Dalmore (Malts of Scotland) - 2000, Sherry Hogshead - 12 y.o. - 53,4%
22F: 22E: 85/100

Dalmore 2000, Sherry Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
12 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 04/2000 bottling: 05/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Sherry Hogshead
cask nr:12035
/290 bottles
price class:

22 notes disponibles en français


The nose is dominated by a typical greedy sherry. Of a very nice size, there is a bit of cake with cream and chocolate. The nose is remarkably complex: there is rancio liquor then red fruit, hazelnut, and something more pungent and acid (fruit vinegar). The set is very good, and puts forward more hazelnut with water.

The mouth begins on beautiful red fruit (strawberry, blackcurrant) before a beautiful chocolate wave followed, in sherry influence, by very addictive pastry aromas. Finally, there is chocolate liquor and rancio. It is very complex and remarkably integrated. The addition of water thus brings nothing to it.

The long final, remains on sherry. There is milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and we find this pastry influence. Some nuts also.

In conclusion, a very good whisky, greedy and sherry typed.


Color: Pale amber
Nose: little expressive. Old Plum, a few raisins, and not much else. Opens the aeration without getting more complex.
Palate: Lots of raisins, and a little bitterness. Not bad but very monolithic. More expressive than the nose cons.
Finish: Fairly long and powerful, a handful of raisins.

Conclusion: A expressive malt, especially in the mouth, but sorely lacking complexity.


Colour: amber
Nosing: plenty of sherry, fresh figs, raisins, butterscotch, sweet vanilla
Tasting: sherry nuttiness, dark coffee liqueur
Finish: long, smooth, complex with a little spice popping up



Color: beautiful amber color
Nose: Perfume very discreet. Exist?
Palate: explosive on candied oranges and sugar. The set switches to a very sweet substance use leading to fears of caramel. After aeration, the aroma of oranges extend a little while the attack subsides. More pleasant but too linear.
Finale: bitterness, very short final


Nez: Ça sent les fruits fermentés (non péjoratif), le rancio, presque le porto ou le madère. Y a pas mal de petits fruits rouge et noir. De la prune.
Bouche: La bouche est dans la continuité du nez faisant montre d'un côté confituré (confiture de mûres)
Finale: Longue. Un peu de bois, de framboises et de mûres.



appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), marzipan, freshness, reminds me of a palo cortado sherry
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, hazelnuts, coffee, taste dryer than the nose, soft pepper at the end
finish: medium



Couleur: Ambre soutenue
Nez: pas mal d'épices, des fruits noirs très mûrs, des fruits secs, un peu de caramel, quelques notes vineuses, de la noix et un peu de réglisse en fond.
Bouche: le miel est présent, les épices aussi, quelques noix, les fruits secs et un peu de céréales.
Une bouche ample avec des notes vineuses et légèrement mentholées en fond.
Finale : assez longue sur les fruits secs et le miel



Color: Copper
The nose is fresh and powerful. The passage in a cask of Xeres is obvious with notes of leather and dark chocolate. The nose is marked by a freshness that crosses the entire tasting.
The palate is round and offers a beautiful fruit. It is beguiling. The mid palate is marked by a return of leather and chocolate. Alcohol is a drying anything.
The finish is in line with all the tasting. the leather is, but also chocolate is the cocoa butter. Everything is nothing disappointing. The retro olfaction is more herbaceous.


Nose: mineral, marine and fresh first and then vinegar ... not necessarily very appealing to me. Enhances a little after ventilation then becoming more buttery and sweet. In short, very versatile without being playful or seductive. A bizarre finish?
Mouth: powdery, slightly expressive and rapidly evolving towards some vegetal bitterness .
Finish: rather bitter and almost unpleasant
Conclusion: I do not like this whisky. These vinegared notes , bitter is not really to my taste. I forced myself to drink the sample ....


The nose is the melted butter, very intense, very clear. So strong that it is sickening. Despite its power, it lets tannins , discreet, sulfur, nuts and dried fruits. Then butter decreases and gives way to a nice meaty, bitter almond, the smoke, ash and then develop on licorice, nuts, bananas. This whisky is elusive but I feel it has potential. With lots of ventilation, sharp notes of coffee and tea smoked take over. On the palate, the attack is full of finesse on licorice, fresh fruit and nuts and citrus rare. A final, great length, returns to the coffee with a slight liquorice and meaty salty.
A superb whisky to taste, long to open, difficult to define.


Nose: Dried fig
Mouth: orange liquor, spices, sensation from alcohol
Finale: Bitterness



C : Amber.
N : The nose is at first very appealing with its dark chocolate, toffee and liquorice notes, with some kind of roasted and grilled notes. Dark fruit (dried prunes and dattes) and candied fruit develop. Very rich. These appealing pastry or bakery notes develop with time (milk chocolate this time, crème pâtissière, brioche not to say pain au chocolat...), but also mazerpan. The fruityness comes back with toffeed bananas, prunes. Some hot brown sugar notes remind us of a rum. The roasted and grilled notes come back with hints of fresh tobacco and cigars.
Water brings out winey notes from the sherry (even port). The nose is more smoky, and the fruit are candied.
B : The mouthfeel is intense, sweet on sherry notes which are more intense than in the nose. The orange is juicy; the toffee soft, and the spices are warming (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves). Slightly tannic, winey even, considering the influence of the sherry casks.
F : Long on gentle spice, gingerbread, honey, with a hint of smoke at the end.
Water brings out some smokiness in the finish, with intense notes of dried currants and sultanas.



