Glendullan (Jean Boyer) - 8 years - 8 y.o. - 43%
22F: 22E: 82/100

Glendullan 8 years

Jean Boyer
8 years
Le Puits à Whisky
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Nose: sweet, winning (honey), fruity (quince, apple chard) and slightly powdery. Crepe Suzette. Looks young. Indolent.
Palate: rich texture, sweet attack, on the very crisp peach syrup. Notes of pears also.
Final medium with a slight evolution on fresh apricot
Conclusion Very nice, but lack of progress and complexity.


Color: Wine bench
Nose: Salt, shells with a hint of caramel.
Mouth: smooth pproach , very salty, salted butter caramel and a citrus note.
Final: Moderately long and in the continuity of the mouth.
Overall impression: a maritime malt which could come from a distillery near the sea as Pulteney or Ben Nevis (though it is furthest from the ocean). This whisky seems to be quite young but with character, which I like much!


Color: White Wine
Nose: Expressive. The alcohol presence is obvious. The nose is yet slightly creamy with green banana. Vanilla and a little damp wood appear after opening. Then, it stabilizes on fairly monolithic exotic notes.
With water added , he turned to soap.
Mouth: It's pretty spirity rather dry and not very expressive, pointing to the bitterness. Spring vanilla with a hint of honey and grain marks.
Final: Moderately short, astringent, on corn and vanilla. The back of the mouth is still on woody bitterness coupled with corn but with a little white grape.

Conclusion: After such a nose rather well done, but without genius, full of green banana, the integration of alcohol is not an example and dissolves the flavors. The evocation of the grain corn is dry and pale in fact few aromatic attire .



Color: White Wine
Nose: The nose is quite light. Slightly fruity (apple) and a little bit mineral. not very expressive.
Palate: Alcohol is more present than in the nose, but not aggressive. We find the light mineral side, a little spicy then.
Finale: Short, in the tradition of the mouth. No surprise.

A whisky without great flaws but rather linear for my taste.


color: straw yellow
nose: vanilla,wood,slightly floral and sweet hints of honey
taste: really smooth and mild vanilla and fresh wood and honey. the finish is very mild with sweet notes of vanilla and fresh woodiness, also mild fruity notes of peaches


Pale gold.
Light nose. Sweet. Yellow fruits, a little honey, slightly sweet. Seems a bit simple.
The taste is sweet, fruit, some cereal.
Final rather long, not very intense fruitiness, perfectly prolonging the palate feel.
Good but lacks power.


Nose: Seems young but pleasant, white fleshed fruit, yogurt flavored with pear, muesli, sugar and a hint of wet cardboard disappeared during the second tasting.
Palate: The attack is not very expressive, although sweet, then we find some notes fruity (peach), chalky hints and a certain greenness, with vegetable flavors (grass).
Final: Rather short and not very intense, it is unclear although not unpleasant

Conclusion: This malt is handicapped by its lack of power and looks even younger. It does not suffer any major fault but lack of folly and expressiveness. A young Speysider bottled around 43 degrees?


Colour: Pale yellow
Nosing: Intense fruity, pear, pineapple, green apples
Taste: restrained, spicy, salty, maltiness and some bitterness
Finish: short
Comment: nose is better than the taste. Speysider or Lowlander


Nose: The first thing that comes to mind is a shortbread. Then they are floral notes, slightly citrusy with lime, mint (especially a cocktail with tequila / mint) and cardboard. After aeration, the citrusy notes gain some power.
Mouth: Waxy, honeyed, sweet, slightly lemony, fruity (melon, among others), spices. After aeration, here too the citrus side gain in power. It's a little less sweet. Spices take longer to appear.
Final: Biscuit with honey and / or shortbread, anise. After venting the citrus side get out and a veil of smoke appear.

Comments: Gain with some aeration with the development of the citrus side. But also appears a slight bitterness.
The addition of water improves the balance and the fruity side.


Color: Pale wine.
Nose: Clean and simple, all on white orchard fruits. Apple crisp with a hint of cinnamon. A touch of vanilla. Flawless so far, but lacks fantasy and variety.
Mouth: Quite some white fruits again. The usual apple pear bundle. "Standard" ABV (46%?). Clean stuff, but becomes more and more grassy and quite bitter now. Cincona and cactus juice. Bitter lemon.
Finish: Dry and salty. Vanishes, leaving a feeling of brackish water and some strong bitterness.
Comment: At first nosing, I thought this would be a simple and enjoyable fruity malt, such as those 1991 Lochsides. The mouth, too bitter, was disappointing.


Colour: Pale, white wine.
Nose: nose first tart, apple vinegar, a bit alcoholic. Then opens on fine fruity notes, potpourri flowers, ground almonds, praline, a little pastry. Over time, the condenses nose, somehow, and fits in fine style.
The addition of water and smells substantially aligns and the nose to give it a nice consistency.
Mouth: a rather clear and surprisingly pleasant freshness, the praline, almond, a nice controlled power, presence lovely, pretty faithful to the nose.
With a little water, the attack becomes more watery and paradoxically, a hint of alcohol appears. However, we get something quite similar to the nose.
Final: In the wake of the mouth and nose, with similar notes , good length, not too warm.
Like the nose and mouth, the water brings harmony and balance, without affecting the length.

Comments: A nice whisky, well done, expressive, just a little lively without water, it becomes almost easy drinkable with a few drops. With or without water, it will be a matter of choice, but still interesting.


