Inchgower (Malts of Scotland) - 1982, Bourbon Hogshead - 28 y.o. - 57,2%
22F: 21E: 85/100

Inchgower 1982, Bourbon Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
28 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 30-06-1982 bottling: 02-2011
non chill filtered cask strength
Bourbon Hogshead
cask nr:6969
14 /212 bottles
price class:

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Color: Gold
Nose: Quite round, chocolate, nougat, hazelnut and some wet vegetation with a hint of iodine to break the sweetness a little cheesy . A flattering but adventurous side. Hints of fresh fruit pear, grapefruit arrive with aeration. This is modulated, powerful and addictive.
Taste: There are surprisingly incorporating chocolate pink grapefruit with sugar in her lap. Simple but effective in avoiding the appearance of Pim's sickening. With water, it reveals more cereal notes. Not super sharp but really nice.
Finale: It is in the line of the mouth with hints of hazelnut and extra grain.

Conclusion: A consistent whisky that gives pride to the duo chocolate fruit. Avoiding the pastry effect without betraying his balance, he succeeded his bet. The nose seduces with its markers poles apart from each other.


Colour: white wine, straw.
Nose: nose first very special, very fragrant. Spices galore and heady flower notes. Enriched quickly to fruit in alcohol, then crystallized fruit and fruit pastes: prunes, plums, damsons, blackcurrants, ... Some nuts, cashews, pecans, dates, figs. Statement by beautiful tangy pleasantly proportioned.
Adding water soothes the spices, which releases the fruity notes.
Palate: It is instantly installed in the same universe through the nose. Very expressive, slightly tingling alcohol but in a rather positive way, which further boosts the mouth.
Water has the same effect as on the nose, making this whisky more easy drinkable.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, but focusing mainly on the spicy side.
The water seems to take away the start of the final, but to exacerbate it better later.

Comment: Very expressive and generous to all floors, very pleasant. Interesting and easier with water but no more authentic.


Color: golden brown with highlights
The nose has notes of wax and almond paste and solvent which joined the bite of alcohol. Finally arrive notes of sweet caramel kind Werther's Original.
The taste is strongly influenced by alcohol before giving way to aromas of almond and returning the solvent noticed the nose. This produces a very slight impression of sugar.
The finish is smooth with a medium length. Return of the kernel and some bitterness on persistence.

Whisky with tone. Mastered a very sherry. Everything is beautifully made.


Color: gold
Nose: quite incisive (it tingles!) And rather difficult to define. I perceive cereals, plum and salt. There are also spices that are specifically invited the black pepper and ginger. Wood is also quite present.
Mouth: First soft close (do not lining the mouth). Salt, gentian, it is not very conventional but interesting. She gets sharper and herb (thyme, rosemary) and still very salty.
Finish: rather long, bitter and salty.
Overall impression: A malt aperitif that does not seem very old but truly original. Certainly from the coast because of its flavor profile ... but there are often surprises!


Color: Yellow Gold
Nose: very sweet yellow fruits (apples, bananas, oranges). Alcohol quiet discreet. A slight side of orange lemonade forgotten a few hours in a glass.
Palate: Alcohol more present than in the nose, even dominant. A medicinal taste flat throughout the tasting. Adding water makes no difference.

Final medium to long, bittersweet taste.


Color: Gold
Nose: Apples, pears
Mouth: Cinnamon, tea, mint, fern, tongue tickling
Final: Short with bitterness


Nose: Floral, spirity, fresh and on vanilla.
Taste: Young, malty, oaky, yeasty, with some orange zest, and some undescriptible flavours. The finish is short, young, rough, yeasty and with some orange zest.
Impression: An atypical and immature whisky.


