Loch Lomond ( Official) - Single Malt - N.A.S - 40,0%
25F: 23E: 75/100

Loch-Lomond Single Malt

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The nose offers a beautiful fresh citrus (oranges), exotic fruit and minerality. However it lacks terribly personality and presence. There are also some yellow fruits and a little paper pulp, making it more earthy and austere, without more expression.

The palate confirms the nose is relatively powerful and without much personality. We have a mix of exotic fruit flavors pastry, also peppers. Over time come some marine aspects, but the whole remains discreet.

The finish is medium length, relatively fresh, with citrus, hazelnuts and a hint of chocolate.

In conclusion, a nice whisky but lacking relief.



Nose: Very pastry. Reminds me of a cream cake style Paris Brest. Malted barley. Varnish.

Taste: Vanilla, like the nose with additional notes of pancake batter. It is drunk easily (that is velvety), just lacks a bit of power alcohol level.

Finale: Fairly short, there's not much.

Overall Comment: This is very easy to drink. Just lacks a little power and complexity to be excellent. It has a little side "old school" whisky.


Colour: Pale amber.
Nose: Hardly bearable. Very heady aromas of low end industrial candied angelica chunks from a low end industrial candied fruits cake. The same repulsive feeling than when accidently munching a juniper berry in a sauerkraut.
Mouth: The same, but flat and weak (40% ?). Stale beer. Salted water. Some cheap toffee too. And still this gin like flavours.
Finish: Stale Vichy water, with a very salty aftertaste.
Comment: Is this really a Scotch single malt? Tastes more like a low end blend or a soulless "foreign" marketing attempt. Just bad.



Nose: A pastry nose, hints of fruit cake, cereal, malt. Becomes more spring after aeration with fruity and floral notes. The nose is not intense, rather recessed, and although this is not an aromatic that I usually enjoy, here it goes.
Taste: Uh ... what's that? In a platitude ... A little malt, cereal, fruit may be young but ... well nothing actually, no texture, no flavor, no presence ... no
Finale: Non existent on very light notes of yellow fruits
Comment: Mouth without any interest. Nose nose not great, far from it, is the highlight of this water, uh sorry whisky.


Nose: astringent and bitter notes of young wood, which give a soothing white "chardonnay" wine side. In addition, notes of green apple, spices (anise, clove), cinnamon and stewed fruit, but arranged in a way that reminds me of a scented candle. Lack of warmth and finesse.
Taste: very bland beginning with synthetic fragrances (scented candles), hot spices and prolonged bitterness and slightly astringent on rotten cork wood tone). I believed detect some similarities with a dry white wine. Some notes of anise and salt. A somewhat simple bouquet.
Finale: nuts and anise
Conclusion: reminds me of a pretty young whiskey, green, with its synthetic notes. Hogshead? Lack of heat demand to refine. However, a "white wine" side that I liked in some ways.s.


“Not sure what to make with this whisky... It could be a moscatel finished highlander?”
This dram has a gold like color.
Nose (84): (5)more than average. honey, fruits, raisins, citrus, vanilla. I have tasted this before... Highlands?
Taste (85): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, fruity, wood, vanilla.
Finish (86): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, tobacco.



The first nose reveals wood and excessive tannins. The fruitiness is distant, bile, moldy. It is not engaging at all. After aeration, lemon zest tiny, the zest covers dried grass, so more air than lemon. Great bitterness. A very long aeration gives nothing more despite disappointed hopes. On the palate, attack is on the pear and alcohol pouring in torrents. Sugar and even pear, nothing else. The final, of short length has a hint of licorice, a hint of vanilla, but the two go off fast enough.
A whisky that I will not try again to taste.


appearance: yellow straw
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, milk chocolate, wet hemp, purple candy, malty, alcoholic freshness, slight make new flavors
taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet, malty, purple candy, highly drinkable, a real pleasure whisky
finish: short


Alex Kooby

We are here on a very young whisky apparently. Vanilla, apple juice. Some discreet vegetal notes.
Taste: light texture, very fresh and fruity. Vanilla, pears. Very fruity. Whisky clearly reduced below 43%, which makes it very easy to drink.
Finale: Pretty short with apricot back mouth. Vanilla, "petit suissse" banana :)


Nose: Butter, Acid, Honey in Beeswax, Herbs, Green Apple, Lime, Flowery (Nectar), Menthol, Alcohol is not noticeable,

Palate: very delicate mouth feel, malty, lemon, some herbs, liquid warm butter.

Finish: mild, some alcohol/warm, buttery and malty
No water added,because I think its no cask strength or high proof.

Overall: Very delicate dram. At first acid notes dominated, but with some time they went, and an enjoyable dram was exposed.



Nose: Brine, pickles, mustard, spices. As a salad dressing ...
Taste: slightly sweet, a little aqueous and salt
Finale: Average

Comments: A weird combo in my opinion ... No major defects but the flavors did not delight me ...


