Glen Ord (Malts of Scotland) - 1999, Bourbon Hogshead - 12 y.o. - 54,4%
29F: 16E: 87/100

Glen-Ord 1999, Bourbon Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
12 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 09/03/1999 bottling: 10/2011
non chill filtered cask strength
Bourbon Hogshead
cask nr:110013
232 /292 bottles
price class:

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Nose: Encaustic, dust, lime with some mint. Powerful with an alcohol very present.
With a little water: A touch of smoke and biscuit.
After aeration: It's more fruity (and bitterness), there is less polish and alcohol notes. Exotic notes appear.

Palate: Almost like the nose (99%) with less alcohol present.
After aeration: Very fruity, vanilla, sweet.

Finale: Finale is also like the nose and the mouth. Slightly woody. The finish is long with a nice bitterness.
With a little water: Appearance of a grany smith note.
After aeration: Exoticism, lemon, apple, sugar, vanilla and some spices.

Comments: I had already found it fine in the first tasting even though alcohol and bitterness were a little too pronounced. After two weeks of opening, the alcohol is well integrated and we have less bitterness. Let him breathe!
A good one!



Color: Light Amber
Nose: fruity sherry , ripe bananas, dates, figs and hints of rancio.
A bit of background solvent as well as nuts, honey, a touch of vanilla and coconut.
With a little water, the solvent disappears and fruits are more present and a lot of spices.
Mouth: The sherry is very present but no astringency.
The fruits are more stewed than in the nose, on plum, dried fruit, nuts and a slight rancio.
The water makes it more balanced and fruity, there was also honey and chocolate.
Finish: Long on one gourmet sherry and walnuts.


Color: gold

Nose: First impression of sweetness and baked apple. Then alcohol provides the tension. Then come notes of citrus and wax. Finally herbal notes such as basil freshly cut.

Palate: Alcohol mask somewhat the whisky. Soft texture but whisky clearly lacks balance. The flavors come in a second time with caramel sauce (floating island and Flamby) and butter.

Final: the finish is smooth with hints of leather. Citrus flavors come again before leaving the place basil but this time much more marked.


Colour: amber
Nosing: fresh and sweet, raisiny, sherry, vanilla but some earthy notes as well.
Tasting: wow! A huge wall of firmness! Unexpected, pretty sharp on the tongue, spiciness. Not really developing however.
Finish: medium



Color: Ochre
Nose: Vanilla Cookies, caramel, woody
taste: smooth full flavor, caramel and wood, tingling peppery notes, not really exciting but okay and very drinkable



Color: Gold
A very fresh nose, combining notes of pepper to cut grass. mint Discreet and great deal of subtlety. The early felt tingling quickly vanished.
On the palate, we first have the impression of eating a sour candy, and soon there was an explosion ... Spicy notes are added to sweetness of the sour first impression. This gives this whisky a very significant complexity. This is a nice surprise after the nose that was a little discreet.
The finish is of medium length and its discretion contrasts with the mouth. Despite this subtle discretion, it is nice and hints of toasted bread that appear towards the end are staggering after that mouth which was frankly on another level.


Nose: mineral, marine, sweet / fruity. Slightly pungent. Coffee. Sherry cask likely. A little too light for my taste.
Palate: strange, dry mouth with notes confirming the sherry cask. Frustrating because we feel a certain complexity but too underlying (fruity): excessive dilution? Significantly better in the aeration including more fruity (peach yellow, crystallized lemon).
Final medium and little expressive
Conclusion: definitely needs time, even if it does not transfigure. A good malt with which one can be honorably pleased.


Colour: Golden straw, beautiful, a little on the darker side, nice, oily and tearful.
Nose: Sweet honeycomb, soft floral notes in the back, but absolutely not too sweet, very soft leathery notes add a nice complexity. First guess: Not a young one.
Taste: Sweet again, but also again good and complex, there’s a nifty entrance of alcohol (about 46%?), honey, vanilla, white chocolate, almonds (Toblerone), also soft traces of dried fruit, beautiful and round, I do not dare to add water here, wishing very much I had a little more of this stuff…
Finish: Again very nice, there seems to be no cask finish, a soft bitter oaken note adds extra pleasure, also some nice fresh herbal notes (dill, rosemary) rolling down the palate.
Conclusion: A very fine dram, exactly my cup of tea if it comes to a no smoky whisky.
Guesswork: Seems to me like a fine matured Highland whisky, (like Glenmorangie or Balvenie) could also be a Lowlander or even a Single Grain.



