Aultmore (Master of Malt) - 5 years old - 5 y.o. - 66,8%
21F: 21E: 86/100

Aultmore 5 years old

Master of Malt
5 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 12-03-2007 bottling: 05-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
First fill sherry
292 /628 bottles
price class:

21 notes disponibles en français


Color: Vanilla
Nose: Vanilla
Mouth: Rum, vanilla, rosted fruits, cherry spirit
Finish: Long on vanilla



color: Gold/orange
Nose: alcohol boost, than orange marmalade and citrus, half sweet and buttery
Taste: The alcohol anesthetized tongue and taste, very dominant. It burns and last long.

After: keeps burning, then dry and oak.

This one is really to dominant due to the alcohol, difficult to get any taste out of it.



Color: Amber
Nose: woody notes with this bourbon on incense, rose water and smoky like a Medoc too woody.
It really looks like a Bordeaux bodybuilder, plus some caramel and a healthy dose of cinnamon.
With aeration the caramel becomes more prevalent, the wood is cleared a little and it becomes more monolithic.
Mouth: again the wood is present with some astringency, caramel, and a slight smoky a lot of spices.
With aeration timber is always present with the addition of cough syrup and vegetal notes of dry straw happens becomes very same plant on hemp.
Finish: long but sickening


“Interesting whisky. Sherry cask? Port Cask? Looks like a very fruity sherried whisky. I like”
This dram has a copper like color.

Nose (90): (5)more than average. honey, wood, citrus, cinnamon, fruits, salt.
Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, nuts, fruits, citrus, spices, cinnamon, chocolate.
Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, leather, fruits.



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: first nose, orange marmalade, lightly buttered, apricots, peaches in syrup. Also slightly pastry. A little leather and spice after some time. One side also fish.
Palate: Creamy, melted extremely initially pleasant, but explodes at once on a powerful woody and spicy pungent. Honey and licorice. Salt.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth. Good length.

Comment: Maybe not hugely complex, the nose is not less pleasant. The mouth is almost as fun. Water is not recommended


Color: Amber
Nose: The nose is a bit aggressive, but emerge behind milky and fruity aromas evoking a bit of a panna cotta and apricot coulis. Add water. Profile is moving quickly towards a more classic sherry but keeping a touch buttery, creamy. It is about toffee, candied fruits, cedar root. It is still evolving to be more fruity or exotic (pina colada). Beautiful evolution ventilation.
Taste: Quite aggressive, it will require a dash of water. However, it is already fat and fruity. Water soothes the burning of alcohol, leaving seem fruity flavors. It is melted aromas difficult to discern, but we find pineapple, pina colada always this side very nice peach apricot nectar, ginger. It is relatively complex and very flattering to the palace, coating and soft as a Turkish delight.
Finish: Long, on the gum peach apricot and ginger.

Conclusion: An excellent malt urgently requires time and water to give everything he has.


Colour: Old gold
The nose is initially relatively aggressive but quickly (and with a few drops of water) it lets sweet smells fruity, plum jam, freshness and some spices.
The first impression on the palate, the alcohol once mastered, is one of great complexity. Spices, a slight bitterness and a lot of strength and character. An explosion in the mouth.
The finish is long and warm. Notes of plum jam mingle with some hints of mocha.


Colour: old gold
Nosing: sweet vanilla (bourbon style), tangerines followed by orange liquor.
Tasting: very intense, oily and creamy. Oranges and honey. Thick vanilla and liquorice. Later on delicate woody notes come through. Nice!
Finish: long, mint and spicy (pepper)

Comment: complex whisky, fully flavoured. I like it!



The nose is the first on fresh almonds and melted butter with cinnamon, hazelnut and humus. Then come cocoa, yellow peach, milk chocolate, a little house dust, vanilla, citrus and sweet almond to make this quite greedy whisky. On the palate, the attack is clear on a couple nuts citrus complemented by licorice, pepper, a light alcohol. Then there is a return on the bitterness of licorice and coffee. The final, a beautiful length begins with milk chocolate and citrus. Spices and fruits provide a high density. Licorice and a hint of citrus persist.
Whisky a very pleasant, well balanced.


Nose: fruit fermented in the manner of fortified wine. Butter. Very fragrant. Apricot and ginger bread. Maybe some dried fruit. A little solvent. I feel the impression of exotic fruit preserves. A little vanilla. The nose is superb. The flavors are blended.
Taste: Very concentrated. Surprisingly saw attack saline nose. Metal printing mid palate and tannic finish.
Finish: Long and warm.

