Balvenie ( Official) - Double Wood - 12 y.o. - 40,0%
30F: 28E: 82/100

Balvenie Double Wood

12 years
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Jean-Marie Putz

A nice nose marked by beautiful roasted barley hints with clear vanilla notes, nice hints of fruit and a hint of marshmallow. A well balanced whisky and probably a very smooth one.
In the palate, nice roasted cereal hints, walnut and malt. Some chocolate too. Quite an interesting and relatively complex mouth. The balance the nose announced is perfectly confirmed in the palate.
The finish is smooth and lingering. The chocolate notes and the nutty hints of both the nose and mouth are plainly present here too. A very nice bottle I really recommend.


appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, yellow and white fruits, vanilla, malty, slightly mineral (chalk)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet on malty bases, offset by a slight wooded bitterness / dryness
finish: short to medium


Jean-Marie Putz

At the third tasting, the nose was rather discrete, revealing some floral hints on a vanilla background.
In the palate, the vanilla was still present, with a touch of spices and a discrete hint of sherry. The sherry is present in the rather long finish as well.
The finish is further marked by some citrus fruit hints.


The nose starts with malt, slight burnt rubber and equally light flowers on a background of freshness due to some citrus. Traces of turpentine, salt like "warm salt water." After a short time enhances the fruity and spices appear, forming a nice balance. After a long time of aeration, spice come to the fore, and the freshness resurfaced. On the palate, the attack is on the fruits and sweet spices. It is clear and precise. Peach but also spices and licorice, nuts, toffee. The final, rather short, remains on the spicy notes.
Final penalizes the tasting.


Color: Amber
Nose: fairly balanced on honey, dried fruits, nuts and some spices.
Mouth too quiet (too thin?) there are some spices, a bit of grain and a little honey in the background but it lacks body.
Final: short on honey.


Couleur Or avec reflets bruns
Le nez est concentré, boisé, avec des arômes de pomme cuite.C'est un nez gourmand. Il se développe ensuite sur des notes de calisson d'Aix.
La bouche est tout en douceur. L'ouverture se fait sur le caramel frais. Elle est crémeuse, onctueuse. L'alcool vient dans un deuxième temps et s'intègre bien. une certaine amertume apparaît ensuite.
La bouche me semble un peu trop monolithique en termes d'arômes.
La finale est dans la continuité de la dégustation en bouche. Mais la surprise vient d'une présence affirmée d'arômes moka. La rétro olfaction se fait sur des notes de grains de café torréfiés, tant en arôme qu'en texture.



Nose: Light, fruity (pear / white peach). Indolent.
Mouth: fat and pleasant. As light as on the nose and essentially the same notes fruity. Too small.
Final: changing the quince paste with a touch salty. White chocolate / milk retro olfaction.
Conclusion: Pleasant, easy to access, but does not tell much. Interested people probably beginner and having a priori as what whiskeys are bitter and strong drinks / hot.


Nose: Sweet, fruits (apricots)
Mouth: Melted, fruits( apricots juice and mango)
Finish: Medium on the fuits



C : Deep gold, copper.
N : The first nosing is fruity (red fruit in particular, berries). Typical notes from a sherry cask maturation develop (dried raisins, a hint of sulfur). It develops on citrus fruit (orange, orange peel, lemon) giving it some freshness with a hint of acidity. Light woody notes come through with time with dry fruit (hazelnuts).
B : Smooth, still fruity, on sherry notes. Some cacao and nutty notes give it some kind of bitterness. The spices are soft.
Very smooth with a drop of water, with some woody notes (polished wood, wax).
F : Back to the citrus fruits with some wood.



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose: nose first mastered, on cereal, then slowly becomes fruity, pear syrup, almond, plum, chestnut cream. Over time, gaining a little density and develops notes of pastry. Odor cap bottle of red wine.
Taste: Watery, start low, too dilute. It wins slightly later power on the same notes as the nose.
Finale: In continuation of mouth and nose, but too strong dilution; a certain length anyway.

