Undisclosed_distillery (Cognacs Leopold Gourmel) - Single Highland Malt - N.A.S - 43%
16F: 16E: 76/100

Undisclosed_distillery Single Highland Malt

Cognacs Leopold Gourmel
Eilan Gillan
Bottle details:
distillation: 2008 bottling: 2012
non chill filtered
Bourbon / Cognac
price class:

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Color: Very pale yellow
Nose: Grappa, brandy pear ... In a nutshell, new make. It seems the nose of a whisky bottled too young.
Taste: This is confirmed by the mouth. The attack is sweet, but it contains the same notes on the nose.
Final: Relatively short, marked by the taste of alcohol.

Conclusion: An immature whisky and / or a badly worn cask ...


Aroma: Brown sugar, pear, new make, light lemon.
Mouth: Sweet, bitter. Nothing get out.
Finale: Brown Sugar, extra ripe pear.

Comments: This is not bad, but it's really not my thing and it lack of balance and complexity. Aeration does not help, it's even the contrary.



Color: White Wine
Nose: New spirit full nose, brandy pear and apple.
A lot of notes of ether that make the nose unpleasant.
Mouth: same as in the mouth, spirity and too young.
The water does not help unfortunately.
Finale: Short and spirity



Colour: white wine
Nose: First impression on the yeast and a little side of white ham of Paris. Then we pass to very vegetal notes, particular with tarragon. Everything is fresh and pleasant.
Mouth: the texture of this whisky is oily, almost greasy. One remains on this vegetal impression from the artichoke to go to the dried flower of anise and licorice on the finish for its freshness.
Finale: The finale returns to the oily texture. It is concentrated. It all ends on an interesting freshness. A beautiful whisky


Colour: straw
Nosing: clean and fresh, herbal, hay, heather, leafy.
Tasting: lemon, flowering currant, winy.
Finish: short and unassertive.

Very fine aperitif whisky



Colour: Very pale, not even white wine (vino verde).
Nose: Exactly like good Black Forest fruit brandy, great fun. In German they call it Obstler. Fresh pears (Williams Christ).
Taste: Again fresh pears, but also there are oats added (Bircher muesli) and a nice touch of brown sugar. In the back there is a soft earthy note, I’d love it, if it was a wee bit stronger.
Finish: Still fruits, oats and brown sugar but not very long. A remarkable development is missing and so is the soft earthy note.
Conclusion: A very pleasant and interesting experience but for me no dram to stick with.
Guesswork: Reminds me of a young Arran I had once.



color: wet hay
nose: floral, hay, vanilla, very aromatic
taste: floral, fruity, fresh with some exotic kind of fruityness, very parfumed finish, almost like a very young cognac


Color: White Wine
An intense nose and strongly marked by floral notes and yeast that make suspect very young whisky. He seems to have retained many traits of new make or gin. However one feels after a few minutes a slight hint of dried fruit if you are very attentive.
In the mouth it was also the feeling of a very young whisky, largely immature. The taste is intense but not very diversified. The same floral notes on the nose, the same lack of complexity and a distinct lack of body. In short, a pleasant whisky as an aperitif, but not for an audience of enthusiasts.
The finish is slightly different from the mouth and beyond floral notes of the mouth, we find here some pleasant bitterness, hazelnuts or walnuts. It is of medium length, but curiously much less intensive than the mouth.


Nose: the new make (metal, pear, fresh). Still lack of complexity. Better after aeration (equilibrium).
Mouth: I do not like in a first time. Much too young not to say green ... Only the rich texture brings a little fun. Subsequently becomes more pleasant with notes of green apple and pear dominate the bitterness.
Finish: medium long and aligned with the mouth.
Conclusion: A little too young and difficult (versatile) for my taste but deserves that we take the time it airs.


Color and nose confirm that is a very young malt with new make notes, porridge, white fruits alcohol, a tad metallic, on aromatic herbs and pine resin.
Really immature and not my style.



Nose: with aromas new make quite strange fungi, yeast, new rubber, which are not that unpleasant. With a little hindsight, more conventional things: fruity plum, rhubarb jam, tomato sauce. Sage notes also. Atypical, but it makes sense!
Mouth: extremely sugary sweet start, with notes of molasses, caramel, flowers "washed out". The aroma of yeast is very present, mixed with plum. The assembly is then raised by a more acidic side, with hints of cereals, muesli, raisin, the arrival of the wood and some spices. The mouth is not transcendent.
Final: on oak (almond, vanilla, wood) and cereals
Conclusion: is doing pretty well, with a nose and a mouth rather interesting medium: a whiskey that I like to discover, but which I would draw no pleasure to drink regularly.


Nose: Peat, spirit, Pear, muesli
Palate: Pear & biscuit
Final: medium

A malt bottled too young in my opinion. Not my cup of tea.


The first nose is aggressive, with a dominating pear. Not long after, olive and hints of burnt rubber. It reminds me of a new spirit more than a whisky. With aeration, it is rare traces of almond paste and lemon. And more consistent with aeration (five hours!) Of the almond and rare fruit (apple), still on the background of pear that is a little more discreet. It would become almost medium. This would be it the effect of aging? On the palate the attack is clean, monolithic, even on a pear. Then change the bulb (yes, yes, the same!) And with traces of burning rubber. And here, the mouth does not change, despite five hours of aeration. The final medium length, is intense, and liquorice on the ... pear.


appearance: straw
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dry peat, smoke, lemon, marine freshness, herbs of the provence
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol well integrated, a beautiful sweetness in the foreground, peat and smoke form a second layer and fresh fruit are in the background
finish: short to medium

Conclusion: a beautiful medium peated whisky that is easily approachable and funny



Colour: Very pale. White wine.
Nose: Let’s not beat around the bush: That’s not the kind of whisky I would sell my soul for. Youngish and grainy. Lots of soaked grains and cereals, actually. Honey Smacks. Over ripe pears. And rooty too (angelica?). Getting more and more cardboardy. White glue. Low cost pistachio flavoured ice cream.
Mouth: Not to my liking indeed, but easy to drink, I must say. Rather smooth and soft, with lots of pear juice. The low ABV (40%?) won’t hurt you.
Finish: Getting slightly bitter now, but nothing unbearable.

Comment: Mind you, this is no bad whisky. Just an additional honest entry level malt that didn’t succeed in making me shiver. Am I getting more jaded about whisky? Could be.



Colour: White wine, pale gold.
Nose: nose on the first coffee eclair, dessert coffee, very sweet. Then switch fairly quickly on ... white rum! Continues to evolve very clearly on the new make, plum brandy. Alcohol both very noticeable and fairly well integrated. Also reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. Candied orange peel. Salt. Milk and honey. Over time, these notes melt on a homogeneous, but very surprising whole.
Palate: On a new make diluted.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, on the same note.

Comment: Usually I'm not very fond of the flavors of New make, but here they are metered and brought in an original and pleasant way ... to the nose. Because in your mouth and in the final, it's much less interesting for my taste. Water does not practically change the profile.




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