Color: Gold
A lovely fresh nose, with nice fruit notes, lush tropical fruits, cassis, blackberries, spices and pepper. A hint of gentian which further increases the range of tastes already extensive. A nose of remarkable complexity. All in a very nice balance. A nose that only gives pleasure. If the rest is up we have here is a whisky of exceptional quality.
The same exotic complexity is present in the mouth. Exotic fruits in bulk. A nice fresh acidity, green mango, fruit of Cythera, a hint of gentian, pepper, spices. An explosion of flavors. Absolutely wonderful. Everything is perfectly balanced. A matching nose and mouth like we would like to see more often.
The fun continues with a long lingering finish which is a perfect extension of the mouth.
This is one of the best whiskies I've had the opportunity to drink lately.


Nose: Lively on fresh fruit (apple, citrus) and spices (especially vanilla). Slightly spicy and herbaceous. Beautiful balance and fade with aeration.
Palate: lively also. Side "old", in opposition to the mouth, with notes of polish (or wax) and almost burnt caramel. Also spice. Salt.
Moderately long finish on a light bitterness and a note of dry hay.

Conclusion Pleasant but lacks the overall density. Originality aromatic interesting but no favorite for me.


The nose, leaving evacuate initially much too much alcohol, is once calmed, very full and complex, but sorely lacking in precision. There are just a jumble of yellow fruit that it's hard to name, vanilla, wood and farm. With aeration, there are also heady flowers, a little iodine and seaweed. The nose becomes more rustic, with always this lack of precision.

The mouth is on the lemon and strawberry. It reminds one ice. Then, it is much more powerful and rocky, with wax, some peat, yellow fruits (pears, peaches) interspersed with a powerful wave farm. With aeration, we see a slight exotic fruity (pineapple). As the nose is very complex, pleasant to drink, but not very precise.

The final medium length, is on the yellow fruit (bananas). There is also the farm, the young liquor (Calvados) and strawberry candy.

Finally, one atypical whisky , as complex as imprecise.



color: gold
nose: full vanilla, cinnamon, peach and woody notes
taste: full flavour, velvet smooth, oaky notes, warm applepie, the finish is firm and slightly peppered, again cinnamon and warm apples and also a hint of bananas


Colour: gold.
Powerful nose of yellow and white fruits. Alcohol is present. Vanilla.
Powerful mouth. Very fruity, honey, wood. Water brings out the wood.
Final fairly long, pretty intense. Too woody.
Not very expressive profile. Alcohol present.


appearance: yellow gold
nose: low intensity, alcohol too present masking the flavors even after 30 minutes of breathing, light fruitiness, toasted peanuts, chammalows, ammonia
taste: low to medium intensity, alcohol in the foreground, pepper, sourness, slightly bitterness of vegetables
finish short
With water: alcohol less dominating, lots of vanilla on the nose, taste drier and with less pepper
Alcohol is far too dominant for me in the nose and the taste, I can not enjoy this whisky


Nose: powerful, some feminine fragrant indescribable. However, caught up by notes of wood just cut, damp cloth drying ... This is transient, and continues with hints pastry and sweet: brioche, fruit cake? Fresh fruit: greengage? Spices, anise. Touch of malt and fine smoke, forest honey, cereal (muesli). Engaging!
Mouth: very intense, even burning. Strong aromas of dry wood, malt, smoke, fruit (apple?), licorice. Honey, spices. Roasted cereals. Towards the end, a note of strawberry appears ("tagada" candy). Fun !
Water gives a dram better integrated, but brought out the "wet cloth", that I can not explain.
Final: strawberry, and a sweet touch of Pedro Ximenez.
Conclusion: An interesting, complex, evolving. The mouth is integrated limit anyway ... and the wet cloth drying is undesirable. Good but not great either foot.


Colour: old gold
Nosing: round, sharp, oak, some cereal notes
Tasting: intense, definitely cask strength, slightly soapy and also perfume, acetone
Finish: long, spicy, mellow, sweet


Color: Gold
Nose: Floral, about lavender and heather, slightly fruity and malty.
There are notes of solvent that make the nose unpleasant.
With water, the nose is more balanced, on autumnal fruits, marzipan and herbal notes.
Taste: The alcohol is present in the mouth, starts on liquorice, nuts, honey and dried fruits.
The water shall prosper, bringing more balance and roundness.
The sherry notes becomes woody, coconut and overripe fruit.
Finish: rather long on spices, hints of Turkish delight and candies.