Comments: A very pretty nose, but a mouth and a final suffer from too strong dilution.


Colour: Pale amber.
Nose: Typical young Speysider aromas. Or let’s say entering teenage years. Poached pears. Apple crisp. A little chamomile. Quite aromatic, but remains quite basic and lacks a little oomph.
Mouth: Slightly weak indeed. Apart of that, taste is nice. Simple and sweet, with light honey and diluted orange juice.
Finish: Clean but short. Unfortunately.
Comment: Simple but tasty, this one will be a good partner for the aperitif. Extra points for its nice fruity character, but given some extra %, this could have been a little cracker!



color: Amber
nose: very aromatic, fresh, fruity, apples, apricots and some almonds
taste: very mild, sweet vanilla, nuts and wood chips, medium long finish with lots of fruits


Jean-Marie Putz

This great classic stays a sure value. The happiness begins by the nose... Immediately one knows there is a very great malt in the glass. The sherry finish gives the pitch and promises a great sweet whisky, aromatically very rich. The finish is also very long and extremely pleasant. An excellent Speyside, which is really affordable.

Henrik Johansson

Appearance: The colour is like concentrated apple juice. Copper.
Nose: Nice, quite citric and fresh but deep and nutty at the same time. Some rubber comes forward while new wood and curry powder lingers in the background. Lots of fruits. Diluted nose lends more fragrant notes with some feints.
Body: Quite firm, full bodied but doesn't feel oily.
Palate: Warm and sweet with some nuttyness. Dryer towards the finish. The nose gave a better impression than the palate.


Colour: Dark amber, (coloured or not, the label don’t say anything. But somehow it looks coloured to me, or is it from the sherry cask...?).
Nose: Vanilla and honey, together with a very appealing cherry (not sherry) note. Later there’s also sherry indeed, but, happy to say, not too dominating. But there is a very fine combination of marcipane, jellybeans, hazelnuts and fresh berry fruits (raspberry, strawberries, you get the picture)
Taste: Very complex and smooth but not too easygoing, perfectly balanced, the characteristic of the nose continues most beautifully. They didn’t leave the spirit in the sherry casks not a minute too long....
Finish: Long and rich , again the same characteristic, still this nice berries, enriched with some dark chocolate and very enjoyable fine spices dancing on the tongue.
Conc.: A rich and tasty dram very much to recommend to every beginning or advanced whisky lover, very nice after a rich meal and together with tobacco, it can easily be called a “ladie’s dram”.

Tasting date: 22/09/2010
Price in Germany: 39,00 Euro 1 Liter bottle


Color: light gold orange, crystal clear.
Nose: Young fruity nose, soft spicy malt, thin texture.
Taste: Nothing left from the nose... hearty spice, dry, still thin, disappears quickly.
Final: dry woody, malty taste. Don't last long....

Young, low alcohol whisky, not much fun.



Nose: Subtle and soft, spicy and some sweetness (honey) in the background. Also some notes of wood.
Taste: Same as the nose is the taste lovely soft and warm.
Then immediately followed by a nice balance of
sweetness, like liquorice and pure honey.

Finish: Medium long and some peppery.



Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smooth, grainy, grassy, malty, with a hint of bitter smoke and some fish.
Taste: Smooth, slightly grainy and grassy, creamy, aromatic, with some discreet peat smoke, orange, heather, pink grapefruit and custard. Rich and complex. Diluted, it becomes fruitier and more on fudge and caramel. The finish is medium, slightly bitter and citric, aromatic, on heather, tangerine, orange, fudge and some peat smoke.
Impression: A rather pleasant, although slightly unusual whisky, on fudge and with some nice aromatic flavours.



Nose: Lots of fruit jam (especially apricots). Marzipan and a little nutty. Playdoh playdough (first time I feel that in a whisky!). Red fruits and also some tea. Nose is really interesting and immediate.
Taste: Quite sweet. Alcohol mastered. Aromas of red fruit and tea are the most dominant ones.
Finish: Long and warm in continuity.


