Glen Keith (Anam Na H-Alba) - 19 years - 19 y.o. - 51,9%
20F: 20E: 86/100

Glen-Keith 19 years

Anam Na H-Alba
19 years
The soul of Scotland
Bottle details:
distillation: 1.10.1992 bottling: 29-08-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:120602
82 /217 bottles
price class:

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The nose scents of pastry cake with light cream and coffee. However, it lacks poise and power. It also smell a mild anise and a little paper. After cooling, a relatively quiet sherry appears with dates. An interesting nose but lacks relief.
The palate is sweet on chocolate. It also has a hint of sherry. Subsequently, the thing becomes more robust, with spice and pepper all in a vibrant atmosphere. The power of the whole is average. We also see a bit of caramel and grains. Aeration enhances its robust character, with a little salt showing up.
The final average length is on strawberries and liqueur (brandy). There is also some peat.

In conclusion, whisky lacking presence, even if it has an original character, including in the mouth.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: very elegant, floral, spicy, nuts, honey, dried fruit and vanilla.
Palate: honey, nuts, spices, coconut, vanilla and sweet.
Finish: rather long on spice and sugar mixture.


Color: Gold
Nose: It opens with the candy apple, a bit chemical and barley sugar, vanilla sugar, berlingots or marshmallow, finally, there is the fruit sweet a little cheap, but not unpleasant for all.
Palate: The attack is sweet, on cereal, but the mid palate, more pungent, slightly marked by spices (ginger). We find this fruity sweetness of the nose, but a little on the apple chard now, with the added bonus of green bitterness.
Finish: Medium length, pleasantly fruity.

Conclusion: A nice malt, not complex for a penny, but that easy drinkable.


Nose: stare is some presence of honey and fruitiness (banana). Followed by citrus (lemon), almond, praline, mango and coconut. Then everything is uniform around this notes. It is very nice and frankly it makes us travel to the sun.
Palate: The alcohol is present with a predominance of almonds although we still find exotic notes in the mouth. It becomes a little less greedy with renewed more spices and notes of chocolate. In any case, the texture is soft and provides a great deal of pleasure.
Finale: Once the nut is found off, some "bounty" effect (Chocolate and coconut jam a lot), even with spices. Too bad it's still too short. The aftertaste remains light and fresh enough.

Comment: A really interesting whisky, a very excellent highland like nose with exotic intensive notes (especially mango and coconut). The alcohol in the mouth i s bit too present but this is a nice dram around almond, coconut and spices. In addition, it remains very round palate. Paradoxically, despite a fairly strong entry in the mouth, the finish is too short.


Colour: Straw

Nose: It starts out with nice floral notes, ripe fruit, peach, apricot, apple. We then go on with green apple manzana, a little vanilla, marzipan. Settles down after a few minutes, after we had quite a starting exuberance. It then goes on smooth, with notes of perfume, honey, berries (blackberries, raspberries) with cream (like yogurt with fruit). The alcohol is very well integrated in a very sweet nosed whisky.
Palate: The palate is however very marked by alcohol, nearly burning. It is acid, with lime and green apple (green apple candy almost). I am not a fan, especially after the impression the nose left me. There are still some interesting touches: almond, dried apricot, vanilla, hazelnut almost too green.

inale: A bitter finish (again green almond), medium and a little acid.

Conclusion: A two faced whisky: one smooth, round on fruit, vanilla, very well integrated alcohol. And a completely unbalanced mouth, very acidic, with a lot of alcohol and green notes, annoying for the palate. A disappointment given the nose.



color: wet hay
nose: perfumed, little floral, vanilla and sweet honey
taste:new oak, very floral, little bit firm in spices, the finish is very pleasant and mellow



Colour: Straw.
Nose first nose instantly a whiff of candied fruit and jammy, with a light veil of smoke. Fruit tree fire. Potpourri. Fruit paste, marzipan. Morello cherry, strawberry. Chewing gum with strawberry. Wood. Heady flowers. Develops on pastry sponge. Sweet cherry, cassis. Very delicious and beautiful evolution. Spices, finally.
With water, the nose is very pleasant, though less demonstrative.
Palate: Smooth and crisp at the same time. In line with the nose, but with a nice presence of dried fruit, oak and spice all coming. Spices. Cocoa, coffee roasting. Honey nougat.
Water weakens the general profile and brings a certain pungency.
Finale: In line with the mouth, but the woods and spices predominate. Slightly sulfur. Warm, strong enough and good length.
Water removes its personality in the final, but it is of good length.

