Tobermory ( Official) - 10 years - 10 y.o. - 46,3%
19F: 19E: 80/100

Tobermory 10 years

10 years
Bottle details:
bottling: 2010
non chill filtered
price class:

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The first nose evokes a distant peat, with notes of burnt rubber and flint. Ventilation highlights the fireplace and honey. A more prolonged ventilation developed this range to a fruity aqueous based pear.
On the palate, the attack is dry with alcohol and yellow fruits, peach and apricot and grows on peat, liquorice, ginger and spices from nice, well enhancing the set. The finish is dominated by the bitterness of licorice, a little peat and alcohol.
Medium length, low intensity, spices appear with yellow fruit, peat and then gradually disappears, leaving us with a background of spices and parsley.


Nose: Light and fresh, at first a grassy profile , with hints of malt. Then fruit, apple appears.
Palate: The attack is sweet, creamy, slightly fruity. The malty notes are still present, with honey this time. Gradually the mouth becomes hot, spices appear, especially pepper.
Finish: Quite long on the pepper with a certain freshness.


Appearance: Riesling, wide legs moderately fast flowing
Nose: slightly to moderately intense, fairly well integrated alcohol (is remarkable for alcoholic freshness), vegetables, grappa and vanilla veil of smoke after 45 minutes of aeration the notes of grappa and legume decrease in favor of a note of malt / sugary cereals
Taste: mild to medium blend of acidity and bitterness, vegetables, grappa
Finish: short, hot (alcohol)
Conclusion: A whisky that does not match my malty preferences.


Nose: quince
Mouth: fruity notes of vetiver
Final: tingling in the extension of the mouth


N: pear, white chocolate, pepper, licorice, toffee, precise, lightweight metal dust and not unpleasant, intoxicating nose.
M: chocolate, smoked ham, hot and not balanced far from the nose
F: short, honeysuckle, salinity.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: I like it! Ripe fruit and concentration. Apricot nectar. Kiwi jam. Fruity and something like warm cake pulled out of the oven. Genoese hot. Savarin with pineapple. Many wood extracts. Vanilla ice cream with banana, cinnamon ... Very appetizing. Also something oily. Candle wax. Linseed oil.
Taste: Does not betray the nose. Even more spice, perhaps (cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla), and the same bawdy pastry and fruit. An American new oak? Non chill filtered whisky anyway, and the alcohol percentage is located in the lower range. This does not prevent the sensations in the mouth to be good. Fat and tastefully. Sweet and creamy, but maintained by a small acidity that avoids heaviness.
Final: Decline on the rose petal. Hurry! I need another sip!
Comment: A very nice malt, very consensual (and for once this is not a criticism), which by its "easy drinkable character" will satisfy any gourmand, experienced amateur or beginners.


Color: Amber
Nose: The nose marked by sherry notes with high sulfur.
I do not like sulfur in a whisky but after 30 min of ventilation a few other flavors were discovered behind but, you still have to shop around.
So we have then caramel, sweet notes, some spice and orange.
Palate: The palate does not show sulfur, thank you.
But there is an astringency due to wood and not much more.
Short finish.


Color: Yellow gold.
Nose: 1 nose: peat and a t sour / acid ouch that irritates the nostrils, but that fades quickly. Then a bit of wax and mineral, unpeeled raw potato . Some slightly tart notes of fruit and pastry. Butter too. A little almond powder.
A bit of water revives the nose, the same notes, but more expressive, more pleasant.
Taste: sweet, very progressive, somewhat faded, oily notes, quite similar to the nose. Becomes a bit alcoholic after a while.
There too, a few drops of water have a rather positive effect. No revolution in the sensations, but it is both better melted and slightly more expressive.
Finale: Quite surprisingly, a wave of almond powder emerges from who knows where, then gradually diminishes. Nice length.
The water removes the almond powder, leaving only a slightpeaty unflattering impression. Surprisingly, the finish lasts longer. Leaves an unpleasant bitterness on the tongue.


Straw color.
Light nose. Yellow fruits and white fruits. Vanilla (slightly woody). A little honey. Some cereals. Not a profile that I adore.
Tastes a little watery. Cereals. Wood. Slightly sweet.
Final is rather short. Malt. Woody. Slight bitterness.


A nose like I hate it in whisky. It is not obvious to describe but it reminds me of plants that have soaked in a plastic bag in the sun, decorated with grain notes and rubber, covered with a veil of dust (chalk?).
The palate is much more acceptable, sweetened with a touch acid and mainly focused on the cereal.
The finish is not special.