Color: Gold
Nose: New make, pear brandy, cereals. Vanilla, crushed green almond. Somewhat artificial to my taste.
Mouth: The mouth is in the same line. Apple or pear spirit. Vanilla, almond. A slight taste of cardboard. Not my cup of tea. Some chemical diluted caramel. Woody bitterness and artificial at the same time.
Final: Medium, bitter, on chemical watery caramel.

Conclusion: Not at all my style or maybe I missed it. It seems young and diluted.



The nose reveals notes of red fruits quite raw, and a slight acidity. It is woody. It has also a little rancio. All fairly intense, reminiscent of a sherry that lacks a good dose of sugar. After a bit, the influence of sherry is more important, with chocolate and cream cake. A little frosted lemon too.

The palate is light on the chocolate and custard. The set is however a bit astringent. After some time in the glass, it has a little red fruit attack (strawberry) and a nice discreet as well as development of sherry. But it remains relatively average.

The final, of medium length, is woody with traces of coffee. It also has some citrus (lemon). It becomes softer after aeration.

In conclusion, a medium whisky that lacks of sweetness and personality.


Colour: Old gold
The nose lacks a little presence. The flavors seem diluted, but they are no less interesting. It is certainly not a cask strength and sweetness dominates. Slightly bitter notes (hazelnuts, cashews) and malt. Without being spectacular, the nose is relatively complex.
The mouth prolongs perfectly the nose. The malty sweetness and slight bitterness are well represented, but few other flavors. Here, too, a sense of dilution rather unfortunate.
This is not a defect in itself, but when you usually drink the whisky at cask strength, it can disappoint.
The finish is slightly stronger than the mouth. still in the same vein with both bitterness and sweetness. Cashew nuts and a hint of sherry.
It is of medium length.


Very nice sherried whisky with a lovely nose with lots of nuts and biscuits and honeyed floral nutty palate.


Colour: amber
Nose: fresh oranges and tangerines, some sherry and earthy notes as well
Tasting: medium sweet, honeyness, lightly sherry, nutiness. But also thin on the tongue and a little bit mediocre
Finish: not very long, honey again with some spice

Comments: nice aperitif whisky, nothing more nothing less. Nose is better than taste. Personally I really miss a punch in this whisky, May be too gentle for me. Balvenie at 40%?



Color: gold sustained, pleasant
Nose: Franc, alcohol and fruit, wood and bourbon. rapid attenuation in the glass
Palate: strong attack, rapidly diminishing. Rather dry, aromas of dried fruits (apricots and raisins). Back olfactory pastry but fleeting. After aeration, softer attack, but really not so much character.

Finale: short


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Fresh and tart, green apples and citrus fruits (fresh orange), Haribo crocodiles. Somewhat complex but pleasant, spring. Some spices appear at aeration (nutmeg, a pinch of white pepper). A touch of sherry?
Palate: light, soft, and gains in power, with a nice blend of sweetness (always Haribo the crocodiles) and spicy spicy (ginger), but with a little bit of pencil.
Finish: Quite long, pencil and slightly bitter vegetable with a little white pepper.

Conclusion: A well made Scotch, pleasant and balanced. A drink in the spring.

Jean-Marie Putz

The nosing remains a great moment of happiness. A typical sweetness overcomes the nose immediately.
The impression in the palate is less clear. A kind of taste duality, probably due to the double maturation gives some problems in the right evaluation of it.
A too short final, and the first rating is slightly modified...


Nose: fresh peach and a hint of citrus (orange / tangerine). Everything is still quite sweet. Aeration opens the chestnut.
Taste: There is malt with a touch of chestnut. There is also spice and vanilla. On the palate, it lacks a bit of gluttony and amplitude relative to the nose.
Finale: A little short, falling on the notes of vanilla and spice round (eyeing bitter almond).

Comment: The round nose is pretty damn good. Then it becomes less interesting. On the palate, it lacks body, remaining around the malt but no real imbalance. The final is cons a little short.
Finally, a dram a little plane plane but not unpleasant.




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