Cragganmore (Malts of Scotland) - 1999, Bourbon hogshead - 11 y.o. - 55,1%
22F: 22E: 87/100

Cragganmore 1999, Bourbon hogshead

Malts of Scotland
11 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 11/12/1999 bottling: 10/2011
non chill filtered cask strength
Bourbon Hogshead
cask nr:110012
250 /298 bottles
price class:

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Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smooth, soft, on freshly baked pastries and light fragrant notes.
Taste: Smooth, soft, with nice rich mild spicy notes, some honey and heather, and a thin thread of peat smoke and sea brine. These smoky notes becomes slightly more powerful over time, complemented by delicate floral notes and some toffee. Harmonious. The finish is medium, slightly floral, fragrant, aromatic and peaty, with a thread of bitterness and some light fruity notes.
Impression: A soft, but elegant and seducing harmonious whisky that I enjoyed very much. A complex whisky that deserves time to savour.


The nose shows a beautiful palette of yellow fruit (peach, pear) in relative dryness (dry wood, wax). The power and complexity are moderate, it does not help the expressiveness. With aeration, lavender appears, while the fruit is a little softer.
The palate is fruity, in the continuity of the nose. There is also the farm, and something more plant ish (peat?). Then appears an unpleasant sensation of uncontrolled alcoholic power. It is very strong, the chili and sulfur, and this prevents proper development of aromas.
The final, long, remains on the feeling of power, with spice, minerality and a little coffee. Aeration reveals the embers and smoke.

Finally, a whisky with uncontrolled power, especially in the mouth.


Fresh nose (very citrus / lemon) and lively (just spirity). Becomes more pastry thereafter (sablé). Hint of pepper.
Mouth: smooth texture, pretty herbaceous attack and evolution on the lemon with a hint of spice (pepper / woody). A little hot. A light veil of smoke. Faint note of clove.
Final medium, in line with the mouth.
Conclusion: nice, a touch of originality, but no favorite. Deserves to be discovered.


Color: Gold
A pretty nose made of a nice mix of spices and green fruit characterizes this whisky at first. The contrast between the peppery notes and green apple gives it a nice complexity that is confirmed by the appearance of a few notes of mold that appear to be behind a veil of sweets.
The mouth, though in the perfect continuation of the nose is at first less complex. The same notes of fruit, acid drops and spices are found in the mouth. But all has settled down. This whisky still remains no less remarkable.
The relatively long finish is warm and pleasant. The acidity of the fruit is completely gone here and softer notes, milk chocolate or mocha seem to replace them.



Color: Caramel
Nose: Milk chocolate dominating, green apple and hints of cork. With aeration takes over the fruity notes with caramel (butterscotch). Confectionery then takes his ease. It becomes cool with menthol.
Taste: This is energetic with the fleetingly sweet chocolate caramel, hints of coffee with milk supplemented with touches slightly peppery. Then there is a flood of slightly acidic fruitiness. It is fairly chemical, not fatal but still a little reluctant.
Final: Expressive but simplified the Harlequin type candy. Sweet with a resurgence of industrial fruit.

Conclusion: A flattering whisky by its aromatic palette. Nosed player, he continues in the field of confectionery in all directions at the mouth and the final. A bit too much on synthetic candy fragrances to stand out.


color: light amber
nose: full toffee with burned wood and liquorice
taste: mild warm toffee with a bite, pinch of caramel and vanilla a powerful combination, towards the finish even more power and tones of 'bastogne' cookies and hints of cinnamon


Nose: Fruity exuberant (lime, physalis, kiwi, passion fruit, pineapple, mango, coconut, ...), wax, spices, bread, paper, cardboard, grapefruit.
A true exotic fruit basket.
Taste: Ultra fruity, very lemony with a bit of kiwi and spice. Powerful.

Final: bitter, exotic fruits, lemon, unbalanced and rather peculiar (in a good way).

