Glen Garioch (Master of Malt) - 21 years - 21 y.o. - 48,8%
22F: 22E: 84/100

Glen-Garioch 21 years

Master of Malt
21 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 16-05-1990 bottling: 02-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
refill bourbon
72 /245 bottles
price class:

22 notes disponibles en français


Color: gold

Nose: Immediately, notes of wood and vegetals. Quite volatile, all the whole gets dry on notes of hay and leaves filter candied clementines hints.

Palate: The palate developes impressively, wood explodes and leaves astringent notes of vanilla that invade the whole palate. Rather monolithic, notes gently reduce, a good length and consistency. Aeration allows air to escape notes difficult to identify, but the mouth remains faithful to itself. A little salt on the end suggests an attack on a ashed goat cheese .

Final: Frank and continuity in the mouth. Vanilla and wood. Lack of complexity?

Lots of character, pervasive and immediate. This whiskey is friendly and courteous. By cons, it lacks complexity for a whiskey evening.


Nose: Rather reserved, it leaves traces of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. The farm invites itself with somewhat within a creamy block, with a hint of raspberry (pastry flavors). The opening blends different flavors. A little shy perhaps, but not insignificant.

Mouth: The farmhouse feel is more fierce, but is tamed by a ubiquitous malt. Adding water confirms our impressions, highlighting malty.

Finale: Another aspect of this farmer who slowly disappears leaving the malt dominate outrageously. A hint of raspberry baked (sour) returns aftertaste.

Comment: A rather simple but easy drinkable whisky. We would have liked the more sensitive touches we met in the nose to be present in the mouth to galvanize the stony heart of this dram.


Colour: White wine.

Nose: Sharp and mineral, and quite hot. Opens up on lots of fresh almonds and pine nuts. And raw cereals stored in the barn.

Mouth: No bluster here, but some very clean spirit. Balance is great for a whisky that I thought reached 58%. Just a problem: it's 10% less... Pretty uncomplicated, with some pears, some fresh cereals, and a pleasant honeyed sweetness.

Finish: Long, flawless, with an obvious aftertaste of cold ashes that propels you directly into the islands. A confidential Tobermory?

Comment: This is quite old fashioned and straightforward whisky. Not my favourite style, definitely, but there’s no cheating in there. And faithfulness deserves extra points. In my opinion.



appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, mix of native fresh fruits, stable aromas, mild sea air, mid aged Swiss cheese that dominates
taste: low to medium intensity (growing up intensity), well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose, the cheesy note gives a beautiful individuality
finish: short
Comment: A whisky with a "love it or hate it" character. I love this individuality.



The nose goes to the farm, undergrowth and a few nuts, a majestic imbalance. Very quickly, the poor start settles down in favor of fruits like plum on a ozone background. The wood appears, with ivy in the rain, while the humus resists, while having become more discreet. The impression that comes to mind is that of the wet basement that has not been stored for a long time. But with good ventilation, plums reinforce, licorice just emerging, and the apple rubs apricot. A singular improvement with oxidation! On the palate it is spirity and bitter with strong tannins. The sweetness of honey is accompanied by dried fruit briefly the top. The final, short length, is surprisingly soft, but also quite bland.
Long after, although several hours, fruity and whisky, at least at the nose become almost enjoyable.
The nose long after airing ...


Colour: Straw.
Nose first nose immediately on a little bitter woody leather, but the note fades as quickly as it appeared. After a short malty and pomaded stint, lemon appears and grows, evolves out of the marinade with lemon and white vinegar. Freshness and also a little salt, slightly floral. Evolved over the orange blossom concentrated after some time.
Taste: Very nice and smooth, much smoother than would imagine the nose
Finale: In total contrast with the mouth, a farmer unexpected side appears once, mixed with most of the aromas in the nose.

Comment: Although rather pleasant, this whisky lacks of harmony between between nose, mouth and final.



Color: Gold
Nose: distillation notes, caramel, ether and then with aeration happens cereals, dried fruits and honey.
Palate: Fine peat, honey, nuts, pepper and dried fruit.
Finish: rather long, peppery and fruity


Colour: Very pale straw
Nose: Young, fresh, intense, sweet, on vanilla and peat smoke.
Taste: Round, malty to very malty, on grist, dry meat, some tar, old ashes, cow stable and other farmy and aromatic notes. The finish is medium, dry, on aged cheese, dry meat, farmy notes and light peaty, ashy and smoky flavours.
Impression: A rather difficult whisky, very farmy and on strong notes of dried meat. An original but pleasant whisky. Maybe not for everyone’s taste.



Colour: light gold

Nose: completely confusing first impression with hints of rotting vegetables, garbage. With aeration it fades to give way to caramel and vanilla notes. Hours after the second passage confirms this impression but with less power.

Palate: The palate has volume, texture is soft. Alcohol comes in a second time. Aromas are clearly placed on the cereal with red fruits.

Finish: The finish is powerful. Beautiful retro olfaction back with cereal and fruit mainly red currant. a small woody side.

As the nose is troubling, as the final is appealing.


Colour: Pale gold

Nose: The nose is lightly woody with some spices (pepper?) And a rather pastry (almond paste, vanilla, butter) with some dried fruit. The nose also develops some notes fresh herbs. A kind of farmy register opens with aeration (old wood, humus, fungi) with notes of wild flowers, leather, animal really ultimately ... Especially with water.

