Springbank ( Official) - 10 years 100 Proof - 10 y.o. - 57,1%
4F: 5E: 88/100

Springbank 10 years 100  Proof

10 years
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
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Jean-Marie Putz

A very interesting nose with farm hints, hay, and clearly peppered notes and announcing a nice complexity. Hints of smoke as well.
In the palate, apart from the very first bitter acidity, the same impressions as at nosing, Very nice malt, beautiful complexity with a constant evolution between citrus and hazelnut.
The finish is rather balanced, with both bitterness (unripe walnut) and freshness while remaining lingering. Despite the freshness (from slightly acid notes), the finish is very warm. Very nice bottle.

Jean-Marie Putz

A slightly smoky nose with some discrete an very light medicinal hints. But rather soon the fruity character of this whisky, fresh and very promising appears. In the mouth, an complex explosion of tastes allying freshness and a kind of acidity to a sweet with some pleasant woody touches. dried fruit is also detected. A very nice finish as well, lingering and pleasant. A great Springbank.

Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Old gold with amber huesNose: Fresh and fruity aroma with citrus and lavendar. A certain sea like saltyness like stranded seaweeds and a delicate smokiness, like a smokehouse in the port. Not as much prickle as one might have expected. With water another type of smokiness appears, most reminicent of sweet pipe tobacco. Also lemon zest, red gumdrops and some pine forest hints.
Body: Medium
Palate: Very round, long and complex. Starts dry and shifts to sweet then back again. Mild fruits with a certain acidity in the beginning, winegums. Then an explotion of taste lavendar, apple wine and calvados and a delicate oakiness. The finish is long and has elements of an oak aged white wine. It's drier with water.


Colour: Dark (dirty) gold, olive green glimmers.
Nose: The first impression is that of a hefty malt note which bounces me nearly off my feet. Very firm. Lots of dark chocolate, burnt caramel and malt sweets. Also roasted whalenuts and a beautifully rounded smoky background.
Taste: Very full, warm and also far more smoky and peaty than the nose would suggest. The 57% rolling in with some emphasis but even without water it is a very enjoyable dram. With water there are more soft floral notes and again strong hints of dark malt and brown sugar.
Finish: One finish full and rather long for a whisky of that age. A incredible full and soft sweetness mixes well with bitter wooden notes.
Conc.: A truly great Springbank and a standard in itself, this was the last sip of my bottle of the older bottling, soon I will have a new one and we will see and taste if something has changed...
Tasting date: 09/23/09

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose presents very nice hints of sherry mixed with clear coconut notes. Very fresh and appealing nose. Marshmallow too.
The mouth is wonderful. Nice blend of sherry and coconut with some acidity just for the freshness and a hint of wood for the deepness. Very nice mouth. Remarkable balance.
The finish is lingering and pleasantly marked by coconut and sherry too.




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