Dailuaine (Master of Malt) - 27 years old, 1983 - 27 y.o. - 53,6%
19F: 19E: 85/100

Dailuaine 27 years old, 1983

Master of Malt
27 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 2-11-1983 bottling: 14-7-2011
non chill filtered cask strength
Refill sherry hogshead
/231 bottles
price class:

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Nose: fruit tart and fresh touches (mint / anise) in the background. Dust. Then Arabic glue hints (almond). Roast notes.
Mouth: rather oily and delicate attack then brighter and alcohol. Lack of material. Disappointing in the light of the nose. Difficult to discriminate scents.
Bitter finish and no more expressive than the mouth
Well, no defects as balanced, but finally very little to tell, globally.


Colour: pale gold
Nose: fruity, lemon, citrus and bitter orange.
Then come the almond paste and spices.
Pretty basic but pleasant.
In the second nose some waxy notes appear .
Taste: Citrus fruits are present in the mouth, mixed with very ripe or tewed fruit.
A good dose of spice, cinnamon and ginger and a little nuts.
Finish: Quite long on sweets.


Color: old gold.
Nose: Heavy on the nose, tingling of alcohol, after a while it changes to fresh oak and a wood fire pit with fruity touches like banana and nectarines.
Taste: Heavy taste on vanilla tones with fruity touches, would surprise me if it's not cask strength.
Finish: Firm finish, very peppery with flavors like vanilla and butterscotch. Very long finish with sweetness coming at the end.


Color: gold

Fresh nose. Pear as a fruit that reminds me of a Pim's with pear. I mean, the inside:). That's greedy. Some coffee and honey too, but discrete.
The smell of the cake aforementioned comeback following the aeration.
Further, I feel the dust of ground coffee beans and a good dose of black pepper. Yes clearly this much black pepper. The fruit, it is only vaguely visible. But still there.
It's well done. With a little water we get a smell of coconut in a bag and some lemon and orange candies. the small ones, in gloss packaging, which are often given in some restaurants with the bill
Or even the smell given off by the medication Exomuc once diluted in a glass of water ... Comparisons stop here:)

Mouth hot and cool enough in attack. It becomes warmer then and still pungent, or even a little more.
Aftertaste quite green with a slight bitterness. It's hard for me to describe everything. In any case, we keep the pepper nose. Its texture is a bit rough on the inside of the cheeks.
And then always some flavors that I can not name ...

Long and fruity than the nose also makes a good reminder of that. With a touch of honey, like the nose, but much more pronounced and persistent.
Also with the continuity of pepper spice gives a good return on the palate.
It is very nice but the final figure breaks too abruptly.

Comment: Whisky well structured and well built. I like the continuity of flavors. Find them everywhere and not necessarily in the same order or with the same intensity, it is very nice:)
And then there is quite rich and well balanced. Great tasting time.


The nose is reminding me of a basket of yellow fruit. As powerful as concentrated, it smells peaches, nectarines, sherbet, syrup ... This is an extremely good fruity and complex melt, even if we wait a while to get the full potential. Some other flavors are trying somehow to get a place: there are yeast, honey, vanilla, and a bit of edge plants (underbrush). Aeration allows spices (paprika, pepper, light salt) to show and, finally, pastry flavors (mocha cake), the only real counterweight to this very beautiful fruit.

The palate confirms the nose : it is very fruity (pears, nectarines, apricots), after an attack on very warm hazelnut and chocolate, which gets better after venting, she will get to pastry. Following this fruity cascade excellently framed and integrated, we have some citrus and just a little smoke on the finish. The whole fruit remains clear, as linear as well.

The final, stays long in the same register. It has a beautiful dominant yellow fruit, with a little fruit skins giving a rough thing to, as well as spice and minerality to finish.

In conclusion, a very good whisky oriented fruity, that needs a little time to fully express itself.



Nose: fruity, peach syrup, walnuts, almonds, a little alcohol, beeswax. End.
Vanilla and some spices. Few drops of water allow it to better express himselve.

Palate: concentrated, fruity, powerful

Finish: very long and in the continuity


Color: Gold

Nose: The pastry and apples fit into notes of green wood, vanilla. Aeration opens up great baked banana, rose mei kei read giving the impression of being in front of a donut from Asia. The fragrance of dry white wines make it austere and we find the milk chocolate. It derives even on chemical scents clay because of its pleasant odor spectrum, scalable, but not enough to truly enchanting and exotic to his work.

Mouth: Open on alcohol but rich enough. A bitter spicy cinnamon mixed with ginger binds to chocolate aromas associated with almond and hazelnut. It also detects menthol. The melt in the mouth is not exciting, gourmand notes being diminished by the overflow of spices and alcohol.

Final: Salted butter and hints of exotic fruit (banana dominant) covered in chocolate with cinnamon, which soothes the soul. Peppercorns are also present, giving much spice (Rest on the front of the tongue).

In summary: A nose chameleon continues to evolve. A mouth too marked by spices, which covers part of the greed that love this whiskey. The finish is not urgent but still enjoyable if you like pepper. A drama of great complexity, but that is not always an equilibrium model.


Nose: grainy, malty. Almonds & custard. Baked apple and cinnamon. Black Forest cherry, kirsch & cream. Apart from this register there's also a bit medicinal, with licorice and black tea. A mineral side is also emerging (copper, ash).
Mouth: rather powerful, but melted. Spices emerge, with cherry & cooked fruits. Slight bitterness of black tea. A veil of smoke and incense at the end.
Final: develops notes of dry wood with roasted accents (sherry ?).
Conclusion: A nice set.


Nose marked by a strong presence of fresh walnuts and green almond. I find a great freshness to the nose.

