Bunnahabhain ( Official) - 12 years (46,3%) - 12 y.o. - 46,3%
22F: 22E: 82/100

Bunnahabhain 12 years (46,3%)

12 years
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non chill filtered
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I had some problems with this single malt. At first this is how I found it:

Nose: Pear, motor oil, organic matter decomposition, stewed fruits, jam, touch of lemon that grows with breathing, dust.
A slight touch of smoke appears after a quarter of an hour.
A little bit aggressive.

And after a while, I got a declic:

Nose: Mocha, coffee, nuts, black powder, rubber. It smells like a malt aged in sherry casks. Black powder and rubber disappear almost completely after a long breathing and a little water.

Fortunately, I perceived the mouth and final in the same way throughout. (sigh of relief)

Taste: Sweet and lemony, dry smoke, some spices, nuts, mocha. Alcohol is very aggressive at first but with a little water and venting it calms down.

Finish: Mocha, coffee, nuts, black powder, a little spicy and aggressive, but as for the mouth it is better with a little water and aeration.

First time that I am entitled to a radical change after a long breating. It also greatly improved with a little water and aeration.
My note is much better after a half hour and some water.


NOSE: mainly on the toasty notes of sherry. Lack of expression however An oddly iodine note .Vegetable side also and slightly peppery.
Palate: oily (texture) and very sweet (sugar cane or almost burnt caramel). Evolves towards sugarcane with advantage of greenness (bitterness). Too ripe bananas. Lack of complexity.
FINAL: rather fresh, almost minty.
Maybe the sherry fans will like it, but I'm not sure. Lack of balance and complexity for me.


Color: Intense gold.
Nose is caramel, but >>> real caramel gining its taste to the alcohol. Cut hay.
Super bitter mouth overcooked. bitter caramel
Final om sugar cane.
Whisky or rum? Lack of precision.


At first nosing, burnt rubber. This one needs breathing. After that, the nose reminds rubber, burnt cake and flint.
The palate combines rubber and nuts aromas.
The final is quite long.

Not necessary unpleasant but not my kind.


Color: Amber
Nose: A salted butter caramel, toffee but not low range, the good one..
It has honey, a light smoke due to wood, dried fruit and some orange notes.
With aeration, it has floral and incense notes..
With a little water it becomes more vegetal and sherry is secondary.
Taste: A sweet sherry, the fig and chocolate, with some sour oranges in the background.
A good balance between malt and sherry.
Water does nothing by mouth.
Lingering finish with hints greedy.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: very curious nose first, both organic, animal, warm, almost farmy and at the same time drinking chocolate, cocoa, roasted, supported by notes of sulfur vulcanized rubber lightly dosed just what it takes to do but not crush the rest. Evolves on the leather. Very slight hint waxy encaustic. Latte, macchiato. Almond custard notes.
After some time, all blends and does not collapse.
Water has no real influence on the nose.
Taste: Sweet and creamy, mouth seems a little closed, has difficulty speaking. Evokes the antique store, old furniture, old leather and cherry liquor. Alcohol well integrated, no aggression.
Water harmonizes and strengthens the mouth to bring in line the nose.
Final: The final is in the extension of the mouth.
Here too, the water strengthens and harmonises the final, making it more warm and giving it a nice length. A bit of astringency appears on the end and further strengthens the personality.

Comment: A profile of whisky already crossed here and there, almost a classic, a standard. Not necessarily surprising, but is fulfilling its partition, nothing is missing, it's very well done, a kind of classic. Maybe just a lack of originality that has already crossed such profile several times.
Do but not hesitate to add water to give it its full extent.


Color: Light amber

Nose: First mixes dry sherry and black pepper, and a very dry although light smoke. If the set is not very sexy at first smell, it appears interesting at the aeration. Included are meaty notes (ham), a hint of rubber. Notes of cardboard unfortunately spoil the whole.

Taste: Alchemy is strange. There are very clear marks of hydrocarbon, and always this dry sherry and salt. The finish is marked by rubber. Less sympathetic than the nose for my taste. It lacks, however, neither body nor power without being aggressive.

Finish: Quite long, it is an extension of the mouth, quite salty and marked by a dry sherry. This rubber aftertaste disappears quickly thankfully.

Conclusion: Not uninteresting especially the nose, but this profile of the mouth does not suit me.



Appearance: red gold to pale amber, wide legs flowing slowly
Nose: moderate intensity, well integrated alcohol after a few minutes of breathing, dirty sherry (burned caramel, sulfur), dried fruits, fresh, floral scent, the dirty sherry is only a bit present at the beginning. It is increasing at breathing during the first 30 minutes to become dominant and gets again a bit more discreet after further breathing
Taste: mild to moderate intensity, classic dry Oloroso sherry with burnt caramel and sulfur
Finish: short to medium
With water: no change on the nose, on the mouth there is less sulfur and a longer finish (medium)
Conclusion: the aroma of sulfur / burnt caramel makes this whisky a typical "love it or hate it" dram. My "love it" rating gwould be 88 points, my "hate it" score 76 points, so an average of 82/100


Nose: Bakery, fruity.
Taste: Sweet, citrus (grapefruit)
Final: Mi long long.


Nose: Young sherry, chocolate. Coffee, sea air. Notes of cowshed, smoke. Orange.
The mouth is too much diluated, young sherry, acid drops, some fruits, orange, coffee, spicy. The final shows a young malt, spicy, sherry.


