Springbank ( Official) - 12 years, Bourbon Wood - 12 y.o. - 58,5%
5F: 6E: 82/100

Springbank 12 years, Bourbon Wood

12 years
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
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Jean-Marie Putz

I am definitely not a fan of wood finishes from mythic distilleries whose traditional products are from the highest quality. This wood finish, even if it gives a good result, does not give the same happiness as a traditional bottling of Springbank. This malt smells really nice, is complex, mixing malt and citrus fruits, and the taste, dominated by the alcohol (this bottle has an alcohol degree of more than 58%) is pleasant without being comparable with other versions (in the tradition) Springbank uses to produce. The finish is a little bit too short as well.

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose feels first some tingling's due to the high degree of alcohol. But after a while, a nice complexity appears, revealing the traditional Springbank coconut hints together with some sweet pleasant touches. In the palate, a kind of roundness with coconut hints mixed with some woody touches is rather nice. A beautiful and rather long finish too.

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is merely marked by malt, a touch of smoke and hints of fruits with something like a cloud of coconut smell above.
The mouth is rather different, and the malty smoothness disappears and make room to some acid impression and the alcohol is very present in the palate. This acidity is quite aggressive, not just like nice fruity acidity.
The finish is long and very marked by alcohol too, and the acidity dominating the mouth is dimming, leaving some room for nice coconut hints. Some remains of the sweetness of the nose come back too. This whisky is not really nicely balanced. The unbalance feeling between nose and mouth is rather unpleasant. A deception.

Jean-Marie Putz

A nice fruity nose, with pear or peach fragrances. Some dry cut grass as well (just before it becomes hay), some acid notes and a touch of smoke on the background. Later some plum jam. Nice sensations. And later some discrete coconut touches.
The mouth is rather fruity too, lots of taste and freshness. Apple alcohol. Or more precisely alcool and apples, as the alcohol impression dominates the mouth clearly.
The finish is quite long, but merely marked by the memory of alcohol rather than by the extension of the whisky taste. Later on it developes on fresh fruit aromas, the same which already were present in the mouth and the nose.

Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Pale straw, ranging to pale gold
Nose: Straight nose is very full and deliciously characteristic of Springbank. Coconuts are definately present, along with some marzipan, lavender and a hint of feints. It also seems to develop and increased spicyness with some aniseed. The diluted dram is incredibly rich and complex, some fresh fruits, floral notes, and a pretty dominant soapy note. Behind that some elements of new wood, cigarr boxes and fresh laundry. Very, very nice.
Body: Light to medium.
Palate: Starts intense, very warming almost numbing at cask strength. Rich sweetness and medium length. Quite creamy despite the relative lightness of body. Even with some water the palate sticks out as a little too sharp. When diluted down to acceptable level! s I feel that it lacks complexity. I don't know if there is a magic balance where the palate will sing as well as the aroma, but I haven't found it, a shame really. Still, a very nice bottling.

Jean-Marie Putz

The Bourbon finish is more discrete than others. But I immediately detected the sherry, despite the announcements of the producer. The bourbon brings some smoothness, but I still prefer the traditional Springbank. The finish remains very short, but the quotation is better than the first time.




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