Glen Scotia (Malts of Scotland) - 1992, Sherry Hogshead - 20 y.o. - 51,9%
21F: 21E: 87/100

Glen-Scotia 1992, Sherry Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
20 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 02/1992 bottling: 05/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Sherry Hogshead
cask nr:12031
66 /158 bottles
price class:

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Color: Amber
Nez: Precious wood, exotic fruits
Mouth: Sherried, woody, dried fruits
Finish: Bitterness, woody



Color: dark gold brown
Nose: First deep sweetness, then balanced wood and chocolate/caramel. Overall not strong on the nose, don't last long
Taste: sherry wood sharpness, dry malty taste, dark chocolate, hints of floral perfume
After: Late burn, malt and burned wood.

Typical sherry character, but not as sweet and fruity as you would expect.



Colour: mahogany
Nosing: lovely sherry, dried fruits, figs, mint,
Tasting: intense with a sharp edge. Lots of tannins, maybe a little bit too much. Mint again, almost eucalyptus.
Finish: Long but with a lot of bitterness, some vanilla in the end.

Comment: an a typical sherry monster. Although I like sherry monsters this lacks a sherry sweeetness for me. Too much bitterness as well.



Color: Mahogany
Nose: Well marked by sherry, sweetly tart, with fragrant mandarin resting on a base of precious wood softened by the fondant a good milk chocolate. Sulfur is also present, marking the nose with notes of black powder which add to the overall complexity. Very pretty.
Taste: A lot of wood, but good wood, bringing a lot of spices (ginger). Sulfur is still present. It's pretty powerful, but less complex than foreshadowed by the nose. Water helps to release citrus.
Finish: Quite long, tannic, it has unfortunately some astringency.

Conclusion: The nose is beautiful. Mouth, and especially the final are unfortunately a little too marked by wood.


Color: Copper
Nose: sherry We have a big mass, not the most elegant but not too sulfide. We have quite marked vinous notes, dried fruits, spices, cocoa and prune.
Mouth: idem, sherry is a little too present,  on dried fruits, vinous notes, but also a slight smoky a little pepper and hints of rubber.
Final average over a woody presence and caramel.


“Nice sherry monster. Not a Macallan definitively... not at cask strength... maybe Aberlour?”
This dram has a mahogany like color.

Nose (90): (5)more than average. nuts, citrus, peat, honey, powder. Nice nose!
Taste (89): powerful, oily. nuts, citrus, wood, leather, honey, floral.
Finish (89): (5)longer than average. nuts, floral, citrus.



Color : Amber
Nose : sweet, nice sherry and a little bitterness on the background
Taste : a punch alcohol, nice sherry hints, dried fruits,
Finish : warm, and a little dry , long finish

Overall a very nice sherry bottling



Colour: Old gold, dark amber.
Nose: Nose first woody, leather, rubber, slightly acrid, lots of spices, leather, pork belly meat barbecued, tart, the sherry vinegar. Chocolate and coffee also note roasting. Raspberry brandy. A very nice nose like sherry monsters only know how to express.
Palate: Oily, spicy and woody, a whiff of rubber, sulfur slightly. Salt.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, but here the rubber sulfur largely takes over.

Comment: A true sherry monster with lots of character. Probably a "Love it or hate it." Very much to my taste, but the rubber note is perhaps a little too pronounced. Adding water makes this whiskey more accessible but it takes a lot of personality


The first nose is of burnt rubber, coconut, licorice and light alcohol. On extreme precision. Nutmeg cloves, cumin light. Strengthening the nuts and licorice, highlighted by a slight bitter orange sign aeration. In the mouth the attack is frank, clear and precise. The bitterness dominates highlighted by orange. Licorice, clove and yellow fruits remote start of the game, with traces of smoked ham, coffee. The medium finish remains on the same pallet with a licorice faring better than other flavors.
Dominated by sherry this whisky is very precise ... and very pleasant.


Nose: Quite a lot of alcohol at the beginning, which dissipates fairly quickly. With aeration, this whisky is a classic but shows beautiful sherry aging. I love. Red fruits, plum, dried fruit, some chocolate and coffee, timber. Solvent in the background almost makes me think of a Japanese but do not dream!
Palate: The attack is fresh and powerful. I feel tasting a cask strength.
Finals: Warm and long enough on a little fruity acidity.

Comments: A great example of what can be a whisky aged in sherry casks. Even if there is no complexity, I love.


Nose: Fruity (candied) and very delightful sherry tones. After that, light smoky wood tones and some herbs.
Taste: At first mild, then spicy and sweet bitterness.
Finish: Long, spicy and some bitterness (tannin) at the end.



color: amber
nose: full sweet sherry (obvious with a color like that) full old furniture, fat vanilla, chocolate chip cookies. I'll let it open up for a minute or two, pom ti pom pom ti pom... some black currants now, burned caramel and cacao.
taste: very mild sweetness of old furniture and chocolate brownies, same black fruitiness as the nose. Towards the finish more spiciness of black pepper and nutmeg, the finish is long and spicy with more woody notes and fruits.

