Bunnahabhain (Jean Boyer) - 10 years - 10 y.o. - 43%
22F: 22E: 81/100

Bunnahabhain 10 years

Jean Boyer
10 years
Le Puits à Whisky
Bottle details:
distillation: 2001
price class:

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The nose, warm and discreet, is dominated by coffee and roasted grains. Not very expressive, it also has traces of yellow fruit and maple syrup. In this very gentle, but still without a suitable expression, airing highlights hints of pine.
The mouth remains sadly the main defect of the nose: it is too weak. The attack is aqueous, on cereals and citrus fruits. We also have a fashion maple syrup and a little smoke. Aeration expands a bit the attack, with a beautiful appearance of yellow fruit.
The final medium length, is dominated by cigar leaf and citrus. We also have a few farm notes.

Finally, a whisky too weak to fully express itself.


Nose: rather fresh (mineral) and marginally marine (iodine / smoke). Lacks some expressiveness (too reduced) but elegant. Evolves towards the cough syrup!
Mouth: very nice silky texture and sensuous. Perfumes however are struggling to express themselves. Buttered side. The lack of density is frustrating .... Curiously vegetal.
final: short
Conclusion The nose intrigues, mouth disappoints while being pleasant. But ultimately, a bit deceiving.


Color: Gold
Nose: Sweet. Licorice (pulling it towards peat), the yellow fruit (peach), lemongrass. With aeration, there are some hints of milk chocolate and cinnamon. Some bakers fragrances come last. Despite a dominant sugar, salt arrives to find a place. Fairly delicate nose and chiseled.
Palate: Again licorice as a harbinger of a very light peat, with salt. The binder still soft on the spicy fruit and a hint of chocolate. Everything is very consistent but too stripped.
Finale: Too Short. Milk chocolate. Some bitterness and cinnamon. The aftertaste is back on the licorice.

Conclusion: A very nice nose. The rest does not follow with a dilution of flavors that make it too timid. The finish is definitely too short.


color: dark straw
nose: mild flowery, vanilla and fresh oak
taste: smooth taste of vanilla, fresh oak and hay like notes, a smooth but short finish with hints of vanilla and dry hay


Color: White Wine
Nose: The first contact is austere, mineral (chalk). Not very engaging. A little fruit shading (pear), vanilla fragrance and especially grappa is becoming more and more dominant. The second tasting confirmed the dominance of grape brandy.
Palate: The attack is watery and the middle not very expressive. Without it being burning, there is still the taste of alcohol, and a certain sweetness tempered by hints of wet cardboard. Perhaps a hint of citrus acidity and also still those notes of brandy second tasting confirmed.
Final:: Short and not very tasty.

Conclusion: I may have missed something somewhere, but this malt seems to have very little to tell. These scents grappa remind me a whisky which is very young, immature, yet there is nothing repulsive here, that seems to confirm the second tasting.


Colour: old gold
Nose: hmm, strange nose, light, malty, cereal grains, not very inviting
Tasting: nutty, a little spicy, lots of bitterness
Finish: short and spicy

Not my cup of tea. Very unbalanced whisky. Goes to nowhere.



Colour: gold.
Sweet nose, toffee. Pastry. A little grassy. Original.
Mouth: sweet, pastry. Little complex.
Final moderately long, not very intense. Malted. Slightly woody.
Original profile to which I not catch.



Colour: Straw.
Nose: Starts on discreet phenols associated at first with cooked veggies (boiled cabbage?), and then with crystalized fruits (candied angelica and tangerine). Becomes really interesting now with subtle notes of bergamot and chamomile. And perhaps just a dash of peach juice and white chocolate.
Mouth: Smooth and silky. A bit too smooth, actually. Lacks a bit of punch (43%?), but not of flavours. Diluted honey. Acacia flower beignets. Lemon drops. And a light haze of cold smoke in the background.
Finish: Collapses before long. Is an excessive dilution to be blamed?
Comment: A delicate malt that reminds me of some production from the Orcades or Northern Territories for its honeyed and delicately smoky character. Such a shame that the mouth turns out to be a bit weak...


Colour: Pale, white wine, straw.
Nose: first sour nose, white wine vinegar. Maybe a touch of peat, a little mineral also, as a distant echo of the seaside salt. Gradually, a little fresh mint finely proportioned. Herbaceous notes. Hint of leather. A little more time allowed him to develop some very pleasant notes between caramel and fruit pulp, fruit, raspberry, red currant or cassis.
Adding water increases significantly the fade, harmony and balance, making the nose longer greedy, even more seductive.
Mouth: oily, an impression of peat behind a fruit concentrate very sweet, almost honeyed.
Water clearly rounded the mouth, made ​​much more easy drinkable, but the slight hint of peat disappeared.
Final: In continuation of the mouth, warm and nice length.
Surprisingly, while the water removes the hint of peat on the palate, it increases it in the final.

Comment: A certain originality, a well done whisky, well born, a pleasant and interesting profile. Although not absolutely essential, water makes a slight improvement


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Starts on the cough syrup and overcooked caramel .
Behind this dominant caramel there are spices, dried fruits and vinous notes.
Taste: Quite rough, slightly fruity and spicy and we have honey and nuts.
Final: medium with vanilla and notes of old rum.


