Glendronach ( Official) - For Belgium (the Nectar) - 19 y.o. - 50,4%
24F: 24E: 88/100

Glendronach For Belgium (the Nectar)

19 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 15-11-1991 bottling: 03-2011
non chill filtered cask strength
PX Sherry pucheon
cask nr:3181
215 /622 bottles
price class:

24 notes disponibles en français


The nose is grassy, with pleasant flavours of custard and sherry. With a suitable capacity and properly integrated with an alcohol, the nose also offers discreet notes of honey. Aeration highlights the chocolate with a hint of salt and a little hazelnut, caramel and coffee. This is nice, but not more.

The palate is grassy. Then, quickly, in a syrupy or granular warmth, liquid chocolate just dominate the whole. It's not bad, but linear. A touch of alcohol on the finish shows an average integration. Aeration softens the whole, which remains dominated by this grass / chocolate balance, even if one sees a little sherry and oilseeds.

The final average is on chocolate, liqueur this time, with a touch of warm spice. Very concentrated, it then evolves to the chili.

In conclusion, a whisky pleasant to drink, but technically limited.


Color: amber / copper
Nose definitely sherry. Less exuberant in flavor than the sample 2 for comparison. Alcohol is very present, and is all too apparent. Otherwise, it starts very hard on the warm honey. The smell of nearly rotten plums are introduced with little red wine.
With wet cardboard thereafter, newspaper and coffee also. I may say coffee spilled on newsprint:). With the aeration, it gets a little dusty. With water, it becomes woody (seasoned). And honey is always present.
Mouth a little rough, spicy and acidic. Very sherry as well Still the honey but more discreet and the newsprint stained. coffee. It becomes bitter and woody in the background.
Piquant, long finish. Always drawn to the honey that I had found at the nose. The bitterness continues to be present on the back of the palate, but it is not excessive. With the addition of water, it is really more spicy. Back stitching on the inside of the cheeks is clearly identifiable.

Comment: I liked the sherry. But I much preferred the sample 2 by the explosion of flavors. It will remain more discreet and less ample. I regret just a little disturbing spice on the nose. Otherwise, a good whisky:)


Color: Amber
Nose: very marked by the barrel, lacking balance and freshness.
winy notes and resinous, caramel, dried fruit and nuts.
Water brings out the wood and varnish.
Palate: woody with this resin and a significant astringency.
Same flavors as the nose: caramel, nuts, sugar and dried fruit.
The water does not help, sherry aged in a whisky cask?
Long finish on the flavors of the mouth.



Colour: dark amber
The nose evokes polish plus a dusty side. and almost winey tannins. Marking the sherry is almost too hard ( first fill cask?). This is reflected by its sherry fresh caramel and bitter dark chocolate side.. The hint of alcohol brings notes neoprene glue.
The palate is about alcohol but it melts quickly in the aromas on the nose already received. The texture is too dusty, like taking a spoonful of chocolate powder in the mouth. Good consistent nose / mouth dark chocolate bitterness.
The finish is medium / long on bitter chocolate and a little savory.


Color: Amber
Nose: sherry and lots of sweetness. Tons of raisins, candied orange peel, the acidity of the balsamic vinegar, a touch of rubber and cloves, and nuts, dried apples and coffee liqueur. It was first found to be more aggressive in the second tasting, then calms down. Organic notes black mushrooms have been found since the first tasting.
Palate: The attack is frank and powerful. Texture, neither too fluid nor too oily, is nice. The aromas developed are those of a classic sherry. Raisins and rubber yet, but it is well controlled. The most notable difference from the nose is the appearance of dry wood notes and especially organic black mushrooms nice touch.
Finish: Long, it develops a nice bitterness and a slight astringency Chocolate Milkshake.

Conclusion: A beautiful sherry cask, but traditional class. However, it lacks a bit of magic in the mouth to claim access to the highest podium


Nose: raspberry liqueur, raisins, pastry so baba au rhum, slightly spicy pepper and ginger. No astringency, as subtle and pleasant fragrance of a whisky aged in sherry. Beautiful mature nose I give it in 30 years and even more.
Mouth of the sweetness, the alcohol is well integrated, all the qualities of a good sherry are present, dried fruits (figs and prunes), chocolate, coffee bean is added to this feast of the taste buds orange marmalade, which gives it a sweet / sour side.
The finish is very long, slightly woody.
Sublime moment.


Nose: Dry Fruits, nuts, Porto. Quite complex.
Palate: Very fruity, clean attack on the walnuts and dry raisins.
Finish: long on nuts and Porto.
Whisky greedy, well balanced.


Color: Teak.
Nose: first red fruit nose and then quickly switched to dried fruit. Consistent with the time to blend in rose jam.
The water heightens the nose, but makes it more sharp without going to the aggression, however.
Taste: A nice harmony throughout, to the point that it is difficult to speak of attack. Dried fruit, leather, coffee bean, a little astringency slightly ashy.
The addition of water rounds and harmonises the mouth while preserving personality.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth.
Adding water makes the final more evident. Including the end of the ash reveals slightly astringent.

