Balblair ( Official) - 24 years - 24 y.o. - 46,0%
5F: 4E: 88/100

Balblair 24 years

24 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 1979
non chill filtered
price class:

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Jean-Marie Putz

A very pleasant nose, with subtle pepper hints, mixed to some custard tart notes.
In the palate, some slightly spicy chocolate notes, very complex, without any aggressiveness.
A rather long finish, with toffee reminds, and a rare impression of happiness. A wonderful bottle.

Jean-Marie Putz

A very nice nose, perfectly balanced between smoothness of vanilla and spices, with some nice hints of tangerin on the background.
In the mouth, wonderful sweet vanilla and toffee touches, mixed to some smooth citrus hints, constantly moving from the one to the other through slightly woody notes, chocalate and spices. The whole nicely complex, one of the most beautiful palates I have experienced.
A lingering finish, warm and sweet, but very present.

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is very sweet, mixing vanilla to toffee with a hint of spices and a touch of bitterness.
In the palate, the first feeling is some bitterness, developing on very complex notes, mixing wood, spices, black chocolate and malt with a very discrete touch of acidity.
The finish is exceptionally long, pleasant and sweet. The bitterness (wood?) has disappeared but some remote slightly acid hints remain. What a trip...

Jean-Marie Putz

Quite a fresh nose with nice cereal notes at the first contact. An announced complexity, with mix of slightly acid citrus fruit fragrances and some discrete smoke. Discrete sea hints complete the whole.
The mouth seems clearly more interesting than the nose was. More depth, more colour. A mix of sober cereal and some exuberant tastes maiking a kind of firework in the palate.Vanilla, citrus fruit, cereals, the whole offering a very nice freshness in a remarkable balance. Quite a performance, this amazing mouth after this classical nose.
The finish seems to be made in the same wood as the mouth. Very expressive, very interesting. Lingering and fresh, passing all the tastes of the mouth in review again, before finishing on quite a bitter touch, bitter but with however a nice presence of vanilla.