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: first nose a little upsetting that sends several things from the start, fish and cream, hint of margarine, freshness, pistachio, more subtly marzipan and praline. Latte barely perceptible gains in power over time, accompanied by praline and marzipan.
Palate: Oily sync with the nose, spicy and warm, dry fruits, cashew nuts.
Finale: In the extension of the mouth, moderately powerful.

Comment: A fun and original nose, mouth slightly offset.


color: amber
nose: very nice 'old furniture' with hints of vanilla, raisins come up later, like it, love it, wow
taste: nice balanced flavours of the wood, spiciness and fruitiness, the finish is spicy with peppers and nutmeg, wow what a dram!



Colour: Deep copper with burnished edges.
Nose : Scary, as far as my taste is concerned. Starts on pure toffee, with a strange weakness feeling for a malt that on the other hand could actually exceed 55%. Not unlike a Macduff bottled by A.D. Rattray last year and that we had for our blind tasting. Given time, the dry Oloroso character shows out in a more pleasant way. Gets fruitier, with sweet notes of Guignolet. Keeps on developing on rather nice sweet and sour notes. Whiffs of Asian cooking. Soja sauce and pineapple chunks gently caramelized. Takes time to become interesting, but now, I feel like giving it its chance.
Mouth: Starts very sweet and easy. Good news: There’s much less toffee than on the nose. Thick and creamy, with slightly burnt wood edges. Lots of dried figs and rather heavy tannins, like in an old style Macallan (but this could as well be a new batch of Abunad’h !). The alcoholic balance is OK, but I can feel the heat now! Not burning, though.
Finish: Long, with lots of liquorice and a little ammonia.
Comment: A quite intense after dinner old style Speysider that will delight heavy sherry lovers that don't fear toffee in their dram.



Color: Gold
A discrete nose marked by ripe fruits. There are not many other scents offered.
Mouth contrasts with the discretion of the nose. From the beginning strong flavors of ripe fruit with some extra bitterness in the mouth invaded.
The finish is rather short, in shades announced by the mouth.


color: Light brown orange
Nose: sweet fruit, orange juice,sherry hints, oak caramel
Taste: Alcohol boost, aniseed, dry, medium body
After: Long dry sensation, fruity malt



Overcooked. Lots of honey, toffee and figs on nose and nuts, raisins and cocoa on palate. Seems a fine and expensive one but I don't like this kind of whiskies.


Nose: Wow...what a delightful nose. Very fruity (ripe fruit) and sweet (vanilla). The color and fragrance suggests that it concerns a very active bourbon barrel or a older whisky. After some time also clear wood tones, the smell of hay or dried grass and cinnamon.
taste: Spicy, fruity and a nice sweetness (combination of vanilla and liquorice).
Finish: Long, spicy (pepper) and beautiful wood tones (little bit bitterness).



Colour: Old gold amber
Nose: Round, on toffee, cabbage and some schnapps.
Taste: Rich, floral, on fudge, toffee and caramel. Well balanced. The finish is medium, floral, on toffee and fudge, rather rich and smooth.
Impression: A nice pleasant smooth and round whisky, with some unctuous notes of toffee and fudge.



Nose: It is quite accessible. Oily, buttery, with orange blossom and then carried by the red fruit (initially). Then it is made of sweet caramel and coffee. It is very soft and pretty clean, too. Aeration calms the ardor of the sweetest.
Palate: Mouth expressive but melted. There are a lot of sweet spices (cinnamon, cardamom), the chestnut cream with vanilla, dark chocolate, little bitter. It's round and fairly well balanced.
Finish: The finish is a bit short and and keeps the spices without making them uncomfortable.
Comment: This is a nice dram but ultimately too wise. He hardly recognize a distinct personality. But it's greedy / balanced aspects surely find its audience despite a final below.


Color: Pale amber
Nose: Very delicate. Chemical caramel, frangipane, marzipan. Dried fruits. A chemical side, on chewing gum. A slight acidity, which makes me think of sour milk (lassi). Seems a bit artificial. Alcohol stings a little.
Palate: The alcohol is still very present. This is powerful. The mouth is surprisingly salty. We feel the influence of sherry. It's pretty smooth. The nose seems all the more ethereal. It remains somewhat artificial to my taste, with hints of carrot soup. Taste like cardboard? Woody bitterness. Not my cup of tea.
Finish: Medium, creamy, bitter on burnt caramel.

Conclusion: A wobbly whisky from the start between the nose and mouth. The mouth is tasty but remains artificial, which is unpleasant to me.





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