Mouth: I find the mouth completely unstructured. First, alcohol is like a shot and then comes a certain roundness and finally the aromas. The aromas are like imprisoned by alcohol.

The final will be developed on the nuts fresh and stale smoke.
Adding water brings hints of vanilla.



Colour : Gold

Nose : We start with honey and wax. Slight acidity, with some lemon. Smells like a young Clynelish, with a little bit more acidity. Some sweet almond. Some whiffs of white alcohol, "eau de vie". The alcohol is not very well integrated. Green apple. We start off good, but overall, a bit disappointing. Quite artificial.
Some coconut.

Mouth : We remain on notes of green almond, honey and wax. The alcohol is too noticeable and too "white". It's not very seductive, maybe too young. Aftertaste : paper, a bit artificial. At the end, a bitter taste undermines the whole dram.

Finale : Long, on cardboard.

Conclusion : Nose is quite nice at first, but it all becomes quickly artificial. Nose and mouth are mainly on white alcohol. Too bad.


Appearance: Yellow gold
Nose: Medium intensity, alcohol fairly well integrated, creamy, white chocolate, cereals, fruit from the orchard, slightly minty, hints of aromas of roasting
Mouth: Medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fruity attack, then freshness (mix lemon / mint) and and soft pepper
Finish: Medium
With water: Substantially similar nose, more pepper on the palate disturbing the balance of the whisky. The finish is longer.
Conclusion: A fine fruity whisky with added other aromas, I like the nose, the mouth and the finish


Color: Gold
The first nose is a bit aggressive, some tingling, which thankfully fade rather quickly, eliminating at the same time those discrete medicine notes. Then appear beautiful notes of honey and wax, fruit as well.
The mouth is first rather massive, marked by alcohol and again, just like the nose, these relatively unpleasant notes are fast disappearing to make way for a nice mix of fruit, honey and wax and spices. Once past the first impression, this whisky is becoming more and more enjoyable, albeit with some pleasure limitations . We feel that the fruits want to express, but they are countered by a kind of metallic impression that makes an end to the evolving of pleasure.
The finish is long and warm, pleasant and fun that was lacking in the mouth is very present here.


Colour: Gold.
Nose: Smooth, light, fresh, round, floral, and fragrant. Smells good the Speyside.
Taste: Oaky, juicy, rich, slightly smoky, on sweet fruity notes, some peach, guava and papaya. The mouth feel is very pleasant, rather big, intense but most enjoyable. The finish is long, rich, intense, fruity, rather big and syrupy, with a faint astringency.
Impression: This is a rich, rather full bodied whisky, with a nice structure and balance. A very good whisky to share with friends.


Nose: There are apple, caramel and lots of spices, including cinnamon and pepper (gray / black). It reminds me of tart tatin.
Palate: Dry and warm, mouth confirms the impression of the nose, immediately on the yellow fruit, a trio of apple, pear, quince and therefore a lot of pepper, too. The alcohol is well integrated.
Finish: Good length, always on the same flavors (and nothing else to be added).
Overall impression: A nice malt drink, some fifteen years, which seems to come from a Speyside distillery ... but which one?


Colour: Straw yellow, white wine.
Nose: nose first an explosion of red fruit coulis, cassis sorbet or raspberry. Then very quickly, the wave subsides, giving way to notes pastry, all evokes a strawberry charlotte. This wave becomes progressively sour candy to raise some chemicals.
Taste: greasy, messy enough impressions, the pungency and bitterness are spoiling the whole.
Final: In the wake of the mouth.

Comment: I lt makes me think a lot Linkwood: a very nice nose, a mouth, but an unbalanced on a wooded bitterness. It's a shame. The addition of water weakens the nose, and of course, increases the bitterness in the mouth to the point of increasing its imbalance.


ose: white fruit, cereal, beer, lime, mint. Floral, waxy and powerful.

Palate: Fruity, waxy, lemon, spices. More floral and drinkable with a little water.

Final: waxy, fruity, beers, floral, honeybread. Long but a little weak. After aeration, appearance of a small note of aspirin.

Comments: Nose very pleasant but a bit unbalanced at first. The scale is balanced after a minute or two and then it becomes assertive (honey lemon). The palate is powerful on the lemonade with honey. Long finish but falls a little too quickly without the addition of water (which also highlights aspirin and spices).


Color: Pale amber.

Nose: First nose speaks rather well. Fairly concentrated, and quite some fruits. Nevertheless, the whole thing “sounds” a bit artificial, without being too ostentatious though (industrial cake with candied fruits, tinned pineapple syrup, candied melon skins). Light flavors that strangely mix fresh fish and fruits, like in those perfumed ointments used for baby cares (Mitosyl someone ?)

Mouth: Starts quite softly, not unlike a fine mellow plum brandy. Then, the mouth gets more complex. Fresh fish and cooked fruits (apricot tatin?) are back along, while the mouth gets hotter and more powerfull. A very Old Pulteney or Bruichladdich like combo.

Finish: Consistent regarding the mouth. Nothing to add.

Comment: A malt crafted for a Sushi bar?


The first nose is vinous and dense. Fun? Not really, but let's see further. The changing face of black currant, mold or humus rather, jam melon in Spain. Then it returns to the wine with turpentine on a background delicately vanilla flavored. On the palate the attack is frank, almost bitter, very dry. The tannins are next to the black pepper and mineral. Mingle with black fruits, from zan (licorice synthetic), some ginger paste. The finish is first on the mineral, plastics, sand, salt and rare herbs. At the very end an interesting point of ripe blackberry.


N: apple overripe vegetables is good kirsch
B: apple chard kirsch
F: not very accurate long