Nose: expressive, sherry
Mouth: Sherry, dry fruits, cherry with fruits spirit
Final: persistent


Nose: Profile of a refill sherry or sherry, chocolate flavors are present but with spices like cardamom. The cask has done nice job on on the whisky, a nice woody sherry profile. Nose is fine but quite shy.
Taste: Really sherryish à la Balblair, Daluaine. Not exuberant but well balanced. Dried fruit (grapes and figs) are present, creamy milk chocolate too. Very easy to drink, a whisky for a wide audience. It just lacks a little complexity, which could make it more interesting. This profile makes me think of the first bottling MoS.


Colour: Old gold
The nose seems dominated by a strange odor of yeast. After a few moments nutty notes appear. A slight bitterness dominates this interesting nose. Too bad these hints of yeast persist.
In the mouth, the bitterness prolongs perfectly the nose. Too bad that here too the notes of yeast (which I personally find quite annoying) take over, preventing these hidden nutty notes to express themselve.
The finish is quite short. The nutty hints that are guessed in the mouth come here more to their advantage, but without emerging fully.


N: Softwood pretty too, bitter orange, licorice, good accuracy and fairness, wooded peak with white chocolate, dark tobacco and gunpowder.
B: beautiful lips, long, accurate softwoods, the bitter orange, marzipan, cooking, fine amplitude.
F: short final on the resin, wood, watch with a touch of water, it collapses


Golden amber color
Nose on the caramel, sugar first. It develops on black powder (impression of a firecracker just exploded nearby and the wind disperses the smell of cold gunpowder ) that disappears quickly. Then a not very pleasant feeling that pricks the nose and forces to move away. Some hairspray smell appears toward the end.
Soft and absent palate. A little woody. It gets a little rough afterwards.
Moderately long finish: on the dry wood . It is discreetly pungent.
I did not really appreciate that sample. The nose is of medium quality. Neither rich nor complex. The flavors are too volatile and the whole dispersesl in a more than doubtful balance.


Color: intense amber

Nose : Sherry. Winy, notes of raspberry vinegar, some red fruits (cherry, blackcurrant).
Woody, notes of coffee, black chocolate and nuts.

Mouth: Like the nose, sherry, coffee, a little bit of caramel but wet cardboard too, not pleasant...

Finale: Medium short, dry, nuts, wood and cardboardy...


Color : Amber

Nose : Smells like a sherry. Whiffs of prune, of carrot soup. A little sulphur. In the end, a small acid and sugary touch (balsamic vinegar).

Mouth : Pretty dynamic. Alcool well integrated. Follows the nose : carrot soup and prune. Mixed vegetables soup. Small touch of varnish (even more with a drop of water).

Finale : Warm, on wood. Medium length.

Conclusion : A well designed whisky, but not to my taste.


Colour: Light Amber. disparate legs.
Nose: Acidulous on green apple peels and a touch of cranberries.
After that, it's all very smooth, butterscotch, creamy butter and brown sugar. Looks like a typical sherry nose. Faint smokiness. After a certain amount of time in the sample, it's the butterscotch that dominates.
Mouth: Soft, bold, creamy.
Finish: Intense and long. nuts (hazelnuts) and dried fruits. Salivating.


The first nose sensation is very nice: woody, heady, with well controlled power. Coffee comes next. Then the woody becomes more precise: sherry notes emerge, accompanied by lots of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almond paste). The whole is coating and very well balanced. Aeration allows chocolate notes to gain exposure with a light veil of iodine, and this makes it all very delicious and enjoyable.

The palate begins with notes of sherry and rancio. Slight traces of fruits appear after aeration (strawberry, tangerine). After this attack, a powerful wave of coffee takes everything in its path, in an conformal and syrupy atmosphere. The coffee is diminishing but still dominant after some time in the glass, where a touch of iodine appears before hot spices (curry, paprika) and a little spice show. A real pleasure, especially because alcohol is properly integrated, although the flavors have trouble to be completely freed.

The finish is long and very warm, is dominated by coffee, and a dash of salt.

In conclusion, a very powerful and full bodied whiskey. I love its syrupy and coating way. He just lacks a bit of complexity, which should appear after aeration of the bottle.


Old gold / pale amber color.
Nose is rich. Fruits, sherry (Oloroso?). Sherry goes well with fruit and do not crush it. Woody notes.
Taste: sweet, still on the sherry. The fruit of the nose are missing. Dried fruits, wood. Wood brings complexity, without astringency. Interesting.
Moderately long finish, quite low. Always these woody notes that this move will lead to astringency.
A good whisky, easy to drink but severe lack of power!


Colour: Red copper.

Nose : Rather typical young sherry. Fudge and soft wood extracts. Quite sweetish (caramel colored ?). Ever tried eating your strawberries with red wine and tons of sugar? Needs a little time before unfolding on dry fruits. Almond peels. Sugar coated roasted peanuts.

Mouth: Quite some oomph despite an ABV that is probably around 46%. The nice part is still played by the caramel (well, more candi sugar than fudge, this time) and dry fruits (same roasted peanuts). The mouth is creamy, but the whole remains fairly stereotyped.

Finish: Develops on a hint of burnt wood and a gentle bitterness that sustains the mouth.

Comment: A rather decent and flawless young sherry (finished ?) malt. No much personality though.




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