Tobermory ( Official) - Ledaig 10 years - 10 y.o. - 46,3%
19F: 19E: 84/100

Tobermory Ledaig 10 years

10 years
Bottle details:
bottling: 2010
non chill filtered
price class:

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Nose: probably Islay (Ardbeg?). Lots of peat, although fat and medicinal. Organic soil, dry grass,
Palate: Warm, alcohol although present but not disturbing at all ... Many peat. A little pepper, fresh mint. Palace faithful to the nose.
Very long finish on good fat peat.


The first nose is smoky with strong hints of burnt rubber. Quickly the palette is enriched with apricot, toast, honey, almond biscuit and honey. I note also traces of clove and vanilla. Failing to be rich, the nose is accurate, clear and presents well defined flavors.
On the palate, the attack is spicy and sweet. Supposed to soften the caramel but a little sickening, the hazelnut, peat and some exotic fruits decorated eucalyptus form the panel.
The final, low intensity and medium length opens with a mixture of sweet salty, peat and spice. These will soon be enriched with mint and eucalyptus too.


Color: light gold
Nose: Strong, slightly peaty, slightly metallic. Well farmer thereafter. With aeration, yellow fruits and a little taste of 'Petit Beurre Lu "and coffee.
Taste: Hot, hot, ashy. Less powerful than the nose. Always the smell of farm and this fruity side.
Finish: Long on ashes, a slight bitterness. A taste of camphor, exotic fruits. A little hot on the back palate.


The nose opens with notes of peat smoke. The setting is quickly established, but without power nor sophistication. Moreover, notes of fresh herbs and lemon prevent it from being called "peat monster." Aeration confirm this: sweetness and honey take soon place in the nose, before the lemon, peat, salt and tar reminds us of the marine influence of this whisky. A nice range of flavours, a bit sober nevertheless.

The mouth opens on a very syrupy, it's almost a surprise. Orange, dark chocolate, orange peel, all on a cereal lawn, make the palate very soft, pleasant and surprising. Then hints of peat, tar, and especially smoke complement the whole, without, again, becoming too powerful. They are well, nearly too much controlled. A fresh and smooth Whisky, lacking of a little strength.

The final, rather long, is dominated by flavours of smoke and salt, almost fruity ones too light to be further described trying vainly to make room. A memory iodized salt remains in the mouth for many minutes.

In conclusion, we must wait for the final to feel a little power. This whisky is still well built, refined and quite complex.


Nose: Sweet, one feels first peat and smoke. There is a certain freshness. Gradually farmy notes appear , barns, manure. After a while these farmy notes make room to medicinal notes, disinfectant spray.
Palate: The attack is powerful on peat and smoke, especially smoke. There is salt, lots of salt. A hint of citrus, mostly on orange.
Finish: Quite long, mainly on smoke and salt.


Appearance: clear Riesling, slender legs that flow slowly
Nose: medium intensity, alcohol moderately well integrated (manifested by a tingling if the nose is too close the glass), mix peat / smoke and lemon, perhaps green apple
Mouth: moderate, peat dominant with lemony acidity and a little malt
Finale: Short to medium
Conclusion: A simple but pleasant nose, a mouth on the profile of young peaty (I relishes but are not particularly valued by many) well done.


Nose: Peat
Taste: oily peat, vetiver
Finish: quite short


N: smoked ham, cold ashes, dark chocolate, intense, accurate, balanced white fruit.
B: very nice mouth similar to the nose but with greater amplitude. lining the mouth, slight edge burning, bitter chocolate.
F: long, white fruit, dark chocolate, very broad, balanced and super nervous whisky.


Straw color.
Vanilla nose. Lot of smoke. Light fruity notes, citrus. Farmy, iodized.
Palate first a little fruity and then peat (dry) takes over. Salt. Slight, lack of "body". A little watery.
Final quite long, on the smoke. Dry peat. Salt.
This whisky is a not very complex but well done. The mouth is a little too weak.