Color: Gold
Nose: Powerful, the white fruit, the pear brandy, grappa, icing sugar, lemon and then something floral. Alcohol stifles a bit, this lacks definition. It improves a bit with water. Here that is open during the few days between the two tastings. The notes of brandy, which could evoke an immature whisky disappeared. The ensemble became suave, sweet, white fruit flavors sharing the limelight.
Palate: The attack is pungent, alcohol burns the tongue, here's something that will require water. Otherwise, sweet flavors dominate, with marshmallow and a little violet sweets. It's better with a little water. Above are added to flavor the acidity of lemon and a touch of bitterness vegetal that balance the sweetness of the mouth.
Finish: Long, slightly acid and bitter.

Conclusion: A malt that is not unpleasant, but where alcohol is present too.


Nose: exuberant fruits, ethanol, candy, cereal. After addition of water, becomes waxy with aromas of green apple.
Palate: Fruity, citrus (lime), mint. Alcohol is not perfectly integrated but it improves significantly after addition of water without the flavours suffering.
Appearance of coconut with aeration.
Final: Fruity, spicy, mint, bitter (green banana).
Becomes more bitter (orange peel, aspirin) after addition of water.
Appearance of coconut with aeration.

Comments: I really liked and it would have been perfect if alcohol had been better integrated and that the addition of water didn't made appear the taste of aspirin in the aftertaste.
Nice surprise, anyway!


Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Once that the little ethery note has vanished, there’s nothing else but the pure pleasure of a high end malt that spent quite a while in a nice Bourbon cask. Vanilla marshmallow. Lollipop. Sponge cake largely soaked with rum. Then the spices arrive in strength, cinnamon first. Long pepper from Java, with its hot and woody side. Strawberry soup cooked with pepper and several vanilla flavoured sugar in a nice Sauternes wine. Tinned pineapple. Quite a high strength (54%?), which balances aromas that announce a syrupy and sticky mouth. Reminds me of the very best 1972 Glengoynes.

Mouth: What can we add after this nose? That the mouth is extravagant all the same. First, it tingles like “Pop Rooks” powder. No kidding! Aromas are still there. The same ones. And in addition, a little lychee and mangosteen. It’s sticky, fruity, and spicy as anticipated. And even more powerful than expected. First sips anaesthetize the palate quite a bit, but this power balances a mouth that otherwise may well be a bit cloying.

Finish: Long, tasty. OK, there’s a little woody bitterness at the end, but a couple of sips are enough to tame it.

Comment: An extravagant whisky. Perhaps am I fooled by a virgin wood cocktail (which I’m quite unsure because of the slight bitterness at the end), but who cares, that’s too delightfull. So let’s enjoy.


The nose at first appears quite aggressive, despite a rather eclectic range: coffee with milk, hay, mint, floral look far. Alcohol is present without being too annoying. Over time, he turns to the mineral (house dust), with notes of yellow fruits (apricot, peach), green wood, something marine (iodine), the smoky, sharp and simultaneous notes of fresh parsley and pineapple. With aeration the finesse increases, but it takes time. The mouth and the final play of the same range, with small variations: Attack on the fruit, a touch of tannic bitterness, Peony, Hazelnut. In the final, additional notes of marshmallow and bitter almond. Good length.
A very pleasant whisky these notes had not been bitter at the start of mouth.


Nose: earthy, fresh nuts, fruit and spices in the background, wood a medicinal side (Aspégic?) The nose is special. There is something fragrant recalling some old Bowmore.
Mouth from the palate, we feel that it is a cask strength. Powerful and concentrated, syrupy and tangy
Final: little bitterness in the aftertaste. Long finish of herbs and almost medicinal .




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