Comments: It is better to avoid adding water as this imbalance even more and you lose exotic fruit. Aeration also makes it lose a little in flavor.
I'm anxious to know what it is because I literally loved this whisky. As good on my scale as a BenRiach 1976! But also different!


Colour: old gold
Nosing: toffee, honey, polish, sweet citrus
Tasting: Raisins, toffee again, rich, complex but also gentle, sweet
Finish: long and quite sweet, a touch of vanilla

Very nice! Benriach single cask?


Colour: Old gold.
The nose is appealing with notes from refill sherry. Pretty sweet. Melting pot of fruit: yellow fruits, exotic fruits. Rich.
Powerful mouth, the alcohol is present and masks the whole. There are some fruit and a slight woodiness. Adding water brings out the fruit.
Final: moderately long, fairly intense fruit.
The addition of water is required.


Colour: Pale Amber
Nose: What strikes at first sight, the smell of freshly cut pear quarter, but also newspaper. It is accompanied by notes of fugitive church incense and the sweetness of barley sugar or cotton candy. A little water makes it more green, or slightly vinous.
Palate: The attack is powerful, we feel the burn of alcohol. From aromatic point of view, we remain in the area of ​​sweets, with the marshmallow and the spiciness of ginger. With a little water, it is more easily drinkable, but as often is gained bitter vegetable.
Finish: Quite long, on a green fruit.

Conclusion A correct but monolithicw hisky, lacking fantasy and perhaps maturity.


Color: gold
Nose begins with delicacy on yellow fruit, slightly waxy with a light veil of dust. Some citrus strolling in the corner to give a bit of acidity in this whole very pleasant. Straightforward and very well done.
Mightier than the mouth and nose beautifully woody. Very focused on the fruity nose. It will also stay warmer and more presence. The power must certainly come from this pepper that I feel in the background. There is also a little yeast. But it is very discreet and does nothing to mask the rest of this mouth really good.
Long and moderately powerful final. A little bitterness and a spicy back palate with some fruit for all. Besides, it makes me think back to a Lao dish ... Yes a fresh mango chili :) it is great, worth to give it a try someday (Besides the note and also valid for the mouth)

Comment: super whisky. Not very complex, but very well done. The flavors are well balanced and sufficiently present to be well received. I would glue a good mark for this nice time spent for these flavors and I have greatly appreciated!


Color: Yellow Gold
Nose: nose first charming, attractive, warm, very homogeneous and very well blended, so much so that it is difficult to analyze. Highly concentrated honey or hydromel, mead. White bread also. Marzipan, a hint of juniper or genepi. Rose jam in the background. Finally develops a pleasant slightly sour note.
The water has little influence on the nose even if it goes in the right direction.
Mouth: slightly oily, slightly alcoholic, on the red fruit concentrate.
The water influence is more evident on the mouth and significantly improves it.
Final: In the line of the mouth, then a pleasant wave recalling more nose. Ends with a slight minerality slightly peaty.
Like the nose, the finish is slightly improved by adding a few drops of water.

Comment: Very nice, really. Charming, seductive. A certain class at a time almost greedy. The water provides it revealing polish.


Color: Amber
Nose: Firstly little expressive, finally this whisky necessitates good ventilation to engage.
A fine nose, elegant, a beautiful basket of autumnal fruit, vanilla, dried fruit, honey, orange, and chocolate.
Palate: The palate is equally fine, we have cocoa, orange, some dried fruit, coconut and spices.
Final long enough suggestive of a bourbon.


Colour: Deep gold
Nose: Cooked fruits strike first. Baked prunes. And hot butter. Plum crisp. Kouign Amann (check Google if you’ve never heard about this one). Mouth watering. The cask brought quite some spices but they are softly mixed with a high end subtly fruity distillate, not unlike some early 70’s Glen Grants. Very musky. Polished furniture. And some marron glacé? Really complex!
Mouth: We still have this nice balance between fruit and wood, but this time wood is the winner. Starts on blood orange, quickly catched up by dry fruits (roasted almonds) and a touch of orange blossom water. The alcohol remains quite discreet though we probably reach 55%.
Finish: Long, on crystalized oranges and a slightly drying spiciness.
Comment: A full bodied and generous malt, with a slightly drying mouth. It was time to bottle this one!