Color: White Wine
Nose: Quite floral on the pear, apple, cereal and almond paste.
Some notes of honey and wet dog.
Mouth: Mainly on cereals, pretty basic.
Some walnuts and hazelnuts in the background, and herbal notes.
Final rather short.


Nose: very fruity (banana Haribo, citrus, white grapes) and malty, vanilla, a mineral side and a hint of the exotic (pineapple? Lychees?)
Mouth: the vanilla then the mineral side again.
Final: final rather long on banana and white grape and the mineral of a dry white wine at the very end.


The first nose is on the humus and pear, with touches of mineral and pear and vanilla. Thyme and citrus rare dot the picture. With aeration, a clear trend arises: parsley, caramel, sandalwood. Despite this apparent variety, it is very monolithic because of the predominance of the pear. On the palate the attack is clear, based on the pepper and fruit. It (the mouth) is in line with the nose, with the monolithic side. The finish is on the same notes with the astringency at the very end.
A summary is a harmonious and pleasant whisky but suffers from too much simplicity.


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, cereals, marshmallows, fruity like Haribo sweets, freshness like air at sunrise
taste: alcohol well integrated, fairly quiet start, then rises in intensity, sweet pepper, cereals, light fruitiness, bark nuts in the finish, highly drinkable
finish: short to medium
With water: No change in nose, mouth less intense and more bitter, I prefer without water
Conclusion: A good pleasurable whisky on the whole line


Beautiful straw color
Nose: beautiful gown, floral, patchouli, rosewood, hay is fresh elegant vetiver, white peach, beautiful elegant development.
Mouth: same elegance, and sour cream, butter, ginger finesse
Final: short but very balanced


Nose: first impressions of dried fruits, plum and prune, with notes extending to wax (beeswax) and woodland, all evoking the sherry. Pastry with butter, almond, and apple pie. With aeration, it is more focused on fine notes of leather, smoke with a little lavender and mint and fresh 'after eight', it also becomes more dry.
Palate: fresh, flowery, but really seemed diluted. Continues with a fresh and light register with notes of beeswax and almond, fruit and malt. Then transition to heavier flavors of sherry, with spices and precious woods, with a little sulfur.
Final: Tip of smoke and leather. Clearly on the sherry with a little sweet (candy)
Conclusion: a bit effete in the mouth. The whole remains well done with a dram fairly balanced, nice, which is divided between a light register, fruity & flowery, and a more leather wood smoke one. Likely a refill sherry.


Powerful nose, round with notes of vanilla and exotic fruits all backed by vetiver. Impression of fat.
The palate is fat and oily, smooth. Of matter at first, flavorings only happen in a second time: exotic fruits (mango, pineapple), vanilla and almond.
The mouth is not very expressive with a hollow in the middle.

The finish is short, sweet and hot. I find a l side of "Petit Beure" LU with a little roasted appearance. The very lack of pep.



Colour: Straw
Nice nose, fruity and fresh. Hints of pear, peach, a hint of marshmallow nose make this something relatively complex, very nice and well balanced. After a few moments, floral odors, heather are added.
On the palate, a nice mix of green and ripe fruit, a kind of acidity quite original. Nice mouth even though it is fairly complex and clearly denotes a young whisky. But the value does not always wait the number of years.
The finish is fresh and the notes detected in the mouth persist for some time.
An excellent aperitif whisky. This is not strictly speaking an excellent whisky in itself, but its freshness and lack of defects actually make a pleasant drink as an aperitif.


The nose, soft and discreet, is dominated by yellow fruit (peach, pear). There is also cereal (wheat), a dash of salt and a little undergrowth. Aeration makes it less spicy, and sweeter, with the appearance of exotic fruits and vanilla. The set remains less powerful and lacks complexity, even if it provides a pleasant sensation.
The palate is the highlight of this whisky : it is very well done, on yellow fruits, in the wake of the nose. After that, power and length are lacking. With some effort, however, we detect a bit of cereal, coffee and almond liqueur. But all is not very expressive.
The final medium length, remains on the yellow fruit. Aerating the complete with coffee and a beautiful plant development, almost farmy.

In conclusion,not an unpleasant to drink whisky, but lacks of expression, especially in the mouth.


Color: gold clear
Very fruity nose, young with a light woodiness in the background. Ricola candies style fruity lemon balm (the yellow).
A hint of spice? Looks like it. Pepper? maybe ... rather fine and precise whisky.
After aeration, I feel like a discreet vegetal presence (it looks like it evolves) ...
Then the fruit becomes a too acidic clementine.
Once the glass is empty, aromas of wet buckwheat flour are present.
Fairly dry mouth. Spicy, sour, sweet (very slightly) and moderately warm in attack and then liquoricey;
Like "Car en sac candy" from which spmebody could have eaten only the film of sugar to leave only the inside. The fruit of his mouth is still present near the end. It is very well there but less pronounced than at the nose.
Pleasantly vegetal and green finish. It remains on the pungent line. Rather long with the aroma of candy in the mouth.
Comment: I enjoyed this sample who remained, for me, just from beginning to end. It is well built and accurate. This is quite effective.


Colour: Straw
Nose: Floral, malty to very malty, on end of spring flowers and drying barley.
Taste: Malty, clean, round, a thin smokiness, some light spices and some toffee. Wholesome and with a slight fruitiness. The finish is short to medium, round, malty, with some toffee, light fruity notes and a thread of smoke and bitter.
Impression: A good, well made, round and malty daily dram.




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