Linkwood (The Ultimate Whisky Company) - The ultimate single malt collection 1998 - 12 y.o. - 46%
21F: 21E: 84/100

Linkwood The ultimate single malt collection 1998

The Ultimate Whisky Company
12 years
The Ultimate Single Malt selection
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Color: Light gold

Nose: First just between discrete and slightly spicy. It begins by being woody. Some candy smells appear discreetly in the background, mixed with amore pronounced fruit notes and soap. Further, the woody character disappears and gives way to a bitter note and a smell of dusty coffee (ash?). In the second nose, it is clearly more bitter and cereal (wet grain dust ? Muesli?)

Mouth: fresh and sweet. More woody than the nose. It progresses to wet cardboard with avery discreet touch of ash . Towards the end It gets more fruity and spicy.

Finale: sweet. In the continuity of the mouth with a slightly larger fruitiness . A taste of mized ground peanuts, which gives a more oily texture at the end. Rather long

Nice whisky. Rich enough despite its discretion. A good daily dram.


Color: Gold.
The first nose is dominated by fruity notes. Nice orchard smells: apples, peaches ...
Evolves on less exuberant aromas. Hints of pear. Mild and relatively lightweight.
The mouth is a bit oaky, causing a slight bitterness. The fruitiness of the nose is more discreet, there are hints of pear. Light vanilla.
Final moderately intense, fairly long. A bit malty. Slight woody bitterness.


Color: Gold
Slight tingling in the nose are suggesting a fairly high percentage of alcohol. Once past this initial discomfort, a nice fruity complexity opens to us. A blend of vanilla, ripe fruit notes and lovely fresh and acidic hints.. After a few minutes of aeration, it is the freshness that takes over. An impression of ripe fruit in the middle of a freshly mowed lawn. This is a very appealing nose.
Mouth curiously suffers less from the presence of alcohol. It is smooth, with slightly peppery notes, fruity notes and a slight bitter taste of cigar box. The freshness of the nose has disappeared to make way for a fairly complex set of tastes, even if the nose was richer. No discomfort caused by alcohol. A real pleasure.
The finish is relatively short and the notes of cigar box clearly dominate the palate. Too bad the pleasure of this whisky is fading quickly. For the rest, no default.
An excellent bottle.


Nose powdered, lack of expressiveness, slightly spicy, slightly herbaceous and fruity.
Palate: Silky texture, aroma slowly evoluting but remaining nevertheless too melted (or weak) so that I can hardly discriminate between them. The whole is enjoyable nonetheless. Some spring floral fragrances (thrush).
Finale: Medium , hints of green apple.
Very easy access, will please many, but not necessarily for amateurs.


Colour: Looks natural, light straw with hints of gold.
Nose: Super smooth, first flowery then goes very fruity. No need to put your nose into the glass, it exhales ! Whiffs of juicy pears, baked apples, canned peaches in them syrup. It's like smelling a young Calvados. Some honey and a dash of vanilla. Then you get a fresh and grassy feeling with some eucalyptus. And finally a little bit of balm (medicinal smell). In a nutshell: a very complex nose.
Mouth: Warm, ethereal,some tinglings.
Finish: Medium length and intensity. Nice bitterness coming from a moka aftertaste and then a fruity reminder with pears.


Color : pale gold

Nose : we start with fresh apples, pear in syrup and roasted almonds. Then we go towards honey and spices (cinnamon, cardamome), the whole underlined by a tad of vanilla. It's pretty nice. The alcohol is vey well integrated.
After a while, its gets a little herbaceous, farmish (humid hay).
A few minutes later, I find whiffs of fruit plum (mirabelle) yogurt ou white peach cream (very subtil).
Crystallized fruit (without sugar), a bit of lemon juice.
Nice stuff !

Mouth : Still on autumn fruits, honey. A little bitterness from the oak, the alcool is kind of hot, and doesn't bring any kind of energy. The whole is a bit flat tasting and it doesn't show the same subtility the nose did. Herbaceous but dominated by the wood.

