Auchentoshan (Master of Malt) - 27 years - 27 y.o. - 58%
20F: 20E: 83/100

Auchentoshan 27 years

Master of Malt
27 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 11-12-1984 bottling: 20-11-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
2 /209 bottles
price class:

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Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: The nose is quite woody (oak), lemon (with zest), vanilla. The malt is slightly peaty and smoky. Enough grass anyway. Costs.

Taste: Very bubbly in the attack on free iodine notes and a slight underlying peat. Exotic fruits. Herbaceous. Adding a water feature brings a bit more mellow, but the iodineand dry character quickly regained the upper hand. Still on exotic fruits (citrus, lemons, grapefruit).

Finale: On the old wood drier, salty, tangy.


Colour: Pale straw.

Nose: Powerful! And flinty! And delicately fruity! A Lowlander? No: Given time, you can catch some elegant whiffs of peat. Given more time, it becomes softer, like entering in a bakery. Hot sponge cake flavoured with lemon peels. And given even more time, becomes flowery and quite herbal. The softness of the rose mixed with the rusticity of gentian root. Sounds strange, but I like it!

Mouth: Oh oh oh! Lots of violet ala Bowmore 80s in there, indeed, but surprisingly, it doesn’t disturb me more than that. Actually, this is soft and mellow like a rose Turkish Delight, which is quite amazing given the rather high ABV (55% ?). Punchy and mellow at the same time. You could quaff liters of this without noticing.

Finish: Long long long, with quite some bitter herbs.

Comment: I’m worried: Am I beginning to enjoy violet in my whisky? Well, I guess this one has something special. Complexity?



Pale gold color

Nose: Gourmand with sweet notes. It then passes to the marzipan. Then comes what will be the central axis of that whisky: a floral presence that will continue to grow. It is right in a too monolithic feminine fragrance and this point it becomes uncomfortable.

Mouth: it is primarily a fluid texture before an explosion of flavors. One has the impression of absorbing a perfume bottle, the same feeling in the nose. All this is an exaggeration, lack of precision, finesse and elegance. Too much.

Finale: Just a relief it was time for it to stop. I find myself as having crossed the street a woman who fell into a perfume bottle, the relief after the excesses.


Color: clear

Nose: Light, floral, with a hint of caramel.

Taste: Powerful and immediately marked by violet. Few things are expressed after floral wave.

Final: average, still violet with a slight pastry return.

I have little opportunity to cross whiskys marked by the famous perfume of violets. The last was a Bowmore. But no trace of smoke here. This is an original whisky, with a certain consistency between the nose and mouth. It does not however offer a vast range of aromas. Once the surprise of the violet past, one remains unsatisfied. Rest originality.


color: light gold
nose: vanilla, sugar coated bananas, vanilla
taste: flavors of vanilla and sweets, the finish is sweet (maybe too) but balanced by spiciness



Colour: rather pale straw yellow

Nose: floral and vegetal with a hint of spice and light varnished. A sweet note is also there (sweet honey). A nose that opens progressively fine and balanced but rather elusive. The more time passes, the more I think the nose floral / sweet, gets pleasant

Palate: Extremely disconcerting, I have not tasted such a whisky so far, seems to have a honey sweet / plant in the mouth, I admit it is difficult to identify the whole but aromatically there are many things but this does not inevitably affect me, it has almost a medicine side ...

Finish: Medium with still this side "vegetal candy" in mouth


Colour: gold
Nose: lots of sweetness, like a walking into a candy store. Fully filled fruit basket with lychees, pineapples and coconuts. Some liquorice as well.
Taste: wow, tropical fruit bomb! Mouth coating, very smooth. Juicy apples intermingled with passion fruit.
Finish: silky and warming. Taste fades away very slowly. Complex.

Comment: I personally like this sweet fruit style whisky a lot. Not very common, but delicious. I would love to buy a bottle!



Colour: Straw
Nose: fruity, woody and spicy, pear, peach, pineapple, nuts (almonds, raisins), tart apple sweets (pine sawdust), spicy (ginger, cardamom) oil (candle wax) and dairy (almond milk)
Palate: fresh and surprising for a whisky, slightly sweet, sour apple candies lemon pineapple, resinous notes (sap, pine) quite present, quite powerful long on dry fruits (almonds) and resin.
the final which is a little on the resin is not to my taste. The note would have been higher, there is complexity and interest in this malt


Color: Straw
Nose: Flowers
Mouth: Violette flowers sweets
Finish: Disgusting



Color: Gold

Nose: Sweet and fruity, on pears, vanilla, some spices (ginger), a hint of coconut. It gets a little greener with aeration.

Mouth: Powerful from the attack. The fruit is present, but seems less natural, more chemical than on the nose, as well as floral notes of violet that accompanies it. Spices are also present with a lot of ginger.

Final: Relatively short, in line with the nose, with floral notes that I find unpleasant.