Color: Gold
Nose: nice touches of toasted almonds. It continues on the smell of white wine. A very fresh whisky on menthol and lemon touches and honey reduction. Light smoke and sulfur.
Mouth: we start on the nougatine, some woody bitterness. Slight taste of vanilla. Difficult to define.
Final: average with a slight bitterness.


Color: Gold
An unpleasant odor reminding of insecticide ant powder from my childhood ... I usually describe this smell as the smell of yeast.
Relatively uncomplicated despite some fruit and chocolate aromas that seem to draw as a watermark.
The palate is quite aggressive and more complex than the nose was. Acidity gives it a dominant relief but fails to provide truly fun. It is far from being unpleasant despite the slight discomfort caused by a moderately controlled alcohol.
The final starts rather powerfully to fall after a few brief moments and only leaves the memory of some sweet overtones.


Nose: There is a slight smell of somewhat decomposed organic waste. (like when you peel an apple and you leave the peels overnight in open air) mixed with used motor oil, iodine and algae. It is a bit of walnut, a touch of lemon and aspirin as well as porridge and baked pear.
Mixed with of all this, I also have a strong smell of chalk.
Everything is very strange but well balanced and not as unpleasant as my words do suggest.
Taste: Very lemony. Sweet / acid with some spices (cinnamon, sage, thyme). Chalk still survives everything.
Smoky, somewhat lemony finish. Next comes several spices and a slight astringency always mixed with lemon. After a moment some motor oil and iodine appear mixed with a highly aromatic vanilla.


Nose: Immediately on the New Spirit, for me a whisky ot less than10y. Vanilla and honey. After a few minutes rest, still this new make presence.
Taste: Creamy, on cereals, creme brulee, coffee bean, not very expressive, confirms the feeling that this is a young whisky.
Finish: Quite long, still creamy and somewhat vegetal, raw vegetables appetizers. A hint of peat?


Color: Gold
Nose: Discreet, refined and on woody notes, hints of sulfur .. On cooling, the sulfur also disappears just like the wood the wood. They leave room for pastry fruit, makes me think of a "tarte amandine". And more bizarrely, some notes of dried meat that makes me think of "Schmackos".
The dried extracts are reminiscent of dry hay.
Taste: spicy, fresh and woody. It is much more powerful than the nose. In the background, I feel a sweet taste but it's hard to know what it is ... Maybe the tree sap. But not sure at all.
Finish: Quite long on a prickly mouth back in and still the same wood of the nose and mouth but this time more pronounced. And the same hay as dry extracts of the nose.


The nose starts with a great sensation of heady mix of flavors, cereal, floral scent with a small sea smell to top it off. Very nice and bright. With aeration, it is a very nice balance between the wood slightly influenced by sherry and barley malt that will take over. This very interesting balance nonetheless remains precarious throughout the aeration, sherry dominate, bringing this whisky to rancio, chocolate, red fruit (currants) and almond flavors. Instead, the cereal may, in turn, bring the nose to more heady notes (lemon), fruit (orange peel) and herbaceous (grass clippings). All remaining remarkably balanced between the wood and the grain without paying too much ever to one or other of these two, making everything very nice, helped by a well integrated rate of alcohol . Great job.
The mouth is round, almost sweet. It started a hint of fresh sweet (fruit salad) before going on more woody and cereal flavors, like chocolate or malted barley. Once again, everything stays balanced, readily going to cut grass, even if the mouth lacks some precision, unlike the nose. The rate of alcohol, it seems hard, is not provided disturbing. It also helps with the roundness of whisky.
The finish stays on the same aromas of grain and wood, showing hints of chocolate milk before a change of register and heading to the flavors of lemon and smoke.
In conclusion, a very well balanced whisky. A very nice nose, the rest being a little below, still covered by this fine balance between the grain and wood.


On the nose, light fruity, fresh, a little chocolate, smells a little like steam mussels in white wine. On the palate, quite soft, light fruity, a little mustard, grassy, Mirabelle. Notes on a bit winey finish.


Nose: Wow, disconcerting, very cool at first then opens on notes of marine iodine, seafood Then hints of citrus appear with aeration. Alcohol is discrete. Palate: Less surprising than the nose, rather light, one finds the freshness found in the nose, and alcohol is always fairly quiet. Final short enough, too bad.


Nose: gentle, mineral, fruit, cereal, clear notes of sherry (or Porto / Banyuls), burnt wood, powdery side also. Grapeseed. Seems complex but potentially affected by an unwelcome dilution in my opinion.
Palate: custard, cereal, a hint of cherry, a little dry
Final: smoothly tapered, slightly salty




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