Nose: plastic, burnt rubber;
Palate: well above the nose, sweet, white fruit, unfortunately quite linear, lacks a bit of punch (perhaps a question of line up?)
Finale: short on the white flesh fruit, nectarine


Colour: Old gold
Strong scent between burning rubber and yeast appear immediately. This nose, far from being discreet is rather monolithic and without any fantasy.
The palate is syrupy, with hints of toffee, catchy. Just as monolithic as the nose, with an unpleasantly more disgusting character here.
The finish is quite long and does not provide a positive note in this whole ..


Nose: exotic fruits (passion fruit, maracuja), later dark chocolate
Mouth: brown chocolate, creamy, white bread, later metallic and lemon
Finish: short



straw colored

Nose open, very fruity with a nice freshness. It then evolves on white fruits. Then something like turpentine appears with its pine sap side.

Mouth, the texture is very light, almost watery. Still that freshness. An aniseed peak appears followed by cardamom and some vetiver side.

Final. Good length. soft and delicate.

Very aromatic whisky . Pleasant. A little more material would have been welcome.


Nose: Hidden aromas, a secretive whisky. Very little alcohol. Starting on cereals and cooked apples. Somehow artificial.
Light tobacco at the end.

Palate: Sweet mouth, again very little alcohol! I assume it is not far beyond 40%. A bit boring, nevertheless a straight malt
Later hints of vanilla.

Finish: Medium to long finish? Medium? Difficult to judge, as the whisky is finally lacking some alcoholic strength
However, tannins and vanilla sweetness, marshmallows



Nose: roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, caramel, coffee, white fruit (peach, pear), grape, tropical fruit. A basket of fresh and dried fruit.

Taste: Very little presence of alcohol, would it be reduced? dried fruits, cocoa, white fruits, exotic fruits.
Adding water does not affect the balance.

Finale: short on nuts.

Comment: a nice malt.



Very young at the opening that oscillates between porridge and bad fruit alcohol ... nothing very engaging!
Maybe a young grain?
No change with aeration it still does not appeal me!

The nose was more expressive because we really wonder where the aromas!
One has the impression of something to drink diluted to the extreme (below 40 ° even)

No matter, no length, no interest!


Nose : At the opening , ester and menthol. Not really engaging at first. After aeration , the nose becomes more friendly but still very quiet on the grain and hay with little notes of white fruit that we must seek .

mouth strangely calm and neutral. A slight development on the chocolate, butter and then finally a hint of wood. Over time, the sweet notes are more pronounced but have some notes on the nose disrupt the scene with a background of young alcohol.

final : quite short and very sweet . Disappears on a slight hint of butter

A strange whisky and uninviting in the first moments . The nose is really not pleasant . It opens with the time and has a mouth without any aggression. It does not change , however, to very marked notes. The lack of power demand attention, but all is not bad . More maturity is needed for this drink took off.


Colour: Gold

Nose: Apples, fresh and green. Candy sugar, fairly appetizing. Evolves toward peaches and apricots, with a touch of sulphur, butyric acid, fresh dough. This seems like a refill sherry cask that hasn't given its best.

Mouth: Quite watery and soapy. Tastes a bit like that mold you'd find in your attic, not that I've tried it myself but you know what I mean. Cruel lack of body and fairly sour all in all. Finally spared some marzipan fortunately.

Finish: Bitter, on citrus zest. Very woody and herbaceous. Reminded me of quinine, yes, like in Schweppes.

Comment: Globally unpleasant. I had no pleasure with this one at all unfortunately.



Colour: dark straw
Nose: some Sandalwood and red fruits
Palate: this one comes a little weak on the palate, Sandalwood and red fruits followed by mineral notes and some ashes

The finish is medium long with a hint of chocolate. This is a nice malt, drinkable but not really impressive for me.



Color: gold

Nose: very strong smell of sulfur, scraper matches, cooking water, meat gravy nose, smell of green vegetables and hops. It is not a priori a nose that attracts me.

Taste: mild, marked by the sulfur side, a lot of salt and alcohol developing into ether. It is not very complex ... It is aqueous (dilution must be quite severe).

Finish: rather short. However the final brings some fruit. It progresses to a certain bitterness. Hint of pepper thus appears that a little salt.

Comment: this is really not my type of whisky. Nothing on the nose, I see a profile that I hardly identify. It is not very complex and too watery. Sulfur is truly present in the nose. Tasted without water because the dilution was already marked. The second pass confirms this profile: wet barley macerated ... How old is this whisky? It must be very young ... without seeing it, I thought about a new make...


Nose: Directly sweet fruity tones (like apples and tropical fruit) combined with grain products (biscuit and nuts) and spiciness. Especially these spiciness develops more and more in the nose, but also with some vanilla and wood tones through it.

Taste: Warm sweet tones followed by some spiciness and some bitterness as well (but not that much...very good).

Finish: Medium long, spicy, but also nutty.





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