Beautiful whisky. The mouth is still surprising by the nose. This whisky has probably been aged in a sherry cask.


color: old gold
nose: vanilla with full woody notes, sweet caramel and sugared peanuts, also some fruity notes like apples
taste: full flavour of wood and nuts, very spicy but in a full flavoured way, everything is well balanced with flavours of dark forest fruits. The finish is long and spicy and slightly drying but with a sweet caramel note.

love it, almost forgot to write down notes, impressed



Nose: Nice sweet tones (chocolate raisins), malty, roasted nuts, some warm sherry tones and even some ginger. All together a very fine nose.
Taste: Warm, spicy, some liquorice and peppery.
Finsh: Long, very spicy and a little bit of bitterness at the end.



appearance: yellow gold
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol in the foreground (less present after 10 minutes of breathing), fresh tobacco, vanilla, cereals, nuts
taste: medium intensity, alcohol present (more spicy pepper than disturbing), bitterness (skin of nuts), small nuts, tobacco, softer towards the end of taste
finish: medium



Colour : Light Amber
Nose : Wow great nose, raisins, sweetness and a little smokiness on the background
Taste : Smooth, perfectly matching with the alcohol, great sherry notes
Finish : Long and warm

Overall : Great whisky, could buy it



Nose: sherry fairly present with this very sweet and toasted notes (almost burnt caramel). Sometimes a little spicy and fruity.
Mouth: a little alcoholic and evolution with notes of rum, then grassy bitterness in parallel with sugarcane. Atypical.
Final: rather parallel to the mouth
Conclusion: An interesting malt, appeal to lovers of rum. Still lacks complexity and is at the limit of the balance (finally quite sweet).


Nose: Very milky, it seems we are facing a yogurt and mango with green apple, papaya and a little menthol. It is then taken up by the nuts and hazelnuts (without being intrusive) and caramelized fruit. Water adds the pastry. The nose is really beautiful.
Taste: A nice amplitude with bitter almond, dried apricot, a little grain plus a bunch of spices. Alcohol is powerful and the water seems necessary. Adding water does not really change the situation in terms of flavors.
Finish: Long in the line of the mouth.

Comment: A nice whisky which must be added a little water. Once relaxed, it is not complex but amply fulfills its function. In addition, his nose is interesting.


Color: light gold
Nose: fruity and honeyed notes interest right away the tasting buds, but alcohol is too present to linger very long. A little bit Irish has nothing to displease me. And why not a single grain?
Mouth: without ventilation or water, the strength of alcohol is excessive. However, the sweet notes that are reflected are unusual and very interesting. Adding water neutralizes quite fast the fruity notes and leaves room for a certain acidity. Very present alcohol now still ask for a little more water. Will I end up drowning? The mouth is not a revelation after softening. The first scents are fleeting and nothing really arises.
But the final is softer, topped with a scent that allow you to find, over time, the originaland frank notes from the first tasting. Over time, the attack became soft, but still difficult to grasp. Light notes of peach settle, highlighted by a delicate wood. Long enough to set the scene, but not intense enough to score positively. Very difficult to know if the dilution was beneficial or neutralized drink.
Finale: Longer than expected, it catches all giving coherence


Color: Light amber.
Nose: The nose is marked by soft caramel and dark fruits (prunes, dates) and red fruits (almost like a jam). Juicy, sweet and syrupy. Some vanilla too. Pastry, crème brûlée too. Flavors of black tea are also very present, molasses, treacle.
Taste: Strong and very spicy. Undoubtedly a cask which is rather ... gross ... On dry wood, very ripe fruit baked like an English cake (English Christmas cake, not the one we can find in France ...). The sherry notes are present. On leather and polished wood.
Finale: A hint of smoke that contrasts with the sweet fruit, preserved and caramelized.


Colour: Deep copper.
Nose: A big whiff of alcohol strikes first. Probably a much higher ABV than the "bubble check" had first led me to believe. Lots of pears poached in a nice caramel syrup. Pear tatin. Not unlike the sherried 1989 Littlemills that have been released for a couple of years. Brandy soaked raisins. Marzipan. Hot sand?
Mouth: Yeap. Quite hot and drying stuff. The cask influence is obvious. Poached pears are back with more spices. Gingerbread. Angelica. Pepper. And quite "Werthery". Tasty and uncomplicated it is, I must admit, even if I'm not that much in this sherry pear scheme.
Finish: Completely integrated to the mouth. Nothing less, nothing more.
Comment: One for tarte tatin lover. Once again, if you liked the 1989 sherried Littlemill releases, you'll like this one.



Color: Gold with brown highlights
Nose: The nose is powerful, marked by an aging of alcohol in sherry cask. We find lovely aromas of spices: cloves and cinnamon above, then polish and finally dark chocolate
Palate: The first impression is like a tannic wine. Alcohol is powerful, it provides a beautiful frame to this whisky. The balance between alcohol / flavor / texture is very well controlled. It is a dense whisky. The aromas are those levied at the nose with a balance of spices especially cinnamon.
Final: Final flattering on dark chocolate. Great length.



Nose: Very fruity, vanilla, grassy and sweety. Pretty melted.
Mouth: Such as nose, which is a definite plus.
Finale: Always as the nose, but it becomes more complex. Powerful and long.

Comments: Very nice whisky even if a bit special. Better to avoid water and aeration as the balance and the complexity disappears as a part of the fruitiness.
To drink quickly! My score was higher in the first tasting.





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