Glen Garioch ( Official) - 15 years - 15 y.o. - 43,0%
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Glen-Garioch 15 years

15 years
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Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Full Gold.
Nose: Straight nose is very salty and a bit chemical and rubbery. Underneath the intensive first impressions lies some fresh scents of citric fruits. Also an unpleasant smell of rotten pork. The reduced nose feels quite similar. I also seem to detect some beeswax, moss, baby vomit, a slight wooden tingle and light vanilla.
Body: Very light body.
Palate: Much more pleasant than the nose, and much less salty. It's a very light and gentle dram but it lacks any form of complexity and it feels very short. Comments: Not at all to my taste. I was very put of by the nose. The palate had some pleasant moments but not enough to really save it from the aroma. This whisky seems to get very mixed reviews. I will get back to it later to see if I might change my mind

Jean-Marie Putz

From the very first nosing, it is clear that this is a good single malt form the Speyside area, with a complex character, though dominated by a malt smell. Some pepper and spice hints temper this malt dominance. The impression in the palate confirms this. A subtle hint of smoke. The finish could have been longer, but this remains an excellent bottle.

Jean-Marie Putz

During the second tasting, the smell and taste of this single malt seemed to be better than the first time. The tasting conditions were slightly different, and the quotation has grown up to 18. The complexity allied to the sweetness revealed by both the nose and the tongue, and the long though discrete en slightly smoky finish gives the drinker great moments of pleasure.

Jean-Marie Putz

The third nosing revealed very floral smells, while the tasting revealed a rather sweet taste of malt and oak. A pleasant finish, slightly smoked; A very good general impression.

Jean-Marie Putz

A quite pleasant nose, with rich floral hints and some touches of ripe fruits (pear).
In the mouth, a watery impression and still this nice fruit taste and a very slight hint of wood on the very background.
The finish reveals some very light touches of lavender and some smoke.