Allt a Bhainne (Jean Boyer) - 2007, CS (Witch bottling 2012) - 4 y.o. - 64,9%
1F: 1E: 89/100

Allt-a-Bhainne 2007, CS (Witch bottling 2012)

Jean Boyer
4 years
The WitC's Bottlings
Bottle details:
distillation: 2007 bottling: 2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:900021
price class:

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Jean-Marie Putz

Color: Mahogany
This tasting was not blind, I know the very high level of alcohol and this whisky so I waited about fifteen minutes before starting the evaluation of the nose. Very aggressive when it leaves the bottle, it becomes much more interesting after a relatively long aeration.

A very nice nose marked by sherry with hints of toast and plum jam. Any aggression, all the early tingling disappeared after ventilation, and this nose becomes complex and balanced while maintaining a high intensity.
In the mouth, we feel the presence of alcohol, although here either there is no aggression despite the high alcohol content, and paradoxically nothing betrays his youth. The first impression is of a rather spectacular whisky, which would tend to say that it is unbalanced. Yet the balance is there . In addition to the flavors of sherry, some bitterness, like roasted coffee is added to the notes of plum jam, forming a very homogeneous and very pleasant to drink whole. The mouth is quite complex, despite the slight dominance of the mixture sherry coffee beans.

Huge surprise for a malt this age. The finish is first powerful, the perfect extension of the mouth. It is relatively long, and nothing here either betrays the young age of this whisky.

A remarkable whisky, which has all the appearances against him ... A distillery little known, little reputation, a very strong alcohol and a very young age. Yet a remarkable whisky. A small problem maybe, it's pretty expensive for a whisky of this age, but its price is quite justified in relation to its quality.