Comment: definitely a sherry profile but dry, crisp, almost harsh, austere limits. More intellectual than seductive whisky.



medium to dark amber, wide legs flowing moderately fast
moderate to strong intensity (increases while breathing), alcohol is well integrated, monolithic at the beginning with dried fruit (dates, figs) and mild spices, opens well at breathing with cloves, minty freshness and young balsamic vinegar adding
moderate intensity, creamy, sweet / sour mixture, the aromas of the nose are found more or less but the overall impression leans more towards a dry sherry then to a sweet sherry as on the nose
medium to long
With water:
the nose is more on stewed fruit as on dried fruits, taste is almost identical, a little bit more cloves
Very sherried whisky that opens well while breathing. I like this style.


Nose: Sweet, on rum, raisins, figs and candied oranges arrive, the quince, vanilla. In the end, a slight smell of undergrowth.
Taste: At first glance, a sweet sensation, sweetness and alcohol arrives but well integrated. The sherry, orange liqueur and chocolate and spices. Appears slightly oaky finish.
Finale: Medium, the rum and raisins, but with a slight bitterness on the palate.


Nose: Beautifull dark sherry. Fruits, prune, dates, dried grapes. Nice sweetness.
Mouth: dark sherry, fruity, acid drops. Some dried fruits. Prune, dates. Nice.
The final is slightly acid, identical.


The nose is powerful, and develops aromas of caramel, varnish, chocolate powder, fruits cake and a little dried meat?
The mouth is hot, on caramel and chocolate.
The finale is long on spicy caramel.
A powerful malt, which lacks a bit of complexity.


N: sherry present but not dominant note of bitter orange, balanced point of sulfur and gunpowder not unpleasant and delicate notes of bergamot and rose, tobacco chocolate meat broth as well now, very gently.
B: Nice amplitude and strengh and dark chocolate meat broth, great, then come and floral notes, a little less complex than the nose
F: long balanced cocoa brown tobacco and sandalwood


Color: orange Auburn
Nose: Liquid caramel, vanilla bourbon difficult. Brown sugar. Very delicious without being too nauseating. After a few days, is more sherry. Currants, walnuts, balsamic.
Taste: Despite what the nose promised, it's pretty dry but sweet. Slight bitterness.
Final: The bitterness is still there. A little vanilla. Ladyfingers soaked in coffee, tiramisu, cream. Aeration underlines the fruity dram with this very sweet cherry.

Comments: It is dry but may be too close to an old rum distilled from molasses, the range of scents and tastes really makes me think Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva a sound, without the heavy and sweet. And it is precisely that side with my favorite kind of flavors ...


Color: orange almost mahogany.
Nose: ouch! big sherry! it focused! on cognac, spices: cloves, cumin, balsamic vinegar, almond liqueur too. The nose is rather old school, it reminds me of Glenfarclas 25 years 75cl bottle square, with its vegetal overtones . I find it rather complex.
Taste: Re ouch! It's strong! At the same level as the nose, or even more! It should be around 60 degrees there. So of course we are on the sherry. It's hot, it's rich, it was the oyster sauce, a little mint, camphor and also a tad of smoke. But the spotlight returned to coffee, dark chocolate, prunes, dates, and also spices, cloves and again maybe a little cinnamon. For me, it's good!
Finish: Long, on sherry, spices and a bit dusty.


Color: Brown
A mixture of sherry and spices characterizes the nose. It is also not a surprise, given the color of the whisky one could hardly expect anything else than a true sherry monster. Beyond the sherry we feel some subtle notes of musty, damp mold on a ripe lime. Everything is very nice. After a few minutes, the spices seem to dominate slightly sherry.
In the mouth we are dealing with a nice complexity. All the traditional notes of sherry are included. Plum jam, coffee, and some fruity notes. Without being very complex, this whisky is nevertheless very pleasant. The slight lack of complexity is compensated by a very nice balance.
Long and warm, the finish is a bit more exuberant than the mouth. Here the fruity notes dominate and impressions are clearly more complex than what we were offered by the mouth.
A beautiful final all in roundness.


Colour: Dark bronze
Nose: Caramel, charred wood, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, oranges, liquorice... Amazing nose, I've spend a lot of time enjoying this one, very intense and greatly balanced.
I need some time for this... Oh yeah...
Taste: Very smooth, caramel meeting up with vanilla, getting some woody spicy notes e.g. peppery and some very dark chocolate (sweetness as before but still bitter, ooh ah.).
Ending: Not bad... Not as long as the nose(there is still something in my glass haha, I'll enjoy after the ending)...but still there are a lot of flavours to be overwhelmed with, like caramel, oak(sweet), vanilla in the background, toffee and also some liquorice but anyway the nose exceeds the ending by far... Good thing I've saved some...



Colour : Bronze

Nose : A nice smell of dried fruits (datte, prune, apricot), a little wood varnish and some alcohol. Above this, bitter orange, maraschino. We then smell a nice minty freshness. It's round, rich. With air, we then find some vegetable soup side (carrot). No doubt about the sherry in this bottle. A little sulfur, but no problem. A little honey, some spices and wax. It is very nice. Complex and satisfying.

