit
taste: low to medium intensity, stinging alcohol, bitterness, aromas of fermentation
finish: short to medium



“A good whisky that just tastes like whisky. It won't shake your world but it is quite drinkable”
This dram has a gold like color.
Nose (85): (5)more than average. honey, fruits, citrus, spices, cinnamon.
Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, fruits, apples, citrus, spices, vanilla, wood.
Finish (87): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus.



The first nose hand on hay, bile, grass. This is really not engaging. Let's persist in letting time do its work. Aeration brings him some good: pretty nectarine, very light smoke, apricot. Still persisting: the bile is gone (phew!), the fruit is growing, rare licorice emerge, dried fruit, raisins marinated in rum, tangerine, burnt rubber. On the palate is frank and aggressive. Gingerbread is not sufficient to cover alcohol, bile returns but in fleeting traces and rare yellow fruit. The final, of good length, is on the basis of sherry with banana, licorice and dried fruit.
A whisky in the category "love it or hate it" kind. It is not my cup of tea.

Alex Kooby

Nose: Very spirity opening, not easy to define. Alcohol not very well integrated. Odour of mushroom, moldy. After a few minutes it finally opens! Whew ... It remains in the vegetal register with green wood. Nutty, nutty.
Mouth very dry. Notes of dry grass. Some fruit in the background. Quite complex.
Finish: rather long, but not really dominant ...


Nose: very expressive departure; scalable, very balanced, very nice, toffee, caramel, milk chocolate, orange marmalade, apricot side, beeswax
Mouth: much more expressive, dusty side, old furniture, slightly bitter, spicy (hot), milk chocolate, orange marmalade, apricot side
Finale: in the same line?


Colour: Old gold
The nose is pleasantly complex, combining notes of pepper, chocolate and a hint of smoke. Notes of ripe fruit appear after a few moments.
A nice first impression on the palate, where the fruit flavors mingle with malt muesli. Whisky is quite interesting in its complexity, but unfortunately this remains in a sweet mouth registry, which are not really the profile that I prefer.
The finish is quite long, and remains in the same register.


Nose: fruity, Mediterranean herbs, vanilla.
Mouth: toffee, vanilla, kiwi, very thin legs.
Finish: medium finish.



Light tan color color with brown highlights

Nose: the first impression is the pharmacy and wood. Aeration releases flavors. It remains in a woody register. But everything is pretty dull.
The alcohol is present. It becomes heavier with aeration.

Mouth opens on softness. The wood remains present and gives some bitterness. And alcohol happens to upset everything. We go then to notes of yellow fruit (peach and apricot).

Final on the wood that turns into vanilla. Little sweet impression to finish.


Nose: smoke, cold ashes, fir resin, gentian, fresh citrus and candied orange, lemon zest, some white fruits and hints of vanilla and floral notes. Some salt/ iodine? Adding water bring out barley. Pretty fine nose.

Taste: intense, honey, fruit and lemon zest, and something like a hint of cow stable. Herbaceous resinous / side of the nose is still present.

Finish: medium length, but very nice, the vegetal / honey duo dominates.

Comment: I really like, nice complexity and good balance.



Gold color

You hardly feel anything when opening the sample but once poured into the glass a sharp smell of cold smoke appears. Alcohol seems completely melted (or very diluted).
With aeration there was a fairly pronounced odor of rubber (old elastic type) but the nose seems pretty simple.
With water and a large aeration period nose becomes softer and smoke yet clear at starting is not present at all!

Fierce attack on the lemon juice, alcohol is much more (too) present than on the nose.
It is very dry mouth and bit complex. Adding a few drops of water improves the rounded corners but it's still a little too simple.

I think it is a rather young whisky and really lacks depth ...
Not really to my taste!


Nose : Uh, that's Whisky? The nose reminds me more of Gin or Genever. Solvents, chemicals
improving with some 30 minutes in the glass, but still strange. Alcoholic punch

Palate : Somehow different from the nose on the first impression. A trace of salt, artificial pineapple aroma as you find in white gummy bears. The taste is developing to tequila flavours

Finish : Long. Starting sweet, getting more and more vegetal, nutmeg. Honestly, I have never had a Whisky like this in my glass



Colour: Gold with green tint

Nose: Starts with noble wood, plums, again, fresh hazelnuts but also almonds, eventually on marzipan, develops a milky side to it, as if we were in a bakery. Later, will display notes of farmyard, of leather.

Mouth: Cider apples, vivifying and full of chocolate. Woody and spicy, with ginger. I'll eventually find some chestnut puree, mocha and marasquino cherries.

Finish: Sharp and powerful.

Comment: One beautiful sherry cask, to me.



nose : open and bright, very attractive. Powerful alcohol but reveals notes of wood, stewed fruits and spices. Looks like a Balvenie.

Palate: sweet but with this alcohol too present. Back to the wood dries and masks other lighter notes. Adding water closes whisky more extending the bitterness and dryness. Hoping a drift on dark chocolate that does not happen.

final: wood and bitterness becomes very dry.

Quite seductive nose but suggests an aggressive body. Unfortunately wild mouth and leaves no greedy settle note. It's war with every sip ... Too bad.


Colour: deep gold
Nose: this one is starting with lots of red fruits (Cherries, Currant) which are accompanied by a little smoky and peppery aroma
Palate: first impression reminds me of some cough syrup from my childhood, then the red fruits come up as well as some cacao, later on a little minty and spicy taste with nutmeg
The finish is long and a minty chocolate taste lasts for a while.

Another very interesting malt from this session, very tasty in my opinion and a lot to discover too.



The nose offers a nice blend of yellow fruits (pear), hazelnut and marine influence. Relatively austere, it is no less complex and enjoyable. There is also hints of dry cheese, salt and milk chocolate. It is equally disconcerting and well done. The addition of water enhances the marine side.

Mouth attack on a pastry aspect, with hazelnuts and dark chocolate before a beautiful wave of peat, extremely well controlled. There are also cold ashes and lemon. It is very well built. The finish was a touch of dry sherry that appears. Water expands the citrus.

The finish is long, more farmers aromas reveals, but also marine and citrus (orange).

In conclusion, a relatively difficult to describe as unconventional whiskey, but which nonetheless very well done and provides a real pleasure to taste.



Nose: Immediately lovely fruity tones (sherry), combined with some spiciness, warm wood tones, but also some vanilla too. The smell of wood tones and spiciness increases minute after minute (delicious).

Taste: At first especially sweetness followed by zesty spiciness and some slightly bitter tones, which all together lingers long at the tongue.

Finish: Long but above all spicy.



Color: gold

Nose tinged nose of exotic fruits ( pineapple) and solvent. Dried fruits also appear ( walnuts and hazelnuts ) light acidity of orange.

Palate: rather full. Alcohol is quite spicy at first mouth. Feeling of soap and dried fruit. This is quite interesting because the mouth is warm and auite full.

Finish: The finish is warm, but not very long Rather monolithic also marked by a little wood.

Comment: not really my cup of tea. The nose is simple, but pleasant. Alcohol is very biting and the water does not help much. Difficult to determine many shades ... not convinced. Water oddly brings out alcohol. In fact, different tastes fade and alcohol remains present, wood is also apparent . The addition of water is not beneficial .
The second tasting did not reveal that alcohol that seems to have lessened (which is strange , but taste is not the other). Rather, the second pass shows a slightly ferrous profile , peppery and salty with a sweet side and quite pleasant woodiness. In the end, a good dram !




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