Finale : pretty long, on crystallized fruit and wax. Oak bitterness.

Conclusion : The nose is very complex and evolutive. It leads to think we're going to enjoy the rest of the dram, but the mouth is a bit under. Quite flat and oaky.


Color: Straw

Nose : Freshness, Starting slowly and gently with notes of apple. Goes on with a little bit of white peach and citrus like mandarin.
Then, plants and infusion. Becomes exotic, with notes of pineapple.

Mouth : Sweet attack. Sweetish and sugary. Plant. Sweetness, probably reduced at 43 or 46°.
Notes of chlorophyll, anise. A little bit of honey and vanilla. Again exoticism and almond too.

Finish : Medium short, on fresh grass, apple skin which brings a little bit of astringency. Again infusion, like vervain.


Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Apetizing. Starts on soft orchard fruits before switching to a nice sourness. Becomes quite zesty and citrusy. Lemon drops. Cider apples (including the fizziness). Unripe kiwis(or is it rhubarb?). Turns slightly plankish, with a pinch of sawdust and crystallized ginger.

Mouth: Starts on soft notes of fresh apple juice. More vanilla now, with a pinch of cinnamon, and a hint of soft liquorice. Remains a bit shy, and the nice tangy structure of the nose didn't resist the rather low ABV (43% ?).

Finish: Average length. More and more vanilla.

Comment: A young and cheeky teeny malt on the nose, but much more reasonable as far as the mouth is concerned.


Nose: It starts with a little polish to go quickly to the baked apple, beer, white fruits, malt, vanilla, pear, some spices.
After breathing, becomes more fruity and floral.
It is sweet, pleasant and nicely melted alltogether.

Taste: Sweet but powerful, sweet and acid, very fruity. Aromas of vanilla, malt, spices. Alcohol well integrated.

Final: Very spicy, sweet, yet powerful, sweet. Becomes stewed with aeration. Slightly too wooded at the open, it disappears with aeration and the addition of water. The finish is long.

A single malt very pleasant to drink


Color: Yellow gold.
Nose: very pleasant 1st nose with floral potpourri, with something chemical that grows on to Harlequin sweet. Then the first wave almost disappears abruptly to make room for pastry notes. Again the nose tilts, to show spicy notes, blends of Indian spices, with hints of pistachio and almond. Another change on the red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, fig vinegar. Then all the components previously experienced back in a nice harmonious, balanced and melted whole.
After a few minutes, the whole quite clearly remains the Malabar chewing gum, the original pink one in its yellow and rose jam paper.
A beautiful developing profile and constant power.
Adding more water harmonizes the nose to the point that it almost melted too, Dstinguishing the previously experienced components is now very difficult . Becomes a little ointment. We are now on the same chewing gum chewed a bit too long which has lost much of its flavor.
Palate: The palate is oily, but very surprisingly after such a nose, there is absolutely nothing at the start of this mouth, just a vague oleaginous note . After a few seconds, a few very fleeting notes, rose alcohol appear, but, although alcohol is never aggressive, we guess quite a high alcohol percentage which crushes the mouth.
Water can barely wake up this mouth but never gets it truly dynamic.
Final: A little more expressive than the mouth, but that's it.
Water has the same small effect than on the palate, but the finish becomes much warmer.

Comments: Without water, a very pleasant nose, charming, delicious, reminiscent of our childhood memories, it is very beautiful and then ... nothing, or nearly so. Mouth and final are virtually absent.
Adding water tjust spoils the nose without being able to wake up the mouth and final.
Difficult to score. The nose, without water, deserves at least 90/100, but the mouth and finally got just a 80/100. But what a nose, anyway.!!


Colour: Straw
Vanilla and oaky nose. A little rough, kind of wood juice . Herbaceous or slightly chlorinated.
After aeration, the astringent side seems to be fading but the nose keeps a medicinal side.
The palate is nicer than the nose but we find its major trends back.. Returning of the grassy notes: celery. Aeration reveals caramelized notes, alcohol goes well with the flavors.
The finish is medium with notes of cereal, the length keeps the nose grassy notes.