Colour: Straw with hints of salmon.
Nose: Peat and diluted iris powder. Maybe some strawberry puree, but at this point, the flavors seem to be stuck at the bottom of the glass due to excessive dilution. By dipping the nose in the glass, you end up catching some tail of distillation notes (old Salers cheese), and some coffee, but God, all that is distant and discreet!
Palate: The attack is soft and sweet, not unpleasant, but without much flavor, without great power. Sugar water that adds to the cold ashes, and some sweet licorice. And not much else. Nothing needy, but it lacks punch, taste, personality.
Final: Vanishes quickly, leaving only the acrid smoke. Like drinking a glass of water behind a cigarette.



Color: Gold
Nose: first touches of lemon and tropical fruit (pineapple) accompanied by a thin peat and a light and subtle scent of roasted almonds, coarse salt and pepper.
Alcohol very well integrated.
Taste: delicate notes of lemon and praline (or brittle). A dram a little watery, a bit too much for my taste. A bit of chocolate milk. Ash and smoke iodine.
Finish: medium long in the on lemon and smoke.


Color: pale gold
Nose: peat like Talisker's with these notes of iodine and pepper.
Monolithic but pleasant enough.
Peat, iodine and some citrus in the background.
Palate: The palate is more by islay, starts strong on peat, the cold ashes and earthy notes.
It was a bit of lemon in the background as well as as iodine and seaweed.
Finish long enough on peat and a slight astringency.


Colour: White gold silk.
Nose: peaty nose first, gin. Rather vegetal or floral, evokes a bit of a potpourri. Crusts of a little stale white bread . Some minerality somewhat waxy. Kernel of fruit. One has a presentiment of a bitter woody taste.
Mouth: very sweet, very smooth palate, little consistency. The palate develops gradually over a pleasant sweet and peaty notes, slightly honeyed. Harmonious and balanced. Very nice melted.
Final: On fruit, with dry peat moss and a hint of smoke. Elegant and good length.


Colour: Straw
Quite a present peat at the nose. Some smells of barn and undergrowth in the background. Hints of walnuts, peat and bitterness clearly dominate.
The mouth is slightly more expressive than the nose. First some fresh fruit followed by some nice spicy notes, still with the smoke of peat in the background, hints of chocolate milk. A nice balance and a perfectly controlled alcohol.
The finish length is medium and it does not betray the mouth. A first impression followed by fresh and spicy notes of cold ashes.
Quite a nice and easy to drink whisky.


Marine nose with iodine, pear and some new make, fireworks powder. There's a farmy side of seaweed and lemon.
It is well melted, powerful, slightly aggressive and bold.
Taste: Lemon, oily, sweet, spicy (no trace of wood). There are also mint tea (a lot) and licorice. The whole is melted.
Finish: greasy smoke and lemon galore. It is sweet and spicy (still no trace of wood). There is mint, lots of tea, licorice, vegetables and traces of exotic fruit and grapefruit.
It's cool and sickly at once.


The nose, very expressive! Straightforward notes of peat, somewhat dirty, somewhat stable, but a pervasive and a little sickening smell of peanuts. Then more citrus notes, lemon. Vanilla enhances with the time. On the palate, quite soft, peat, light smoke, marine, citrus, lemon, a little cloying. Dirty. Tar, one side animal, fish (haddock). A little tnagy, long finish in the line of to the mouth.


On the nose, malt, peat, rubber and herbs do battle but failed to flatter my snout.
The palate is malty, medium peaty, relatively simple without being disagreeable.
The finish is medium long and has notes of nuts.


Nose: mineral, iodine / peaty, sweet
Taste: greasy texture really nice, sweet, consistent with the nose,
Finish: quite long on a dry peat and a slightly pepper



Nose: This is a fighter, very punchy, grassy, peaty and salty, then becomes fruity (raspberry), tip of licorice and honey. Quite amazing and complex, it deserves further analysis. I'm guess it is a cask strength.
Taste: The alcohol is less present, more controlled, creamy texture, are we really dealing with a cask strenght? Taste of fresh bread crust, peat, light licorice, always salt and the spices (thyme).
Final: good fresh light on the peat, the fatty side persists. Peat lovers should enjoy it.




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