Glenturret (Master of Malt) - 34 years - 34 y.o. - 47,9%
16F: 16E: 87/100

Glenturret 34 years

Master of Malt
34 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 8-10-1977 bottling: 05-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Refill sherry hogshead
162 /247 bottles
price class:

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Nose: Expressive when the whisky is poured into the glass. Yellow fruit (peach, plum) and exotic (pineapple). Slightly mineral. Very fresh. After aeration, was in a real glass of fresh fruit salad. really top
Taste: Begins with a bitterness which I find quite unpleasant and fruity takes place and there ... Yum. A little wax and spicy frame (pepper) are more complex overall.
Finish: Very long on fruit again: ripe pineapple and mango.
Conclusion: Top this whisky. A lot of fruit. Without this entry mouth that bothers me, it would be mounted higher.


Nose: retained, but with enough captivatingdelicately fruity and slightly floral notes . Slight hint of paraffin also (a Clynelish?).
Mouth: beautiful oily and silky texture, basket of continental fruits (pear / white peach).
Final: average and scalable on some minerality.
Conclusion: A beautiful and good malt, especially very enjoyable mouth and nice nose if you make the effort to get involved. Still lacks complexity to reach the heights.


Colour: Pale amber.
Nose: Starts delicately fragrant, with quite some stone fruits (ripe apricot). Quickly grows oakier, with pencil shavings and some soft vanilla. A little tinned pineapple and some rum baba as well. The nice fruity & sexy side of oak if you ask me. Others may find it too oaky, but I find it pretty attractive, if not extremely complex.
Mouth: Yes. The easy side of the oak indeed. Pretty uncomplicated, but rather seductive, like this nice Tomatin "Mr. C" provided us with, a couple of years ago. Less fruits than on the nose, and more soft spices (cinamon). Very smooth, with no alcohol bite (43% ?).
Finish: Rather long, it fades away on a slight oaky bitterness.
Comment: An easy drinking Speysider dominated by soft oaky flavours. A little lack of personality, but a great partner for the aperitif.



The nose is quite surprising with star anise but also many fruits including apricot and ripe bananas.
The palate is soft, smooth. It starts with fruit (apricot) and barley sugar, then quickly appear notes of citrus (orange and grapefruit).
Final good length in the continuity of the mouth.
A very nice malt full of very drinkable fruit, yum!


Color: Gold
A pleasantly fruity nose, blending the sweetness of the peach with a slight bitterness (very discreet gentian). Followed by beautiful and intense floral notes. The floral aspect perfectly blends with the fruity character which was immediately obvious. The nose is excellent, complex, with anenjoyable balance.
In the mouth, a subtle blend of fruity sweetness and vegetal bitterness is immediately present, but the taste is rapidly evolving towards more bitterness. The mouth also has many qualities but unfortunately weakens pretty quickly.
The finish is in the same colors as the mouth. Pleasantly bitter, relatively long and fresh.


Nose: Pleasant spicy and floral. After a while some aromas of biscuit and a warm sweetness. At a certain moment, the smell gets musty and fruity (candied fruit) ... Delicious.

Taste: Very soft, fruity and sweet (honey).

Finish: Medium long with some light wood tones and a little bit spicy.



Colour: old gold.
Nose: fresh and fruity. Lots of sweetness. Peaches, pineapples and apricots. Custard powder. Floral notes of violets. Some undertones of butter as well.
Taste: lots of tropical fruit with a light peppery edge which disappears quickly. Some vanilla and honey. It all develops in a gentle way, but it also stays a little too thin for my taste.
Finish: medium long. The sweetness remains for quite a long time. Not any trace of oak of whatsoever.

Comment: a very sweet and fruity whisky of which in particular the nose is pleasant. Not a very complex dram though.



Color: Old gold

Nose: Nice, a tangy fruitiness with vanilla sweetness. Becomes moer heady after aeration, a mixture of overripe fruit (pears, yellow fruit) and sweet spices (nutmeg, some cinnamon). Water reduces the fruitiness, showing some greenness.

Mouth: Powerful, even spicy attack. Dry, it grows on acidic / bitter duet (bitter orange peel, quinine). But malt deserves a little water. It is nice, though not especially spectacular. Tangy and spicy (ginger, nutmeg), with a slight bitterness bonus. Slightly soapy.

Finish: Quite long, powerful, spicy, always oscillating between acidity and bitterness.

Conclusion: A flawless malt except that it requires a water feature, but without special magic either.

(Second pass, bottle known : nose most exotic, beautiful basket of tart ripe fruit. Still powerful mouth without water, alcohol not particularly well integrated. Mouth excites me less than the nose.)


“This one is interesting... maybe 10 years old? Looks like a refill sherry cask”
This dram has a amber like color.

Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, spices, vanilla, citrus, peaches.

Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, wood, pepper, fruits, peaches.

Finish (89): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, fruits.



Nose: metallic notes at the start. Then opens on a fruity heart, very fruity. Many quince and soft. almond notes. Fruitiness opens gradually with the aeration. It is beautifully melted with an exotic edge (pineapple).

Taste: Mostly vegetal notes and sweet almond emerge at the first sip. In the following, the fruitiness flourishes.

Finish: long with fruity overtones.

Finale: A whisky of very good quality with a nice balance and superbly melted. Very easy drinkable. Reminds me of some Tomatin 76 aged in 1st fill or refill sherry cask.


Nose: the nose at first very focused on green apple, acid but also a little bitter. Initially rather closed, in addition to wood, found mostly spices, and especially wax notes, scented candle. Aeration add other fruits, ie pear, green apple still some exotic fruit, pineapple. That's better.
Taste: apples, spices, and finds herself on very bitter malted notes, dry wood. Salty touch. Maybe some pastry notes, but also old paper.
Final: swells, rounder & sweet almond, oak young. But bitterness of the nut.
Conclusion: shy nose but finesse. Mouth hard. A malt 'work done', but remains fairly conventional. Not bad.


Appearance: reddish gold
Nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, mixture of ripe native fruits (white and yellow) (fresh and stewed), fresh mint, soft spices, light toasting aromas
Taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, soft spices, toasting aromas, mixture of fruits with a touch of exotic fruits on the finish
Finish: medium



Color: light gold

Nose: Rather herbaceous showing hardly a rounder base. Adding water softens all but makes it very discreet. The flavors are slow to rounding.

Palate: Without water, very steep, but quickly reveals fatter and gourmet butter notes, wood, spices. Adding a touch of water is very beneficial, revealing a range of milder spices, identified by small citrus zest and bathed in the woods.

Final: Quite short, especially on wood

Pleasant but not really have specific notes.


Light brown golden reflections

Nose: opening aromas of ripe fruit and fermentation and with aeration one enters a dense vanilla evolving on the woodiness before ending on turmeric. Lack of power, pep.

Palate: The palate is fresh although a little dusty. It then evolves over a round texture with buttered side. We're on dried fruit (raisins, roasted hazelnuts).

Final: Open final, with tonus because alcohol is finally revealed bringing beautiful mocha.

A rather pleasant or flattering whisky.


Nose: Oily, very ripe fruit, rice cake, slightly lemony, meringue (especially after aeration).

Taste: Lemon, meringue, mineral.

Finale: Pretty fruity, soft, long, spicy, meringue, honey, light tropical fruits.

Comments: Easy drinkable. Very good but lacks a little something in my books to reach 90pts.



Colon: Gold
Nose: Tropical fruits (pineapple, mango), abricot
Mouth: Fresh figs, peach, malt
Finish: Medium woody hint with strenght of alcohol





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