The whisky has increased tremendously after aeration. Its main faults have faded.


The nose, not very strong, is quite smooth. It develops aromas of cereal, juicy white fruit, almond paste and honey. There is also a note which reminds dry and dusty hessian.
The palate is soft and light, dominated by the malty and pastries notes.
The final is short.

A young whisky, reduced and fairly classic.


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Quite refined on nice fruity notes of apple tobacco and a touch of mint and a good dose of spice, cinnamon and ginger.
Evolves on citrus, especially lemon and a little almond paste.
Palate: The palate is warm with honey, orange and sweet and vinous notes at once.
Final fairly long on the nuts and marzipan.
The first tasting showed a mouth too oaky, with a corked, but the second is much better tasting, wood has disappeared.


Color: Gold

Nose: Pleasantly expressive, though slightly alcoholic. Fresh and tangy, the lemon juice and apple, grass clippings, Haribo Crocodiles. Somewhat complex but balanced. It won at the aeration smooth, with vanilla, before unveiling the subtle notes of a dry white wine and mineral.

Taste: Strong and sweet at once. Haribo Crocodiles and lemon juice together in a certain freshness, like an apple immature. Little more complex than the nose, but still enjoyable. The texture is hardly oily, alcohol tingling under control. Even better with a drop of water.

Finish: Medium length, it mixes with bitterness dominant vegetation (green tea) the stunning combination of citrus zest.

Conclusion: Undeniably well made. Simple as a pretty girl in a spring dress.



Appearance: yellow gold, wide legs flowing moderately fast
Nose: mild to moderate intensity, alcohol present (especially at the beginning) but acceptable, yellow fruits, honey, wax
Taste: smooth attack on fruits and honey, becomes more intense since the mid palate, lemon is also added and becomes more dominant at the end
Finish: meduim
With water: no major change
Conclusion: A real pleasure whisky


Nose: White Grape, lightly smoked. Fruity.
Taste: Caramel, sugar, pepper.
Finish: Spicy, smoky. Mi long.


The nose is beautifull, fruity (peers, apples, pinapple), honey. Fresh and slightly esthery. Kind of pastry cook, malty. More exotic with time. Avid drop. Some spicies.
The mouth is too much diluated. Fruits as in the nose, spicy, slightly floral. Honney.
Final: Vanilla, oaky.


Nose: Cooked fruits
Mouth: Soft spices (cinnamon), tickling
Final : Short


Nose: acidulated sweet, BubbleGum, white fruit (Apple) and honey. Then herb (thyme) Young and fresh nose, slightly salty.
Taste: In accordance with the nose, candy, sweet and honeyed. A little acidity and bitterness accompany the tasting.
Final: Stays fresh and sweet. A good aperitif whisky, its reduced side makes it accessible to many. It should appeal to people looking for a relaxing whisky.


N: resinous, mint, apple, pear, encaustic, beautiful wooded, beautiful balance, strawberry it starts well.
B: sorry big edge but alcoholic, salinity beautiful, lovely persistence on the apple and strawberry
F: great length, slight imbalance in the mouth, tip of paprika and cumin, pepper and potatoes back into retro olfaction. It is a beautiful product without this peak alcoholic he is 90, beautiful beginning.


The first nose is full of promises. In a warm vegetal flavors, fresh mint, citrus and iodine intertwine in a great magnitude. Very quickly, however, the nose moves towards sherry. There is chocolate, tobacco leaf, papier mache and toffee, all in a very sweet, cereal and properly boned.

The mouth is syrupy, dominated by cereal and chocolate. The whole lacks a little power and is relatively linear. Aeration allows notes of wet wood, spices, sherry and toffee to emerge. We also have citrus (orange) at the beginning of mouth that gives a quite flat, but relatively pleasant result.

The final average is soft and cozy on chocolate and spices. A mineral touch appears after aeration.

In conclusion, a very conventional whisky, on the whole acceptable. No crippling default at least.




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