Palate: The palate is very sweet and special, with notes of iodine that are growing towards the finish, combined with notes of heather, the flowers dried. Sparkling. With water, notes of charcoal grow, rather maritime and quite dry.


Colour: Pale yellow
Nose: Citronella
Mouth: Cheese, aromatic plants(Citronella, fresh coriander)
Finish: Slighty bitterness on citrus fruits



color: white wine
nose: vanilla and floral notes, mildly peaty, sweets and mild wood.
taste: apricot and bananas, vanilla and nicely balanced sweetness and fruitiness, the finish is also very well balanced and medium to long, a very well balanced dram and it gives me a smile because it's so friendly



Colour: Pale gold
Nose revealing spices behind a veil of discrete floral notes. The nose could be great if this lack of candor didn't make it that difficult to comment.
The mouth starts with a quite pleasant vegetable decoction but still difficult to describe. Nice notes here too. Some discreet bitterness, a nice set but very difficult to describe ...
The finish is long and warm.


Nose: A bit fruity, floral and spicy. It really needs some water to get these fragrances to the surface.

Taste: Sharp, spicy and some bitterness.

Finish: Medium long and spicy.



Nose: Quite simple but expressive. The peach syrup and even peach kernel. Presence of several spices including vanilla.
Palate: Candied and concentrated. Alcohol is well controlled.
Final: Acidic and saline

Comments: A Highland single malt surely raised in a Bourbon cask or hogshead. Nice although somewhat complex.


Colour: straw
Nose: starts with sweet barley and honey heather. Later on nice round oakiness and green apples.
Taste: warm mouth feel, oily and waxy. Sweet and bitter at the same time. Vanilla and lots of sweet oak (from a bourbon barrel?) again.
Finish: long, salty with some spice.

Comment: I like this style of whisky a lot.



Nose: Exotic fruits, vanilla, lemon, marzipan.
Second tasting: A little dirty, advanced fruits and rubber. Everything disappears fairly quickly to the profit of the other aromas (see above)

Palate: Lightly fruity, vanilla, marzipan, cake. It is more lemony with a little water. Lack of punch.
Second tasting: More punchy, it is also much more fruity, quite dry.

Finale: Lemon, marzipan, spices, oil. Average.
Water brings out the spices.
Second tasting: It is not oily anymore and it is very dry. We gain in strength and length.

Comments: Nice fruity whisky typical of successful aging in bourbon casks (I would say). Probably a bit simple but very pleasant and easy to drink. Personally I do not like the result with the addition of water, so I would avoid to add some (my note loses 10 points with some water added). The second tasting was 10 days after the first one.



Color: gold

Nose is hard to describe. It is quite smothered. But behind that, there will be fruit. Damage that alcohol is feeling a little too present.
Yeah, it stings a little, a shame. Some metal hints, with perhaps a bit of banana. Subsequently, we will have a little coffee / caramel and something more "animal".
As grilled meat. With a little furniture polish. Yeah, well ...

Mouth: mineral, sparkling. Alcohol passes better there. A bit of dry wood. Then a little yeast? The bitterness arrives late.
Hum ... Looks like I drink "juice with good taste of old wood" yeah, this is not my thing. Fortunately it burns less than at the nose, good thing.

Final too flat. Looks like water. Of water with alcohol.

Comment: It goes in all directions! the nose is special with all that I could feel. Then the rest, well it is flat.
This is not my kind of whisky.


“Nose is great; clean, sweet, lots of vanilla... but taste is a bit over woody for me. Maybe 15 or 20 years old whisky”
This dram has a fino like color.

Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, vanilla, citrus, spices. Lots of honey and vanilla, It is really familiar... umm... maybe Springbank?
Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, wood, spices, citrus, cardboard. Too woody.
Finish (87): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, spices.



Nose: Quite a lot of alcohol and not very expressive. Cereal notes. After a good ventilation (30 minutes), it changes completely. Quite heavy vegetal notes, especially hay, and a lot of things that I can not identify: buds? I'm not sure to love this evolution ...
Taste: First taut and incisive. Citrus, especially lemon. Here we have so much the complexity and exuberance of flavors that seem interesting but also the feeling of power and righteousness. But again, the ventilation is not a great success for me: the mouth has then no relief ...
Finish: Moderately long woodeyon one side, but cool (ironic huh?), Which makes its appearance and finally gives a little complexity.
Conclusion: Nuanced! Before aeration and I was pleasantly conquered (mainly texture and mouth in righteousness) but after aeration, the evolution makes whisky heavier.... before 83, after 75 then it will be 79


Color: white wine
Nose: Quite austere but pleasant, marked by the newspaper ink, iodine, lemon, a little agave too, with the bonus of a quite original musky note. Not particularly complex, but balanced in its genre.
Palate: The attack is frank, the mid palate follows. You feel the power, but the alcohol is well integrated. It remains in line with the nose, with a little iodine, lemon, green notes, a little newspaper also, plus a pinch of white pepper.
Finish: Moderately long, powerful, marked by a nice bitterness plant.

Conclusion: If you like dry and austere whisky, you will be served!


Nose: A little too gentle. On vague sherry in contradiction with its rather pale color. Develops on white fruit (pear, white peach).
Palate: a hint of peat. Texture quite pleasant because oily. We keep a kind of almost overripe pear (earthy peat). Quite simple despite its original character.
Final: Moderately short, pinch of salt.
Conclusion: The nose does not suggest peat. To drink without displeasure without being fantatic.




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