Pulteney (Jean Boyer) - 11 years - 11 y.o. - 43%
20F: 20E: 82/100

Pulteney 11 years

Jean Boyer
11 years
Le Puits à Whisky
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Nose: Pleasant. although slightly Sweet pungent on the sugary cereal, fruit also (barely ripe banana, peach and fresh pear, quince paste). A hint of latte in filigree (or wood burned). Slightly herbaceous. Lack of density and power anyway. Yeast.
Attack Quite silky mouth (or oily), bright but lacking density, even more than the nose. Williams pear juice.
Final short and not very expressive as well. emergence of Little custard anyway.
Conclusion: Well done, not unpleasant, butone could have expected a little more.


The nose offers a beautiful milk chocolate, very intense and concentrated. These flavors are surrounded by very light aromas of peat, seaweed and paper cardboard. It is far too light, almost empty. With aeration, it’s the same, even if the nose tends to become more complex, on soy sauce and a kind of plastic. But you really need to search for the flavors.
Mouth, mild or completely aqueous, is on peat, grain and floral aromas. We see after some time in the glass milk chocolate and orange in the attack. But this is far too low.
The final medium length, is the smoke and spices. It reveals a warm face not found so far.
Finally, a whisky not unpleasant, but with a very important lack of power and expressiveness.


Fruity nose, young. Some peat, very slight. It reminds me of the Jura Superstition but less fat.
A little yeast? Bread cooked yet? Yeah, why not ... some "Car en Sac" candy
, fine dust and honey.
Peat, even light, from the beginning was literally blown away. Now more peppery notes (ground pepper) are present with a very nice wooded.
Mouth medium, spicy, no doubt. A taste of this very same nose candy. I like it here. It's delicious.
I have the feeling of having made a good grip. Somewhat woody, it retains its punch with some citrus notes. And mint.
Final sweet, soft. A slight hint of bitterness and yeast. The wood of all is always present.

Comment I really like this sample! Rich enough and easy to drink with still a good "nervousness" in the mouth.
Very pleasant.


appearance: clear Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, grain, orchard fruits (fresh and ripe), custard, white chocolate
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol very well integrated, custard, cereals and fruits with a splash of lemon
finish: medium

A whisky that can serve liquid after dish


Color: straw yellow
Nose: very discreet, a little fresh fruit, some nuts, some vegetal notes of anise and lavender.
A little pepper in the background as well as millet and on nuts.
Mouth: once again we must look for flavors: the almond paste, vegetal notes and some caramel in the background.
Final: short on spices


Colour: Straw
Nose: heavily marked by the smell of ripe fruit, lovely. Beyond the sweetness of the fruit, a few discrete, slightly bitter but very fleeting notes. While not very complex, it gives off a very good fruity smell .
Let's hope that the mouth is at the height of the nose very engaging.
The mouth is set back from the nose, alas. Fruity notes are mixed to some slight hints of yeast and some metallic notes that mask the fruit unfortunately. Some spices have difficulty likely hide the youth of this malt.
The finish is fresh and not very long. The fruity notes reappear and a little less pleasant memories of the mouth seem to have disappeared.



Colour: straw.
Fresh nose, quite powerful. Very marked by pears, young? Cereals. Pastry. Light smoke.
Mouth salted, smoked, some woody. Some fruit.
Final moderately long, very intense in the continuity of the mouth. Although smoke.


Colour: Pale gold

Nose: It is a pungent character spicy . It's pretty greedy with bitter cocoa rather fleeting milk chocolate and a some custard notes a pear tart . However one feels the presence of alcohol. Aeration is the rapidly becoming lighter with hints of chestnut. Water accentuates the frugal site of it.
Taste: A little salt on a beautiful dark chocolate, white fleshed fruit and a hint of grain without proper construction. Not unpleasant but a bit vague. The water tends to reinforce this feeling without ostensible gain.
Finale: Short on dark chocolate, cinnamon and pepper again.

Comment: The nose is interesting, better matched than the mouth that shines its not chocolate but not very well built around it. The finish is short but certainly not unpleasant. A nice whisky but not always mastered.


Color: White Wine
Nose: Alcohol discreet. Spicy notes (clove). Note which intensifies in addition of water.
Taste: Sweet, fresh, spicy, in line with the nose.

