Clynelish (Whisky & Rhum) - L'Esprit Whisky, 15 yo - 15 y.o. - 46%
22F: 22E: 83/100

Clynelish L'Esprit Whisky, 15 yo

Whisky & Rhum
15 years
L'Esprit whisky
Bottle details:
distillation: 22/09/1995 bottling: 25/08/2011
non chill filtered
cask nr:8657
191 /384 bottles
price class:

22 notes disponibles en français


Colour: Old gold
The nose is pleasantly marked by discreet notes of heather and nuts, bitterness mixed with a floral side. It is relatively complex and enjoyable.
The first mouth is discreet and quickly became distinctly acid, and gives the impression of an crescendo that ends on alcoholic metallic notes. Quite a contrast with the nose. After a few moments, when the acid is blurred, returns on calmer nutty notes.
The finish is relatively short and hot. Here we find the peace, tranquility that were a bit lacking in the mouth. A pleasant hazel nut notes floats above.


Nose: Quince paste, grenadine syrup, spices (anise, cinnamon).
Mouth alcoholic, fruity (khaki, red fruits). A big bitter finish.
Finish: Medium length and slightly astringent.



appearance: yellow Gold
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, yeast (disappears with breathing), stewed fruit, sweet caramel (after breathing)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, stewed fruit, cloves, pepper
finish: medium



The first nose is woody and marine, then presents a discrete peat as tar, complemented by spices (nutmeg, cloves), the smoked cigarette. Peat increases. After a good ventilation, a nice fruity, ripe fruit gives a sweet and very pleasant sweetness. On the palate, the attack is spiced to perfection. Mild and pleasant tannic bitterness is offset by grass, thyme and other herbs, a sugary sweetness. The final articulates with the mouth on herbs (thyme, oregano). An average length. A very distant peat emerges here and there.


Color: Amber
Nose: Quite sulfur, with aeration it fades but still keeps these notes of matches.
It still manages to leave these distillation notes aside , we have then ripe banana mainly, some spices, pepper and floral notes.
In the background is a metallic note, reminiscent of some old OBE blend.
Mouth: no more sulfur here, nice fruity, fresh and dried fruits, dates and figs.
Honey is present, some spices, a slight smoked led by the barrel and a little wax.
Finish: long on sugar, some metallic notes and fruit.
Comment: An atypical whisky, not looking like all modern whisky.


The first tasting session was completely confusing, leaving me with a strange feeling many flaws to the point of not taking too many notes and dropping. The second sale was held three days later.

Light amber color.
The nose is a little closed based on the caramel. Then there are hints of calvados. All leaves me the impression to be in the process of taste a fruit brandy. is that the influence of the sherry has taken too much from the whiskey.
The palate is round with well integrated alcohol. I note of red fruit (strawberry). The second part is tannic dryer, almost astringent.
The finish is bitter. Sherry Is there too now. retro olfaction is of red fruits and liquorice.


Nose: A main note of burnt (wood and tire ...) softens gradually without necessarily give way to much more, so one side or vinegared not necessarily more attractive. Frustrating because ultimately does not tell much to me and not engaging.
Mouth: We find the notes grilled / burnt from the nose. Silky but does not pass the pill of the grilled note that I do not like. There are things going on behind it (including exotic notes), but you get them and it remains tenuous .....
Final: fortunately not very long and the frail exotic mentioned above.
Conclusion: I do not like this type of whisky. I do not like his nose and he does not tell much more by the way ... or it must be sought with the electron microscope!


Nose: fruttiness
Mouth: Pineapple, tangerine, spices
Finish: Shorty



C : Copper Gold
N : The first nose is soft and fruity (dry fruit). There are also some sherry, nutty, and praliné notes. With time some precise notes of citrus appear (orange, orange peel, almost marmelade like). Some coastal notes appear too. The bitterness from the orange peel, the walnut and the cacao harmonise with juicy oranges, candied oranges. It is also slightly floral (heather) and the malt is a touch smoky, with just what you need of sulfur.
A drop of water will develop in particular the orange that become very juicy, the honey, the bee wax, leather and a touch of smoke.
B : The palate is smooth, with subtles hints of sherry. A touch of salt blends in with sweet fruit (citrus still). The leather notes come through too, with some kind of burnt notes (charcoal, toast, ash).
More on dried raisins, citrus (bitter oranges), leather, liqorice with a drop of water.
F : On honey, with a touch of smoke, and gentle spice with woody notes (sherry) are long and constant.



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: very greedy nose first on the fruit and pastry on the tart. apricots A hint of rubber is slightly woody address the full range notes and evolves slowly in to slightly farmy notes. Quince jelly. Great homogeneity and consistency, very smooth.
Taste: Slightly oily, spicy and quickly becomes astringent. But this astringency is contained, it provides relief to the mouth. A woody note also comes and enrich the whole. The crunchy nuts.
Finale: In the extension of the mouth, in to slightly pungent and beautifully woody and medium length power.