Conclusion: A whisky that sounds "modern", for what that means.


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol, marzipan, Haribo sweets, fresh grains, alcoholic freshness
taste medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, malty, citrus, soft pepper, nut skin, the flavors are present from the beginning to the end of the taste
finish: medium



Nose: Butter. Caramel. Tarte tatin. Seems greedy but somewhat artificial. Powdered (icing sugar). Varnish discreet.
Palate: Surprisingly because rather herbaceous notes that extend in an elegant way. Quite different from the nose. Not bad but a bit monolithic. Mint. Beautiful quite fluid texture.
Final: almost short on a Japanese red bean dessert
Conclusion: This malt is a kind of enigma because the nose is very different from the mouth. It could be a lowland in my opinion. Deserves closer attention, or more for lovers of that style!


Nose: Many difficulties to engage. Cereals, malt, toast, some fruit (plum, pear). With a little water, it is much more floral.
Palate: Warm, alcohol is present. It's young. Very spicy. Viiolet too. With a few drops of water, it is much more rounded and delicious: salted butter caramel, toffee and still this purple
Final: Rather short on spices ... and violet.
Conclusion: Not bad, but not my thing. Is very similar to the witch bottlings JB 2012. 82 +


Nose: Nice fruity, delicate, exotic and very fresh flavors. Some aromas of white wine (mutated or sauternes). A little lemon zest and especially an aroma that I can not name(I tasted it before but can't name it). This aroma is growing throughout the tasting.

Taste: Citrus Zest, nice bitterness, spices. And still this unknow but so delicious flavor.

Finale: The unknow aroma explodes in the palace with every sip and remains for a very long time in the mouth (even after eating or drinking something else). I would describe this flavor as a mixture of tea, honey, flowers, star fruit, milk, coconut and lime.

Comments: I love it, there are no other words. It is not very complex and you have to love this flavor but I like it. I need a bottle, absolutely.



Color: light gold
The nose is very fresh and very pleasant. Hints of black fruit (cassis), a slight bitterness and medicinal traces (Vicks ointment style). The whole is quite complex and announces a for the least original whisky.
The first attack is very spectacular. One great freshness, we find jumble lemon, violet, mint. We feel that the alcohol percentage is high, but it does not interfere with anything, quite the contrary. Tastes seem supported by the presence of alcohol, indicating a perfect integration of alcohol. A fireworks of tastes and yet a great impression éqilibre.
We would have liked the final a bit longer, but the memory of freshness and complexity is present and fades gradually to make room for some notes slightly bitter.


Nose: Alcohol is fairly high and it was difficult to discern scents. They seem quite fused with honey, a bit of apple and vanilla. There is also a little cinnamon and a pinch of pepper. The opening brings a little chestnut and violet sweets. This remains the final cool enough without being ethereal. An interesting nose.

Palate: oily texture with a little vanilla, but also chestnut floral touches to the mid palate (violet candy). Alcohol is a little present. Adding water brings out the honey. Flower notes arrive at the entrance of the mouth, then this is the malt that comes with chestnut cream. Shame we feel a little alcohol in the middle of flavors. When it is diluted, the more candy spring, taking precedence over the rest.

Finale: It has a more traditional shift: notes of malt and spices (the same as the nose) that always accompany its floral notes. A good length which allows aftertaste back duo chestnut violet.

Comment: whisky very marked by the violet which may put off some. We regret the onset of alcohol in the mouth but the duo candy chestnut flowers is very original.


Colour: pale gold.
Nose: quite closed, a little alcohol, surely a powerful whisky. It gets a little better with water, some green fruits, especially cereals and sugar. Very expressive.
Palate: powerful (not far from the 55%?), Floral, lots of purple. A Bowmore from the 80's without peat. I did not feel the violet at the nose yet. A little sugar and malt too.
Finish: Good length but too much violet.
This whisky is not very pleasant because of the taste of violets everywhere.


Nose: Much alcohol, nice spiced, very fruity and vanilla (sweet). After a while even more wood tones (roasted).

Taste: Slightly sourness with a combination of bitterness and sweetness and very spicy.

Finish: Long, spicy with a little bit of bitterness (wood tones) at the end.



“Between 15 and 20 years, above 55% and maybe bourbon cask. I would pay for this one no more than 100€”
This dram has a gold like color.
Nose (87): (4)average. honey, alcohol, citrus, spices, vanilla, floral.
Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, liquorice, citrus, spices, floral. Bottled at high strength.
Finish (88): (5)longer than average. floral, liquorice.



Nose: slightly fruity (confit) and floral. Many violet. A little vanilla. A bit of minerality expresses itself at aeration. Pleasant.

Palate: Peat and violet sweets! Slightly sickening.

Finish: Quite long on a frangipane with violet!

Comments: A very specialand atypical malt profile . Violet, I love and I hate. In this case, I find it correct even if it does not make a fantastic whisky (balance nose and mouth).




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