Final medium, spicy and hot.



color: pale gold
nose: vanilla, floral notes and sweet candied fruits
taste: light salty flavour, mellow, vanilla and sweet candy, the finish is well balanced with some spicy notes and fresh oak



Nose: Start on cereals, raisins, granola, almond. Becomes more pastry with candied fruit, buttered on one side, like the Kouign Aman ... We continue in the sweet, with banana flambe, melted caramel, candy. However, a drying aspect comes, on old paper. Moreover very greedy!
Mouth: very sweet beginning, sweet notes of pastry: hot pastry, pancake batter, vanilla, licorice, quince, caramel, candy ... Then, dry wood, paper to finish on the malt and a strong wave of smoke.
Final: dry, leather and smoke
Conclusion: Extremely greedy nose, this impression stay shorter in the mouth, with the arrival of austere notes of dry wood and smoke. However, difficult to snub his pleasure.



Nose: Wood, vanilla, pear and mint
Palate: Fruity and spicy
Finish: Long on spices


Nose: Lemon, lemongrass, green apple, ethanol, porridge. With a little water, even more porridge and rice cooked with milk.
Taste: Watery, citrusy, cereals, porridge.
With a little bit water, is lighter, aqueous and milk reappears.
Final: Fruity, mint, oatmeal. Average length.
With a little water, more porridge, spices and gains in length.

Comments: A little weird at first, I must say that I've increasingly enjoyed it throughout the tasting. Enjoys a long aeration.



Colour: White wine.
Nose: Nice, but rather shy. A slight touch of peat catched up by a whole pack of vanilla flavoured marshmallow and a few grassy notes.
Mouth: Very mellow indeed. Liquid marshmallows and perhaps some star fruit, not unlike the old 8yo bottlings from Littlemill. Quite punchy despite a rather modest ABV (around 46%?). Main quality: this is flawless stuff. Main flaw: Hard for me to find any additional quality.
Finish: Long and… vanilla flavoured.

Comment: As vibrant as a marshmallow pack. This one won’t hurt anybody, but won’t have anybody to go up the wall.



Colour: White wine.
Nose: nose elusive first start. It seems very rich and complex, but it is mostly very melted. Oscillates between notes of candied fruit, jam, fruit jellies and more floral and heady scents. Over time, it evolves on the perfume, between patchouli and vetiver, with a hint of cologne. All this offset by notes of praline and financier who are continuing to strengthen with time.
The water to lose much of the interest of the nose.
Taste: Very smooth, it is, as the nose, very melted and it's hard to detach components. A lovely rich and rather dense.
Water weakens less mouth than the nose, but any time an adverse effect.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, it operates on more and more spices.
The water destroyed the final.

Comment: A very nice whisky, interesting but quite difficult to decipher as it is melted. Water is not recommended.


Light straw color.
Nose: The nose is powerful and pungent. The overall impression is very fruity with hints of white flowers (female perfume) and a hint of camphor (arnica) that brings freshness.
Mouth: I retain the the general structure more than the definition of specific aromas. The whisky can be enjoyed by successive waves. We start with the softness and smoothness. Then just give alcohol pep and freshness. Then come the aromas of almond paste that gives smoothly again.
Finish: The finish is medium intensity and offers very surprising notes of espresso.

In conclusion a very interesting whisky in structure than by its aromatic palette.


Nose: Young to very young, floral, dry, on pear drops and some peat. Immature.
Taste: Peaty, tarry to very tarry, floral, aromatic, slightly dry and floral, with some pear drops. More mature than the nose could suggest it. The finish is medium, slightly aromatic, tarry and peaty, with some young bitter and mineral notes. Fresh
Impression: The nose was not very appealing to me, but then I was positively surprised once the liquid was in contact with my palate, where it started to release its delicate and subtle tarry and peaty notes. A whisky that needs time to reveal its potential.



Colour: straw
Nosing: sweet, very aromatic, candy stick from a fancy fair, mandarin.
Tasting:very soft, winy, vermouth like, some spiciness.
Finish: bitterness, short, not really my cup of tea.



The first nose leaves an impression freshness of Mediterranean, with a slight fruitiness, pine, and then the creek: stone and iodine. Then the fruitiness is increasing, with some nuts, car fuel, earth or humus and tobacco. This is actually quite attractive. On the palate, the attack is bland. Followed by caramel, spices, mint; The final of medium length, is dominated by black pepper and coffee. A hint of clove. The bitterness dominates but not from a great height.
A whisky far from unpleasant, seductive nose. Aeration makes him the most good.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Quite austere, vegetal (cut grass), with fresh anise. Aeration sees the development of delicate aromas of white fruit (immature pear) and a touch of lemon more pronounced during the second tasting. Very nice freshness, auguring a spring or summer malt.
Palate: The attack is aqueous. This lack of power and expressivity persists in the middle palate. A little pear, a little orange, a pinch of white pepper and not much else. It is more powerful at the second tasting
Finish: Medium length, it is not very expressive, rather vegetal, with hints of cut grass and green fruit.

Conclusion: A whisky without faults, but without much personality. The nose is very pleasant, however.




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