I can imagine the bitter notes of raw cacao can scare people at first but take your time with this one and you'll be awarded



Nose: The prune spring on what appears to be an evocative dram. Then the leather is accompanied by a little raspberry vinegar. There are also some cashew nuts and coffee. We find eucalyptus and pepper also. A nose that is progressing well and promises.
Palate: Grilled sausages on the attack and the alcohol is a little overwhelming. Adding a little water balance this with a little grain in the background, with dark chocolate and malt. Spices also come on later.
Finale: In the line of the mouth. A little short anyway (with a bitterness present).

Comment: A nice whisky when you add a little water. The nose is still far above, varying on lots of topics. On the palate, the attack is frank and convincing but it becomes a little less interesting in a second time. The finish is also a fair bit.


appearance: medium amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet sherry, fruit compote, leather, young balsamic vinegar, wet cellar / mold, light stable aromas
tatse: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, aromas in line with the nose, profile half sweet half dry, smooth, round
finish: medium to long



Colour: Old gold
The nose leaves clearly perceive the sherry but also alcohol. After a few moments, once the alcohol vapor dissipated, you feel the chocolate and plum jam. Damage that alcohol is fairly poorly controlled on the nose.
In the mouth it feels to drink sherry first. The notes of plum jam and cocoa are well represented, and the discomfort caused by alcohol in the mouth has completely disappeared. The mouth is nothing spectacular. Pleasant but dispensable.
The finish is long, and paradoxically, the finish is much more spectacular than the mouth. More intense and complex.


Nose a little too gentle but rather sweet. Seems quite complex with notes of dried dates, figs and exotic fruits (mango particular). Envy even if you have to go get it. Smoke appears difficult to ventilation but also less attractive notes of rubber. Fish in fine!
Taste: Quite complex but difficult to disentangle. Versatile with developments in line with the nose (fruits, smoke, fish, nuts ...). Not ultimately a bit disappointing lack of spine.
Finish: medium to short
Conclusion: Promising, pretty good, but overall frustrating from several angles (note the rubber mouth less dense / structured as one might hope, final without interest).


Color: dark, dense
Nose: Intense and immediately sherry. Greedy and rich. Reminds cognac as much by the color than by the perfume.
Mouth: too strong as it is (am I a little nature?), Alcohol neutralizes the taste of the attack. Franc woody side remains persistent with hints of cocoa. Adding water reveals a bouquet of dried fruit. Beautiful and captivating. The mouth becomes accessible, but it is strangely not as greedy as the nose. The first sip reveals a very present bitterness and woodiness. It disappoints almost by the promises of the nose. Advancing in the tasting, the flavors become more involved and becomes bitter cocoa while the woodiness, always present, is more enjoyable. Balance requires more time to properly install. The nose is magical throughout the tasting.
Finale: The cocoa and timber predominates. The finish is not very long, but the flavor still present in each sip is really nice.

I gave him a score of 87 (92 for the nose, 82 mouth)

This is a great whisky making more promises than it seems to hold. However, the richness of flavors is quite enchanting and makes a very good vigil companion .


Color: Dark Mahogany.
Nose: The nose is very fruity (dried fruit, candied fruit) with fine caramel notes, caramelized brown sugar. Fragrance of rose flowers . After ventilation notes of coffee are very marked. The leather also made its entrance. With water, very licorice and very leathery, meat.
Palate: The texture is very thick. On ripe fruit, almost burnt caramel, bitter leather, old leather, and bitter orange peel. Rather woody (old wood), almost vinous. Dense. With water, very fruity, but always on the look sweet and bitter.
Finale: On the bitter orange, dry sherry, leather and very old wood.

Personally, this one really makes me think of Caroni rum ... But since this is a whisky tasting and there has never been a trap (I think ...), it must be aged in a whiskey barrel as a Sauterne original example.
Points for originality, but it is not my style.


Colour: Tawny.
Nose: Nice ripe fruits strike first. Ripe plums. Unfolds on a very nice and well balanced peat sherry combo, softened by lots of jams and cooked fruits. And a touch of red wine after a little while. And struck matches now. Complex, unconventional, entertaining… I like that!
Mouth: Oh yes! Peaty it is. Earthier than coastal. Quite some burnt wood. And quite some (nice) sulphur. Really pleasant. Starts soft and rounded before turning drier and slightly bitter. And a slight cheesy note?
Finish: First gulp ends really drying and bitter, but becomes softer after a while.
Comment: An enjoyable peaty sherry malt with a spark of jamy madness. Go for it!



Colour: Topaz
Nose: complex nose, powerful starting on the solvent and then evolving into the wax. It was an impression of dust. And then comes a sense of Turkish delight with rose that restores depth.
Palate: The palate is soft and creamy. In line with the nose. Somewhat austere anyway.
Final: The final is clearly positioned on the bitter chocolate Van Houten including its a little dusty side.

Total whisky too gentle. A bit like sherry had taken everything ...


Nose: Coffee, lots of precious woods, nuts, red fruits and a little exotic fruits. With a little water: appearance of chocolate. Very nice nose.
Taste: Coffee, mocha, nuts, cloves.
Final: Precious wood, nuts, becomes more bitter with time (chicory).

Comments: A nice sherry just a little simple and who takes a long time to reveal himself. A lot of wood who take time to partly disapear.





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