Color: Gold
Nose: Baked apple dominant, apple cake. Seems fairly dry to me. A little sawdust side a little disturbing but that fades throughout the tasting.
Mouth: All rounder and very different from the impression left by the nose. Very fruity with such a lot of red fruits. Then the mouth develops more on citrus.
Finish: Long, always on the fruit with just enough ginger.
Overall impression: The (too) woody side perceived at the first taste is gone (it was necessary to leave a little time to aerate) and I must say I prefer it so.


appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, alcohol present but acceptable, dusty (amber), Williams pear, malty, chewing gum "Big Red"
taste: medium to high intensity, at first spicy pepper, later less intense, Big Red, dry sherry (Amontillado kind), a little bitterness (walnut bark)
finish: medium
With water: The Big Red becomes more intense on the nose, the pepper taste becomes less intense and the mouth is more balanced, I prefer with a few drops of water
Conclusion: A whisky whose major asset is his expressive and pleasurable taste (and it's me who claims that who most of the time prefers the pleasures of nosing)


The first nose is dominated by sherry and butter. Then come quickly nice fruity (quetsche, cherry plum), roasted grain and pear. With a little aeration I find the flour, woody, turpentine, pear, chalk, a few pretty raspberry and citrus. Until then just fun, whisky is delicious with additional rest: vanilla, raspberry, cinnamon, black pepper. On the palate is dry, with a slight bitterness, a mountain of spices including cinnamon and vanilla, and yellow peach (_ from yellow peach to black pepper and cinnamon, it's good!), Apple and prune. The finale, of a beautiful length, remains on the latter notes with bitterness cocoa which persists.
A pleasant whisky, but that must be giving time and attention.


Color: Yellow Gold
Nose: The nose is fairly mineral at the beginnig then spicy aromas evolving toward (cloves). Alcohol is present in.
Taste: Warm, that aroma of cloves is still dominant. Alcohol is still present.
Final: Average, always in the same line (clove, alcohol also present). Slightly fruity notes are now added.

Alcohol is very present from beginning to end.


Colour tiled
Nose: pepper, oriental spices, hay, wet sheet, wet wool, super sour cream, apple chard, old butter, vanilla, pastry, sugar candy, it is very beautiful
Mouth: pepper, fresh wood, mocha, dark chocolate, sweet touch of praline,
Final: powerful balanced on dark chocolate, beautiful long development


Nose: starts with polished wood, encaustic, hints of smoke & tobacco. A little walnut oil and paper. Herbs, heather. A set that borders on a light and dry peat. More concealed, there is a hint of sherry with dried fruit and salt, young and dry timber and a little licorice. This sherry side is increased by aeration.
Palate: first licorice/anise the sherry (oloroso) with prunes, honey, spices and dry wood. Switch to dark notes of smoke, coal and leather. Quite spicy aftertaste
Final: toast, herbaceous and reminders of sherry
Conclusion: a peaty finish with sherry? I like, an alliance that works well, between spicy and tasty notes of sherry and those darkest of peat, with a part of burnt aromas here. Simple but effective.


color: amber brown
the nose is clearly marked by the round and leather, encaustic, the bitter chocolate. Whisky is powerful but balanced.
The palate is soft. Alcohol is developed in a second time and then come the aromas. A beautiful structure.
The caramel brings roundness. then dries the mouth as if you ate chocolate Van Houten with its astringent side, then back on the leather.
The finish is spicy, tangy before returning to the caramel.

Fine sherry. Powerful with matter. superb


Nose: as pie pastry with apricot with its custard, a little vegetal, spices (anise and cumin)
Palate: Oily. Astringent palate, the flavors are part of the continuity of the nose with a touch of tangy, chemical candy like.
Finish: long final anise alcohol, flavorings and pastry side fermented (beer).




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