The nose is clearly marked by sherry, with aromas of glue and camphor. The apricot and beeswax are also accompanying the melted Swiss cheese, sandalwood , chewedpencil not sandalwood ones! I also find a nice citrus fruity with a touch of freshness, anise, plum and dried fig, the date. Really, really fun. In the mouth, after a sharp attack, this hand on spices and bananas, unfortunately marred by a wooded area a tad too tannic and a little alcohol. The finish is a nice summary of the nose and mouth.
With a drop of water, the nose is creamy but the mouth is excessively influenced by alcohol.


At first nosing, this whisky is malty and fresh, with hint of alcohol and fruity notes, in a raw young grain style. After breathing, better balance on nice malty juice, dried fruits, almond and soft spices (cinnamon).
In mouth, powerful and malty attack with spices, like on the nose.
Sweet finish on spices. Nice malt in Dailuaine JB WITC2 style.



Nose: intense light tobacco, cigarette , cigar box. The intensity becomes downright sickly. In the same kind, hay, straw, dust. Licorice, spices and wood. Maybe a little lemon. Aeration and water give something little better. Very surprising, but I do not appreciate.
Taste: spicy, beginning on tobacco, spices, licorice, chips, lemon ... The mouth is going according to nose, the whole is very astringent, dry, unpleasant. Some herbs come save the day: thyme, bay leaf. Water hides tobacco but highlights the spice & liquorice.
Final: on dry wood & the swarf.
Conclusion: Honestly, it really is not terrible, I have not had a good time. And I did not finish my glass.


Nose: Dried apricots, peach syrup, floral touches
Palate: Concentrated in the continuity of the nose. Nice balance between flavor and the power of alcohol.
Long and drying.

Simple and delicious. Very nice.



appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, honey, beeswax, ripe plums, toasted cereals, passion fruit, alcoholic freshness, dark chocolate and coffee are added after 30 minutes of breathing
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, taste climbs like stairs: sweetness, lemon, dryness, fruits, pepper follow and add each other
finish: medium to long

Conclusion: A very nice whisky. No need to say more



Color: Yellow Gold.
Nose: nose first immediately fruity and floral. The fruit is enhanced quickly and can replace floral. Comes fairly quickly to an peak alcoholic almost annoying. The fruit continues to evolve to become both exotic and confit, very sweet, jammy, fruit paste. Red fruit (raspberry, blackcurrant) mingle at all. rubber and sulfur very subtle. Heady and very greedy. Potpourri.
Water weakens the nose.
Mouth: A kind of strong coffee, espresso, mixed with lots of spices. Rich and powerful, the alcohol rises and becomes almost biting. As a fruit acid in back of the mouth.
The water causes the mouth to the edge of over dilution dice the first drops.
Finale: The finale begins with a wave of alcohol, but surprisingly nonaggressive. Very warm and in line with the finish. Powerful and rather long.
Becomes excessively wooded dice the first drops of water.

Comments: Quite powerful and expressive, rich, complex and evolving, with an alcohol present but without going to excess, he collapses completely by the first drops of water.


Colour: Amontillado Sherry.
Nose: Starts on tons of apple crisp, vanilla ice cream scoop included. High end vanilla ice cream, actually, with grated vanilla and crystallized fruits. Sicilian Cassata. Turning to nougat ice cream. Yeah! Lot's of nougat. Just add a slice of tinned pineapple and you get something really yummy, providing the same kind of plain pleasure than, let's say, a 1979 Bourbon Glenfarclas or a nicely aged Glenburgie.
Mouth: Yep. All that was said about the nose is confirmed here. The milky notes from the ice cream, the soft nougat, the high end vanilla… A little more spices too. And we shan't forget the pineapple! Lovely it is. And mellow too, with a nicely integrated alcohol (51%?).
Finish: Same flavors last for ever.

Comment: What shall I add? I've got the strange feeling that this might not be that old (around 20yo), but the cask did a great job. Well, a job to my liking, obviously…



Colour: Pale Amber
Nose: wax, honey, spices (white pepper, ginger) and a cocktail of fruit (orange, peach, apricot), here are the ingredients of this tasty and delightful nose. A bit of pencil lead, a hint of coconut add further complexity. Alcohol is present, however, suggesting a fairly high title.
Taste: The fruit is still on the peach and apricot, the rich texture lining the palate, pungent spices provide a genuine, wood structure and all without ever dominating. It is very successful.
Finish: Long, fruity and spicy.

Conclusion: A superb malt Clynelish spoke to me, or better yet, the Glen Ord 30yo. Anyway, this is the Highlands I thought. Absolutely drinkable dry despite an alcohol probably quite high, but tolerates the addition of water.




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