Colour: Straw
Nose: Oatmeal with apples, apple cider, a small farmer side. Reminds me of an "isle of Jura."
Taste: Light, lack of consistency. A little honey, caramel and orange zest, orange liqueur.
Final: Fairly short.
Overall impression: Personality but lack of intensity and texture, too bad!


Color: gold
Discrete and fresh nose. A bit of sweet caramel and cold coffee with a smell of old waxed and dusty furniture. Frankly not all that terrible. It is soft, very dull and expressionless. I feel nothing else. Though, alcohol burning nose.
Mouth over this. Bitter. And that's all. At least it is in line with the nose.
Short and bitter finish. Maybe a little spice back ... That's it.

Comment: 65 just for the continuity of the three sets. Namely, a sad trio. My notes are short but I do not know what else to say. If this alcohol has the 40% required for the name "whisky"?


appearance: yellow Gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, light peat and smoke, soft vanilla, red fruits, warm milk
taste: alcohol is well integrated, fairly quiet start, then grows in intensity to become medium, well in line with the nose with the difference that the peat / smoke are most evident in the end of taste and in the finish
finish: medium
With water: same flavors on the nose, in the taste the peat is more present / dominant, I prefer without water
Conclusion: A whisky that knows how to charm as well on analytical tasting and on dramming just for fun


The first nose is marked by a pretty intense fruity and woody, with no excess tannins and violet. Development is done on a significant marine side, smoked tea, sour cream, oregano and intensification of fruitiness. This is not very rich but the flavors are very precise, very clear. The palate is clean and crisp, on the flavors and fragrances found during the nosing, with some caramel and more. The finish is on the mild, with cream seasoned with spices and a hint of anchovy.
One simple whisky, harmonious and pleasant, a "clean" cask.


Color: White Wine
Nose: Alcohol fairly discreet. Presence of yellow fruits, fairly sweet. Reminds me of a wine cask finish. Impression present throughout the tasting.
Mouth: same impression as on the nose (finish). Alcohol equally discreet, well controlled. Higher presence of fruits than in the nose, as expected.
Finish: Medium to long, in the line of nose and mouth.

Whisky is flawless, pretty linear.


Nose: Nuts, figs, chocolate, tangerine, oily, grapes.
Palate: Oily, rough, peach and mandarin. Pleasant.
Final: Figs, nuts, chocolate, mandarin, spices, delicate exotic fruit, cinnamon. Average longer.

Comments: Very pleasant to drink, nice marriage between the fruits and the aromas of the sherry. Aeration destroyed the balance a little. Water didn't add anything


Nose: Peat looking very diluted with waves but annoying of combustion notes, bitumen cooling, smoke and fresh tobacco (which is a little better). Followed by a set a bit messy with yellow fruit compote, coconut milk, a medicinal side, pepper, salt. Aeration makes it very mineral, with cold ashes, and a few herbs and freshly waxed leather.
Mouth: very dilute and bitter on the peat, or rather burned plastic. Behind these unpleasant notes, some bay leaves, herbs, pepper and a vague fruity hint, with some caramel.
Final: Notes on mineral & burnt, with salt and licorice
Conclusion: very monolithic, lacking some body in the mouth, poor nose. average.


Clear straw color
Nose: floral, patchouli, vetiver, nice buttery, licorice, ginger intense round
Mouth: butter not very intense burning a little lack of complexity
Final: short unsteadiness


color: gold with copper highlights
The nose is fresh, pungent and minty. I note the scent of fresh fruit (pineapple) and earl gray tea. Structured and round and complex whisky.
The palate is fresh with a beautiful substance. Alcohol is present and gives depth. I find mint and a hint of anise. Then come the spices and finally the quince especially on the side round and smooth.
The finish has a hint of bitterness. The average length is with a sense of fruit paste.

Altogether a nice consistency, a good impression


Nose: a background of new make (brine), apricot jam and almond paste in the aeration
Mouth: the new make really clear in the attack on the palate; little bitterness not disturbing. It is very salty.
Proximity with mustard.
Finish: long spicy finish on one side and salty


Color: Gold
A pleasant nose marked by notes of wet hay, but sadly also some hints of yeast, fortunately very discrete. After a few minutes of aeration these minor inconveniences disappear completely. Brings up hints of mint that give the whole a nice freshness that was absent at the first nosing.
On the palate, this whisky shows itself flawless. By also no exuberance. A pleasant malty feeling, delicate and smooth. Muesli, a hint of milk chocolate, a nice balance.
The finish is long and does not contrast with the mouth. The same impression of a peaceful good flawless whisky.


Colour: Gold
Nose: Slightly peaty, round, with some sea brine, other light maritime influence and toffee.
Taste: Round, mellow, peaty, maritime, salty, on toffee, fudge, some chocolate, tar, and honey. The finish is medium, maritime, slightly floral and fragrant, with some fudge, tar, honey and light grassy notes.
Impression: A mellow and medium peated whisky, slightly weak but easy drinking. A soft introduction to peated whiskies.




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