Strathmill (Anam Na H-Alba) - 21 years - 21 y.o. - 54,5%
22F: 22E: 83/100

Strathmill 21 years

Anam Na H-Alba
21 years
The soul of Scotland
Bottle details:
distillation: 04-05-1990 bottling: 11-04-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Refill sherry butt
cask nr:2254
/171 bottles
price class:

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Nose: A little bright but wide open. It contains notes of sweet melon, lots of dark chocolate. When it starts to open a little more, it becomes more fruity, sweet with a fresh overall (menthol). The water flattens the chocolate aspect to keep fruit cake slightly sweet.
Palate: This is powerful enough going hard on the bitter dark chocolate and vanilla after having a weaker consistency on the grain (wheat). The water equalizes flavors but deteriorates a little chocolate.
Final: The final falls fast enough compared to the power, referring to the notes of grain (disappointing).

Comment: A dram with a strong contrast between the nose and mouth. It is prima facie gourmand (fruit / chocolate) but the water removes any appearance of sweet. Mouth and the finals are a bit bland in comparison but still quite nice. However, it is worth opening and the water to find its balance.


Color: Gold
At first nosing, alcohol is very present with tingling. Once alcohol mastered, beautiful notes of plum jam and wet cardboard.
The mouth is more complex than the nose. Despite the high rate of alcohol, various flavors come fully express themselves. Some hints of new make, then fruit and some bitterness acidity. A mixture of green apple and cashew nuts. It is quite surprising and not at all unpleasant.
The finish is fresh and relatively short on flavors and some hints of heather bitter.


The nose, powerful and warm, is on oilseeds (walnut, hazelnut). It also has a bit of chocolate and a hint of chilli and pepper. This warmth is truly remarkable: it feels like you’re in front of a chimney fire. With aeration, a little something more marine (salt?) appears.

The palate, powerful, is dominated by oilseeds (hazelnut) and a little sherry. There is also ripe yellow fruits and pulp. It's like the nose, extremely warm and comforting. Even if it is not the most complex, the mouth gives a real pleasure to taste.

The final, long, is rocky, hot, on yellow fruits and hazelnut. You can still find the typical warmth of the whiskey.

In conclusion, a comforting whisky, very pleasant to drink. I love it.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Felt Velleda and white fruit nose first. Less aggressive thereafter, with notes of fruit brandy aged (grape marc, plum) and talc. However, little expressive and lacking definition.
Taste: Quite powerful, consistent with the nose, with notes of grape marc and old grappa. The texture is smooth.
Finish: Medium length, bitter, poorly defined.

Conclusion: Not a bad whisky but lacking of expressiveness and precision.


Color: Gold
Nose: floral perfume but quite heady. Greedy background on a cereal base. The alcohol withdrawal helps to fully enjoy. Pleasant.
Taste: Alcohol more present in the mouth, sweet and sour notes turning on a fatter background . Following the tasting reveals a bitter substance with a fairly classic whole. Notes of honey and butter in retro olfaction reminiscent of aging in bourbon casks. Recessed in respect to the nose finally.
With a touch of water, young wood notes appear . The attack is softer, but most flavors are neutralized.
Finale: First on the fat then more bitter notes. Relatively short eventually.


Nose: The nose is classic Highlands? In any case, it looks so! Some yellow fruits, lots of spice and vanilla. Honey and beeswax. The one hand pastry also revealed the presence of cinnamon.
Mouth: it is concentrated. Mineral right. Continuity in the nose.
Finish: Long on malt and mineral side.


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (slight alcoholic tingling), fruits (especially yellow plums), fermentation aromas (disappear after breathing), green tea, malty / vanilla sweetness after breathing
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, taste in line with the nose but dominated by malty / vanilla sweetness, grappa at the end af taste
finish: short to medium



Color: Gold
Nose: rather marked by honey, but also nuts and spices.
Some notes waxy, polish and dry fruits.
With aeration becomes more floral.
Mouth: at the same profile nose, is full of honey, nuts and spices.
It also has some dried fruit and malty.
Some notes of licorice.
Finish: rather long on the malty.


Colour: pale yellow
The nose is fine, almost erased. I find that lack of balance: alcohol seems stifle flavors. We're on the bun and cornflakes before moving on fruits with hints of apple and chard finally white chocolate.
The palate is marked by salted butter. it is round. Alcohol provides tone. I find it a bit monotonous.

A final one is the plum brandy, old plum fruits with the return statement in the mouth: apple chard.