Comments: A very nice nose, rich, intense, almost sweet, scalable, we do not get tired. Mouth, although very pleasant and a nice personality, is a little less easy. Nice final also. The water is not recommended.


appearance:yellow straw
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (requires a little breathing), basket of fresh fruits, whites and yellow, fresh and stewed, sweet and sour (predominantly soft), light aromas of truffles, marzipan (after 15 minutes of breathing)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fruits are more sour on the palate, soft pepper, sweet spices, freshness
finish: medium to long
Conclusion: A beautiful fruity whisky that combines complexity and harmony on nose and taste



Color: Gold
Nose: The nose is fruity with notes of peach, banana and apricot, with hints of vanilla. The nose is creamy pastry (almond paste, custard). Citrus (lemon in particular) are juicy and refreshing at the same time. Gradually nose opens with aromas of toffee butter. Aeration brings more juicy.
Becomes very floral with a dash of water, like a Lowland or Irish.
Palate: The fruit intensity is disconcerting! This are the fruits of the nose (peach, apricot, banana) with an impressive presence. The fruit is juicy, ripe, almost like a fruit liqueur. Develops later on some sweet spices with floral notes (yellow flowers).
With a high sweetness with a dash of water, still as intense fruity.
Finale: On the yellow fruit, sweet spices, sweet (sugar), rather short.


Nose: Typical Highlands I say! Firstly, a lot of yellow fruits. Vanilla galore. Some coriander and mustard seed. The apricot jam. Then, as and aeration, notes of ripe bananas free. A hint of minerality second nose.
Mouth in the extension of the nose. Rather powerful.
Finish: very long on the mustard seed and candied fruits.

Comments: a beautiful highland whisky that can be aged in a bourbon barrel. I like this kind of malt although the complexity is relatively average. Pleasure in any case is there and thanks to the long finish.


Color: Gold
Nose: Fruity on citrus, soft spices
Mouth: Licorice, Seashell and salt
Finish: Peut and salt



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: When I first nosed this one, directly from the bottle, it seemed really sexy to me with lots of very ripe banana, custard and crème brûlée. From the glass, seems much more austere, like straitjacketed by whiffs of straight alcohol. White orchard fruits (apples and pears) jump to the foreground, along with pure lemon juice and an obvious grassy side.
Mouth: Grassy it is, and quite hot, but with a pleasant soft vanilla touch. Icing sugar, and after a while, a slight hint of nectarine lost in a heavy woody and liquoricy dryness that keeps growing at the same pace than the alcohol (55 % ?).
Finish: Long, dry, bitter, quite astringent, it leaves your mouth like anesthetized.
Comment: A queer mixture; some nice fruity notes and a heavy dry woodiness. Like pouring a nice 1991 Lochside in a low grade cask.



Colour: gold
Nosing: nose needs some time to come through. But then very fresh and sweet. Apple pie, granny smith apples. Some hints of peppermint. Complex and attractive.
Tasting: powerful, creamy with a warm mouth feel. Honey and sweet barley. Later on some spice.
Finish: medium. Peppery and bitterness.

Comment: for me the nose was better than the taste. Especially the finish was too bitter for me.



Color: Pale bright gold
Nose: Sharp fruity sweet nose, deep caramel and marzipan.
Very pleasant nose, makes you want to start drinking.
Taste: Sharp explosive boost, than sparkling fruit, with caramelized oakiness, medium dry. Great bite!
After: soft burn, medium dry, oak.

Nice characteristic dram, dominant boost.



Nose: In the beginning only freshness. Only after a few minutes there appear more sweet fruity notes (apricot / pineapple) upwards in combination of malty tones, vanilla and some wood.

Taste: Soft, sweet and spicy.

Finish: Medium long, spicy and some slight bitterness at the end.



Colour : shiny gold
Nose : great nose, the fruits are entering, lots of pear
Taste : Lots of pear, great one, after that some bitterness
Finish : Nice finish, not very long

Overall : Nice one



The nose begins with a nice balance between fruit, spices, wood and wax. In a short time it becomes earthy, fruity background on a humic based apple and apricot. I also found traces of vanilla, ozone (arc) and rare organic solvents. More consistent with aeration, always on the bottom and fruity humic aromas of orange develop, iodine distant, melted butter, banana, vanilla while getting stronger. On the palate , sweet and salty. Spices and sweet fruits (banana, mango) accompany the meal and licorice. The final, good length, revolves around licorice, with spices (including wood from India) and incorporates the fruit of his mouth.
The addition of water enhances the flavors of citrus, flowers and wax, while the mouth is a little sharper.
A nice whisky, very pleasant, with a nice bitter end "sticking to the mouth."


Lovely sweet with notes of vanilla and spices. Some sherry notes on palate. Maybe Balvenie? I like it a lot.


Colour: Straw
Despite some unpleasant tingling at first, the nose develops pretty fruity offering both freshness and complexity. Green apple and a light veil of bitterness. The nose is very promising anyway.
The first impression on the palate is pleasantly contrasted. Acid freshness competes with soft fruity notes while being marked by a strong presence of alcohol, giving him power, but not providing any discomfort.

The final average length is in the perfect continuation of the mouth. Always this balance between freshness mixed acid and ripe fruit.


Nose: powerful, first on the cereal, hazelnut and black pepper. It evolves quickly and softens with vanilla and apricot.
Palate: Soft and thick, it is characterized by the presence of apricot, vanilla and almond.
Finale: Beautiful persistence, still with aromas of apricot.
I think inevitably a Speyside, which could be a Benriach. I love it even though it lacks malt complexity.




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