Ardbeg ( Official) - Ten - 10 y.o. - 46,0%
10F: 7E: 85/100

Ardbeg Ten

10 years
Bottle details:
non chill filtered
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Jean-Marie Putz

All the iodised delicacy of the Isle of Islay is present in this marvelous whisky. To preserve the fragrances, Ardbeg decided not to chill filter this version. What a good idea... The rich fragrances, the smoke and peat smelt are present in this bottle which is an absolute must in each whisky collection. The finish is too short according to me. The very light colour could surprise at first side, but should not be an obstacle, even for those used to drink whisky matured in sherry casks, and where some caramel was added...

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose, clearly marked by smoke but also by some sea breeze memories announces a very fine and complex whisky.
In the mouth, first a peaty taste, rather dry. An earth taste with nice martime hints and a nice presence.
The finish is rather short, ans the peaty hints mix with smoke and salt.


Color: Yellow gold.
Nose: Peat spicy, slightly lemony. Then notes cereals and pastry. Then it glides over the sweet notes of mint, plant, and subtly fruity. Adding water brings out a hint of lemon. Then there is a kind of mint fruity enjoyable.
Palate: Rich and oily, in the wake of the nose, plus a touch spicy, very slightly ginger. A little water gives it a little more pep.
Finish: The peat arrives from a salt blow fairly pronounced with a bitter note, a bit on the Licorice, which gives it character. Again, water enlivens somewhat final
My impression: The good old Ardbeg Ten, a standard in the best sense. Surprisingly, when it is already diluted, adding water reveals more.


Nose: Peaty (smoke, tar) and iodine, with lots of green apple and a little lemon juice. Aeration will allow vanilla to bring a little sweetness to the whole. There have been more complex, but the balance between all these elements is very well done.
Taste: Somewhat nervous and fluid, she plays a very conventional but pleasant score: lemon, green apple, peat, iodine. If the attack is soft, the finish hardens with notes of pepper and the appearance of a slightly bitter vegetable, while the acidity of the lemon is more dominant.
Finish: Quite long, it is peaty and combines the bitterness of gentian acidity of lemon juice.
Conclusion: A nice whiskey that Ardbeg Ten. Probably the malt that made me discover and appreciate the peat. Whisky A very nice, well balanced, not as complicated for two but well done.

Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Sunlight.
Looks just as young as it is. N
ose: Straight nose has lots of tar and smoke. A slight acetone scent and smoked sausage. A bit prickly. The tar and smoke remains in the diluted dram while the overall feel is warmer and saltier. Soy sauce, fresh ocean breeze, air cleaner, new rubber and old sweat.
Body: Quite light, smalish. Palate: Interesting. Quite salty and dry. Pretty complex palate at first but seems to be fading. Birch like and edgy. Feels chemical but quite nice.
Dusty finish.


C.: Bright golden, white wine
N.: Peatreek, balanced with softer herbal and floral notes. A soft and not disturbing whiff of chlorine, swimming pool. Ashtray. For me there's no trace of any kind of wooden cask to be found in the nose.
T.: Same like the nose, but the tart aromes are here balanced with a strong taste of cane sugar. Medical, also peaty and sweet but there is nothing in between to give the palate more complexity.
C.: Medium short without any surprises
Conc.: A great companion for some meal, grilled beef, sea food. Strong, but not demanding. Beats lots of red wines. But, like most red wines, not a drink to stick with the whole evening through.

Jean-Marie Putz

At the second tasting, the nose was strongly marked by the smoke, but it remained remarkably fine and subtle. The smoke is also very present in the palate, on a malt background. The whole is very pleasant, even if the finish is too short. It is however very warm and pleasant.




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