Comment: A real treat on the nose, more character in the mouth for a pleasing result


Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: Seems a little shy at first, but quickly develops to a nice, balanced mix of fresh fruits (mainly yellow prunes), light high grade honey (let’s say orange, the most delicate one), and just a little pencil shavings (elegant wood influence). Jelly beans. Very subtle and complex it is, as far as jelly beans can be.
Mouth: Jolly good! More expressive than the nose. Creamy and tasty. Same aromas than on the nose. Pineapple drops. And a slight sooty note.
Finish: Medium long. An invitation to take a second sip.
Comment: A great daily dram, easy to enjoy and dangerously quaffable.



color: amber
nose: vanilla, chocolate brownies
taste: very smooth, chocolate, spicy, dark wood notes, spicy finish with sweet sherry notes



Color: beautiful clear gold.
Nose:delicate soft, sweet toffee, fresh sherry hint
taste: Smoky burn and little chocolate, dry raisin, caramel, some spice.
after: dry oak and smoke, short finish



Colour: old gold amber
Nose: Vegetal, round, yeasty, floral, on leather, tannins and rubber.
Taste: Intense to very intense, light to very light, spicy, vegetal, floral, with some leather and toffee, some green apples. Cleaner and lighter than the nose would suggest it. The finish is short to medium, clean, fruity (orchards) and floral.
Impression: A clean and floral sherried whisky, surprisingly light.



Color: Light Amber
Nose: It starts, unfortunately, with notes of sulfur and matches. Below, vanilla. Creme brulee with orange (zest). Spices (cardamom), a little oregano. A bit of chemical caramel. With aeration, the nose is more elegant with a little rose, a little lavender. The sulfur remains.
Taste: A fairly straightforward attack, almost too much. Too much alcohol. Rancio, sherry. Orange liqueur. Vanilla. Wood bitterness mask almost everything. Although this is not my type of dram, I do not find much of interest.
Finale: Medium, on wood bitterness and rancio.

Conclusion: A nose that evolves during tasting, mouth leaving a monolithic and quite bitter taste.



Nose: Nice...Soft sherry notes with warm red fruit. Beyond this, I find the wood influences clearly present also...Even a little bit toasted wood.
Taste: Spicy, powerful with a little sweetness.
Finish: Medium and spicy.



This is a nice whisky with a huge sweet sherry character. Lots of honey, nuts and raisins as well as traces of cocoa. Remind me of finished highlanders.


Colour: deep gold with highlights
Nose: Immediately citrus confit. Alcohol is present but the flavors manage to sneak.
Palate: The alcohol is expressed strong in the attack, but it is joined by a wave of candied enveloping, mandarin and oranges with notes of wood in the background. Alcohol and heater down the throat. It's strong, but it is very pleasant. The fruit is remarkably expressive.
After cooling, power persists, but the result leaves room for more wood.

Finish: Long and warm. The fruit gives way to the woods on a good length.


Colour: amber
Nosing: mix of fresh fruit, honey and nutmeg, sweet barley, also some vanilla, delicious!
Tasting: sharp, spicy and salty. Doesn't match with the nose. A little bit disappointing.
Finish: medium, bitterness, a little flat.

Comment: nose is much better than taste. But not a bad dram at all.



Nose, lacking presence, is dominated by a small fino oriented sherry. It is a bit effervescent and spicy. There are also some fruits hardly qualifiable, coffee and custard. With aeration, some nuts (almonds) appear. But all is too quiet.

The mouth is in the continuation of the nose, with marked sherry influence. There is milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Initially discreet, it doesn’t last in mouth.

The final, still influenced by sherry is on dark chocolate and heady flowers. We also find chocolate liquor.

In conclusion, a medium whisky sherry typed.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Slightly sulfur and organic (black fungus, black powder), a very present and fruity sherry with lots of dried apricots. Pleasant.
Mouth: Powerful enough on raisins and always unpleasant sulfur notes but not those unpleasant ones from the nose. The mandarin who also gaining strength in the finish. The texture, however, would have benefited from being more fat, the mouth lacks a bit of body.
Finale: It is an extension of the mouth (raisins, mandarin), but lacks a bit of length and intensity, it's a shame.


Nose: The nose is very soft. It takes a little vent to feel hints of peach, orange, malt. Then, we also detected 'leather' farmy hints  (especially glass bottom).
Taste: There is malt (slightly vanilla) and citrus but they are in the middle of spices (black pepper on the back entrance of the mouth in particular). The texture is quite nice but it is not very balanced.
Finale: bitterness is present with a return of peppery note. A final punchy a when it goes on spices, very quiet for the rest.

Comment: The nose is medium. Then you must love pepper (and spices in general) under penalty of finding what fits in a little dram. It is in any case rather unbalanced.




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