Nose: Initially a nice nutty then evolves towards a certain elegance floral notes. Vanilla. Too timid.
Palate: More powerful than the nose and a little spicy / spirity (although probably reduced). Milk chocolate and white. Simple.
Final: slightly bitter, salty vegetable.
Conclusion: Contrast between nose and mouth. Is drunk without displeasure but lacks personality. A bit alcoholic.


The nose is fat, vanilla with a few organic solvents. Alcohol is slightly aggressive. Quickly reach of veal, white wine, the smell of the cat litter box after use. After a good ventilation spices grow and dominate with hints of heather and raw fish. It gives a wild impression . On the palate, the attack is sharp and it starts on sweet and savory spices and caramel. A final of a beautiful length, focuses on these last notes with anise and licorice and more.
Neat and precise whisky, well done but would probably deserved a few more degrees.


Nose: Floral, fruity (apple and peach)
Mouth: Apple, cereal
Finish: Shorty



C : Gold, old gold.
N : The first nose is floral and lemony, with coconut hints. Malty and a little smoky. A few notes of pipe tobacco develop with time. A dry and subtle woodyness take place.
A drop of water brings out mazerpan notes, chestnuts, and the floral notes develop (heather). Maybe also some sublte coastal notes.
B : Sweet fruityness (candied fruit, dry fruit, raisins) and flowers. Spicy with well defined cinnamon notes, and ginger. There are also hints of toffee and a light woodyness.
More fizzy, more sherry, iodine and spice. The honey notes are sweet and rich.
F : on fine notes of sherry, toffee, cinnamon and "praliné".



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: nose first on the peach syrup, nectarine, and soon a score of a little dry cores, a bit a woody bitterness. Lightly buttered. Over time, becomes both vinegar and iodine.
Mouth: slightly oily texture, the profile is in line with the nose, but much more spicy, slightly woody and astringent, alcohol gains in power gradually become biting
Finale: In continuation of the mouth, but very woody, warm, powerful and good length.

Comment: Starts so attractive and gaining character over the tasting.


color: hay
nose: floral, nice vanilla notes, like a fresh bourbon cask, lovely
taste: very mellow, a bit buttery actually, nice warming full flavour later some fruitiness, the finish is long with the same buttery mouth feel, also some spices but mostly banana



Colour: Yellow gold.
Nose : I like this! Straightforward. Sharp and lemony. Candied oranges. Icing sugar and a little vanilla. Enjoyable.
Mouth: Starts slightly fizzy. Lots of lemon drops. Zesty, and a little liquorice. Gingery. Nice sweet and sour fruitiness. Big body. Crisp and luscious at the same time, like a nice 20 yo Cask Strength (~50%) Speysider.
Finish: Long. Gets drier, with a slight grassy and unexpected ashy aftertaste.
Comment: This malt will stimulate each of your taste buds in a very pleasant way. A spectacular lemony and zesty middle aged bourbon Speysider.



color: Light gold brown
Nose: fruity, orange, sweet perfume, light
Taste: burn, dry, malty,
After: dry, bitter, grass flowers



Young floral whisky bottled at cask strength. Notes of honey, flowers and fruits on nose as well as some spices and liquorice on palate.


Nose: Immediately pleasant... Warm, spicy and very nice tones of sherry. After a while, clear wood tones and what scents of cherry chocolates.
Taste: Spicy, but also fast bitterness (probably by the influence of the wood).
Finish: Medium, spicy and bitter afterwards.

The nose is good, but I clearly don’t like the taste because of a lot of bitterness in it.



Color: Gold
Nose: It starts with nice notes of lemon and orange liqueur. A little white wine. Vanilla, acid exotic fruits (passion fruit and mango). A slight chiseled peat.
Palate: This is powerful, a little spicy. It quickly shows a slight bitterness. A nice exotic fruitiness, but behind this bitterness. A little bitter orange, which brings acidity. A dram seems enough, it may be a bit too much after that.

Final: Medium, acid and bitter at the same time.

Conclusion: An interesting dram, which seems a little too marked by bitterness.



Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very clean, slightly malty, spirity, with some discreet notes of apples.
Taste: Floral to very floral, round, with some toffee and light fruity notes.
The finish is short to medium, smooth, floral with fruits from the orchards.
Impression: A decent floral whisky, with a rather silent nose.



Colour: old gold.
Nosing: flowery (jasmine, heather), but also rubber and cardboard. Later on some hints of sherry. Not really exciting.
Tasting: malty, bitter and spicy, hints of green apple, nuttiness. Becomes more smoothy in the end.
Finish: herbal, round.

Comment: for me the taste is slightly better than the nose. Not a cracker though.