Mouth : We start with wood varnish, bitter orange and wax. It is very good, very dynamic. The mouth lasts ont carrot soup. Dried fruits are also present, especially a very nice sugary apricot. The alcohol, well integrated, gives consistency to the dram. it is not weak but rightly stinging. There again some sulfur, but still no problem. In the end, some woody bitterness.

Finale : Long, warming, fruity.

Conclusion : A very good whisky, rich and savoury. It's fresh and complex at the same time. It's powerful but yet not agressive. It's sweet, a little bitter and very rich.


Nose: Caramel, mocha, coffee, rum / raisin, lemon, orange, leather car and listed animal. Nice balance with well integrated alcohol. Very nice.

Taste: Coffee, rancio, rum / raisin, orange, light bitterness and alcohol well integrated.

Finale: Rum / raisin, orange, mocha, coffee, light tannins.
After cooling, the appearance of citrus.
The finish is very long.

Still a very nice sherry monster. I love it. Just missing a bit of complexity.


NOSE: as for sample 2, one would expect sherry given the color . It also confirmed, albeit much less attractive because much more about the notes confining to sulfur and vinegar. Not to my taste unfortunately. Hints of green herbs / bitter sometimes arise quietly. Chalky.

Palate: oily texture, very sweet, much better than the nose, even if a little sage. One feels a certain complexity, but it's very very nested and thus difficult to discriminate. We found a powdery / chalky side. A touch of the exotic but too timid. It is not bad anyway!

FINAL: medium, ripe banana too ... and a little salt.

Often, I prefer the sherry on the palate than nose. Here is the case for significantly better in the mouth, but it lacks a little something ....


Colour: Most beautiful dark mahogany. Nearly black tea.
Nose: The first sniff suggests real great stuff in the glass. Sherry or some dark port cask, but not the usual rubber fruitcake. Leaves plenty of room for other impressions: Waldmeister, dried dates, honey, walnuts and, very pleasant, a soft peat note, reminding here of wet moss in the forest. Great complexity. I once had a very old Cuban rum with a nose like that.
Taste: The sherry hits the stage clearly, but very balanced harmonising with the alcohol (I guess more than 40% but I do not dare to add water here, this perfect balance could be disturbed). Now we have also dark chocolate, mocha and nougat praliné, (not the cheap sweet ones, no, from the best confiserie...), liquorice and nice wooden notes toward the never ending
Finish: I have to repeat, very complex and balanced. The sherry is still present here, but again perfectly mixing with coffee, toffee and the other fine wooden (soft peat?) notes.
Conclusion: I am not too much into sherry finishing usually, but this dram proves me totally wrong. A real treat. From the beginning to the last coffee fruit trace on the palate.
Guesswork: I do not usually play in this league of great whiskies, this might be a Macallan or Aberlour or such, easily more than 15 years old. So my price indication is relative high rated, if I am wrong here, I will get me a bottle immediately....


Nose: Intensely marked by wood and wine (type in PX sherry, port), concentrated red and black fruit, caramel, toffee, chocolate, dried fruits (apricots, figs, dates), beautiful oak vanilla, fresh vegetal peak (almost mint, anise), gingerbread.

Taste: Powerful, warm, comforting, delicious jammy fruit (red and black fruits, citrus fruits), Sevillanas (orange cake), gingerbread, precious wood (cedar) and various spices, vegetable bitterness, nice length, only a touch of astringency waste a little party.

A great "sherry monster" whisky, expressive, rich and warm.


Colour : Polished mahogany.
Nose : Rich and enticing. The perfect mix between fruits, wood, and (oloroso?) sherry. Dry fruits (walnut marzipan, sultanas) and cooked fruits (all kind of “dark” jams such as figs or black cherries). Some roasting aromas too (coffee liqueur). Reminds me of a “Black Russian” (Kahlua and Vodka). Nothing sluggish though, thanks to a rancio like tangy note, like in a high end Madeira. Perhaps a little ripe pomegranate as well? I really like it, but will the mouth follow the nose?
Mouth: Yup it does! Dry fruits are on the foreground, and it’s as tasty as a hazelnut liqueur, accompanied by some tantalizing cocoa flavours. Enhanced by a slight woody sourness, it’s as waxy and creamy as in a dream. Like drinking spoonfuls of maple syrup. We’re probably pretty close to 55%, but the balance is fantastic. The rise of a hint of burnt wood brings some more complexity to this absolutely delightful malt.
Finish: Long and tasty, it vanishes on a subtle woody bitterness.
Comment: No need to say, when the right malt meets the right cask for the right period of time, there is reason to bring you back with the whole world!


Amber color.
Rich nose, alcohol appears a bit. notes winy, sweet, "fat". Sherry (plums, spices, dried fruits, wood). Rancio. Chocolate. Some fruits in the background.
Soft palate dominated by wood. Caramel, some oranges.
Finish: rather long, very intense, dominated by wood, which gives a slight astringency.
A sherry monster, perhaps a little too woody.




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